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Previously on Supernatural- Turning onto Bobby's driveway, John was thinking about seeing the boys' excited faces when they saw him. What he didn't expect was to turn the corner and see his youngest running up the middle of the driveway right in front of the car.

Sammy saw the approaching car and froze in the middle of the driveway. Frightened, he threw his hands over his eyes thinking if he couldn't see the car, the car wouldn't harm him.

Bobby and Dean had walked out onto the porch as soon as they heard the impala headed to the house. What they saw was a nightmare. There was Sammy standing stock still in the drive with the impala headed straight for him! Too far away to help, they could only watch as the horrifying scene played out in front of them.

John panicked for a moment before his reflexes took over. Slamming on the brakes, he yanked the steering wheel hard to the right to avoid hitting his youngest. The impala slowly careened off to the right colliding with several bushes before coming to rest mere inches from an old junker.

John sat staring out the windshield, his knuckles white from the tight grip he still had on the steering wheel. It took several seconds for his brain to comprehend what had happened and kick start the rest of his body into action. He threw open the car door and raced to Sammy, who was still standing in the driveway. Making it to his baby, John fell on his knees and hugged his little boy.

"Sammy? Sammy, are you alright?" John questioned.

Sammy's shaking hands fell from his face and wrapped themselves tightly around his daddy's neck. Laying his head on John' shoulder, Sam began to cry.

Concerned that his son was hurt, John tried to pull Sam away from him to check for any injuries. But Sammy was having none of it. He held on to his daddy for dear life, not letting John move him an inch. John finally gave up trying, stood up with Sammy snug in his arms, and started walking toward the house. Dean met him halfway.

"Is Sammy okay, dad?" Dean asked, fear for his brother clearly written on his face.

"He's fine, Dean. Just a little scared is all." John answered. "Let's get him inside where it's warm."

John picked Dean up and carried both his boys into the house. Once inside, he sat in the rocking chair and attempted to sooth Sammy, who still refused to let go of his daddy. They sat there, slowly rocking, until Sam drifted off to sleep. John rocked him for several more minutes before getting up, careful not to wake the sleeping child. He settled Sammy on the couch, placed a blanket over him, and then motioned for Dean and Bobby to follow him into the kitchen.

Dean and Bobby trudged into the kitchen and sat at the table. They looked apprehensively at John, waiting for the explosion that was sure to come. They weren't disappointed.

"Anyone care to tell me what the hell Sammy was doing running in front of a car!" John whispered fiercely.

Dean quickly spoke up. "It was my fault, dad. I shouldn't have left him alone."

"No, Dean" Bobby interrupted. "I'm to blame for this mess. Your dad left me in charge of you boys. I should never have gone out to the workshop without you two with me. If I had done my job right, we wouldn't have had to search for him this afternoon"

"Wait, are you saying you lost Sammy?" John scrubbed a weary hand over his face. He was getting too old for this. "Maybe you should start from the beginning, Bobby and tell me what led to me almost hitting my son with the car.

Bobby spent the next half hour explaining the events of the afternoon with Dean filling in the time gap between Bobby going to the workshop and coming back. By the time they finished, John was sitting with his head in his hands wondering what he was going to do with his youngest. A small noise from the doorway interrupted his thoughts.

Sammy walked into the kitchen and crawled into his daddy's lap. "Daddy," he whispered in a loud voice, "Are they still mad at me?"

"Dean and Bobby weren't mad at you, Sammy" John answered. "They were worried. What made you think they were mad?"

"I came back to the house, and they were yelling and saying mean stuff about me." Sammy said, poking out his lower lip.

"Oh, really. What did they say?" John questioned while trying not to smile at the expression on his little one's face.

"Dean said he was gonna put me in the corner until I was really, really old like you" Sam explained.

Bobby had to quickly turn his laugh into a cough. John scowled at Bobby before looking back at Sammy.

"Dean said that, huh?" John asked.

"Yeah, and Uncle Bobby said he was gonna tie me and a hog to the bed!" Sammy whined.

"He didn't" John exclaimed, holding his hand over his mouth to conceal the smile.

"Yes he did, daddy." Sammy replied, his puppy dog eyes on full force.

"Guess they were really worried about you," John told Sam. "Why do you think they were so worried?"

Sam suddenly looked like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. "Ummm" he stammered, "I don't know."

John's gaze turned stern. "Wanna try again, kiddo? What did you do that you're not supposed to do?"

Sammy looked down at his shoes, wiggling in his father's lap.

"Samuel Winchester, I asked you a question." John started "I'm waiting."

Still looking at his shoes, Sammy quietly whispered, "I went outside by myself."

"That's right" John remarked. "And are you allowed to go out alone?"

"No sir." Sam answered starting to cry. "I'm sorry I was bad, daddy. I won't do it again."

"I know you are, but sometimes saying sorry isn't enough. Bobby and Dean spent all afternoon looking for you. And you scared all of us running into the road like that." John stated. "To help you remember to obey the rules, you going to tell Dean and Bobby that you're sorry for scaring them and you're not getting dessert for a week."

The combination of scolding and no dessert made Sammy cry even harder. He slowly walked over to Dean and Bobby.

"I'm sorry, Uncle Bobby. I'll be a good boy next time." Sam managed to say through his tears.

"Don't worry about it," Bobby told him while pulling the boy up for a hug. "I'll be more careful next time too." Bobby kissed Sammy's forehead before putting him down.

Sam then went over to Dean and wrapped his arms around his big brother. "I'm sorry, Dean. I won't be bad ever again."

Dean just laughed as he hugged Sammy back. "Its okay, Squirt." Then he leaned over and whispered in Sam's ear. "And don't cry about dessert. I'll save you some of mine."

Sammy smiled up at his brother. "Thanks, Dean."

"Alright, enough with the chick flick moment" John announced, "Let's get you guys something to eat before you wash up and go to bed."

The family spent the rest of the evening eating, laughing, and enjoying the time they had together, thankful that the youngest was safe and sound.

The End