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Hide and Seek, Sammy

Dean Winchester was stumped. The last math problem didn't make any sense. Why should he care how many carrots Sally and her friends got if they shared them equally? Sally wasn't his friend. And if she was, she wouldn't be if she tried giving him carrots. Who shares carrots with their friends, anyway? You share good stuff, like candy and toys, with friends, not carrots.

The more Dean thought about it, the more he disliked stupid Sally and her stupid carrots. He started to throw his unfinished homework in his book bag, but thought better of it. Dad's last words to Dean were to obey Uncle Bobby while he was away, and Uncle Bobby had told him to finish his homework before he did anything else. As much as he didn't want to, Dean knew he had to figure the problem out.

Maybe a break would help. He decided to go to the room he shared with Sammy and get the M&M's he had stashed in the back of the closet. All that talk of food had made him hungry. Dean checked to make sure Sammy was still sleeping peacefully on the couch before he left the room.

Sammy woke up to an empty room. Where were Bobby and Dean? Someone was always there when he woke up.

"Dean? Uncle Bobby?" Sammy called. No one answered.

Sammy climbed down off and the couch and wandered into the kitchen. No one was there.

"Maybe they went outside" Sammy thought. Sammy pushed a kitchen chair over to the back door. Standing on the chair, he quickly unlocked the deadbolt. He then turned the doorknob and walked outside to look for Dean and Bobby.

Dean came back in the living room a few minutes later. His stomach satisfied, he was ready to work. That problem was so going down! Nothing beat the Winchesters!

Once Dean sat comfortably on the floor, he gazed over to the couch to check on Sammy. His eyes fell on the now empty couch. "Shit! Where's Sammy?" Dean thought. "I wasn't even gone 5 minutes. I swear when I find him, I'm gonna hang a bell around his neck so he can't sneak away anymore."

Dean raced into the kitchen thinking maybe Sammy had woken up hungry. When he found the kitchen Sammy less, Dean checked the bathrooms and even their bedroom. But he didn't find a trace of his brother.

Sammy was gone.