Well here it is…The new story. I still want people's ideas because I only have an idea for this chapter.

Chapter 1

So there are 3


It was night and about and about 10 people were gathered deep with in an abandoned factory.

A little boy with brown hair and brown eyes hugged his mother and father tightly. His mother was Japanese and had black hair, while his father looked a lot like him.

"Mommy I don't want to go." Said the boy

"Oh honey I know, but You, Emily and Antia need to go and save all of us." said the mom.

"Don't worry everything will be fine." said the dad

At the same time a blonde and blue eyed man and a pink haired woman were have a similar conversation with their daughter.

"Ok honey do you have Mr. Puck with you?" asked the woman.

"Oh yes mommy." said the little girl.

"Antia remember what you need to do." said her father.

The girl gave a nod and hugged them both. She then went and stood in the center of the room.

"Emily, remember it is your job as the oldest to look after everyone." Said a black haired man

"Ok Daddy, but I still want to stay here with my baby…something." Said Emily

"I know but don't be scared I'll be the one sending you." Said a brown haired woman,

"Ok mom." Said Emily and went to stand with Antia.

Then the little boy came over to them too.

"Minoru, Emily, Antia. Are you ready?" asked the brown haired woman.

"Yes Aunty K. We're ready." said the little boy.

"Ok watch out, and remember you need to stop X.a.n.a. at all costs." And with that she pointed her finger and the children vanished.

The boy's mother began to sob into her husband's shirt,

"Yumi relax it will be ok." said her husband.

"Ulrich I know. It's just I can't help, but worry their only five years old."


7 teenagers were sitting on the floor in a computer room deep in the abandoned factory. Warning: final season spoilers

"Well another replica destroyed." said Jeremy.

"You guys remember how I said I had a bad feeling." said Kimberly

"Yeah." said her best friend Masa who she secretly liked

"Well that feeling is getting stronger."

"Relax Kim. You probably ate something bad." said Ulrich her cousin.

All of a sudden there was a flash of blue light and 3 little kids appeared; a little boy and two girl. The first girl had brown hair and green eyes. She was wearing a collard shirt and a little skirt in her hands she clasped a little tiger.

The boy had on a tee-shirt and genes. He also wore a cap. He had brown hair and brown eyes. (Sorry if I said it again, but I need to)

The last girl had long pink hair and blue eyes. She had on a yellow sun dress and had Mr. Puck in her hands.

All three of the children had back-packs with their names on it.

"Who the….are you?" asked Ulrich

"Come on Dad I only saw you like 5 minutes ago." said the little boy. "Tell him mom." He looked at Yumi



"Um who are you?" asked Kimberly and the brown-haired little girl ran towards her.

"Mommy!" said Emily.

"WHO ARE YOU ALREADY!" yelled Jeremy

"Dad I would have thought you'd have figured it out." Said Antia as she too ran to her teenage parents.

"Honesty and we're here talking with the four smartest people in the world." Said Minoru

"Let me brake it down. I am the daughter of Kimberly and Masa Starr. Minoru is my cousin and the son of Yumi and Ulrich Stern and Antia is the daughter of Aelita and Jeremy. Get it now." said Emily

"So your trying to say that your our k-k-k-k-kids?" said Masa

"Uh…Duh. Aunty Kim sent us here from the future." Said Minoru shaking his head.

"I-I think I need to sit down." Said Yumi as she sat down in Jeremy's chair.

"Oh mommy please don't be scared. We're ok." Said Minoru

"The biggest shocker we got was the fact that Kim sent us back to your childhood for some reason." Said Antia.

"What do we do now?" asked Masa

"What else can we do: take them back to school. I can zap Delmas into thinking their our cousins, but that's all we can do…for now." Said Kimberly.

Emily pulled both her arms up and Kimberly picked up the little girl. Aelita did the same. Though Yumi was still in shock. So Ulrich took little Minoru.

About half way back to school Minoru fell asleep and Ulrich to the chance to talk to Yumi.

"Yumi come on would it really be that bad to have a kid with me." Said Ulrich and instantly blushing. "Wait that came out wrong."

"Don't worry I know what you meant and I don't know what to think. I'll see you guys later." Said Yumi and ran off towards her house

"I'm guessing it went well." Said Emily with an evil grin.

"I will definitely will not be surprised if you turn out to Kimberly's daughter." Said Ulrich.

"Aelita are you alright if you want I will carry her." Said Jeremy

"No I'm ok I'm just probably as shocked as anybody else here." said Aelita.

The only person who seemed most quiet was Odd. He just didn't know what to say.

Antia slid from Aelita's arms and went over to Odd.

"Uncle Odd what's wrong?" asked Antia.

"I guess I feel a bit left out." Said Odd.

"Oh don't Jake wanted to come too, but Aunt Sam said he was too little to come. I mean he's only three." Said Antia.

"I marry Sam?" questioned Odd.

"What like your surprised." Said Antia.

"Hey Kim do you mind if I carry her for a little while?" asked Masa.

"Not at all." said Kim and slowly passed him Emily.

"Tell me were you disappointed?" asked Masa.

"I…no….but….well…it was just a bit surprising is all. I don't really know how I feel about the whole us getting married and having a kid." Said Kimberly

"Two kids actually…well one and a half really." Said Emily.

"huh?" asked Kim

"Well about a week before we had to leave you told me that I was gonna be a big sister." Said Emily and gave out a yawn.

"Um…Emily should stay in my room." Said Kimberly as she grabbed the little girl and headed towards the girls dorms with Aelita and Antia.

"I better go to and putt little Mino to sleep." Said Ulrich and headed towards the boys dorms.

Kimberly and Emily.

The two arrived in Kim's room as Kim putt her onto her bed.

"Mommy I don't like this. Can you zap in something better." Pleased Emily with big eyes.

"Oh….Well…alright then." Said Kim and Zapped in her mattress with the bedding and stuff already on it. The little girl took out her Pj's and putt them on still holding the little tiger. She slipped under the covers and soon fell asleep.

Then Isis and Osiris came out.

"Care to explain?" asked Osiris.

"Well it seems that this is my daughter from the future." Said Kimberly

"Huh! I was right." Said Isis. "Pay up."

"What's going on?"

"Well we had a bet on what would happen from that vibe you kept having and I guessed something un-ordinary would happen, while Osiris said it was some sort of reaction." Said Isis proudly.

Kimberly at that time zapped Mr. Delmas about the three little ones.

"So let me guess who the father is." Said Osiris. "Would he happen to have black hair and eyes that shine like sparkles?"

"You've been picking at my diary again haven't you?"

"Only a little. So she the only one to come?"

"No! apparently Jeremy, and Aelita's daughter and Ulrich and Yumi's son also came and their all the same age."

"I knew those two would get together." Said Isis

"Yeah you, me and about 99.8 of the world population." Said Kimberly.

"Why not 100?" asked Osiris

"Well Sissy and William. Honestly catch up will you." Said Kimberly as she putt on her Pj's and went to bed.

Antia and Aelita

"Ok you can either take the extra bed over there. I have extra sheets and stuff." Said Aelita. She properly dressed the bed and the little girl putt on her little sleeping dress. (I didn't think night gown would be appropriate)

"Sure Mama, but I'm not really sleepy. I want to talk with you." Said Antia.

"Well ok about what?"

"How about your future. My future mommy told me I could tell you anything you wanted to know, but not in too much detail."

"Ok who do I become?" asked Aelita,

"You and Papa were co. Owners/ founders of Lyoko co. It was a huge company that made a whole bunch of computer programs." Said Antia looking a bit regretful.

"What's wrong?" asked Aelita.

"I didn't really want to come here. I was happy at home…well… except of the war." Said Antia.

"What war?" asked Aelita.

"Sorry me made mommy promise not to say anything about that." Said Antia and went to sleep.

Ulrich and Minoru.

"So is this where you and mommy sleep?" asked Minoru.

"N-n-n-no." said Ulrich blushing. "This is the room I share with Odd."

"Oh. Well where does mommy sleep?" asked Minoru

"At her house." Said Ulrich. "Now come on lets go to sleep. I have a sleeping bag I can use. You crawl in there." Said Ulrich.

Then Odd came in and also got ready to go to sleep.

The three boys fell asleep instantly and enjoyed it too.

Well here was the first chapter to my new story hope you liked.