Hey there! Here's a new Big Wolf On Campus fanfic I cooked up one day. I loved the episodes with Corey Haim and Corey Feldman (even though there were only two of them), and I still do.

Disclaimer: Geniuses Peter A. Knight and Christopher Briggs own Big Wolf On Campus. I own the stories, songfics, poems and oneshots I cook up from time to time.

Lori's Nightmare

It was nighttime. Lori Baxter was asleep. But soon, her dream changed into…a nightmare.

She was walking into a cemetery and laughing about something she thought was funny. Corey Haim was laughing with her, as though he thought the same thing.

Then she asked,

"Corey, where's the crew and all the cameras?"

His answer wasn't the one she was expecting. "It's time for you to surrender your blood so we may live together in eternal…matrimony."

"What page are you on?" she asked. She was wondering if the line he had said was in the script. If it was, it was pretty good. Maybe he had thought it up a few hours ago, and probably improvised it a little before she had arrived at his trailer.

He lunged for her neck. She whipped her head around.

"What do you think you're doing?" she asked.

"I've been searching centuries for a girl like you," he replied while grinning. It made her shiver mentally.

"Centuries? Your bio says you're 27."

"Well, I've had some work done, you know? But hey, enough about me. It's time to make you my bride." He then leaned in and...

Lori woke up, her eyes wide and fearful. She looked around, half expecting to see Corey Haim leaning against the wall in her room with that smirk-slash-smile on his face.

But that's impossible, she told herself. We staked him.

She bit her lower lip, feeling a bit worried.

Then she had an idea.

Merton Dingle. He knew everything there was to know about the supernatural. He was also computer savvy, as well as best friends with Tommy Dawkins. But he was a Goth, and there was the whole being-rejected-by-girls thing. However, as he put it one day, "after years of intense rejection, I don't feel a thing."

I'll talk to him tomorrow, Lori thought, and with that, she fell asleep, feeling a bit better.