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Chapter 1- The Appearance

It was early in the morning and Harry Potter was, yet again, skimming the edge of expulsion. He had been out for a midnight stroll and had forgotten his invisibility cloak. He had been walking around a corridor when someone had yelled for him to stop. To his horror, it had been Professor Snape. Harry had been caught twice out of bed at night this year and Snape would have loved to be the one to issue his third strike.

Oh crap oh crap oh crap, thought Harry. If Snape catches me, then I'll probably get expelled and will have to go live with the Dursleys until I come of age. Damn it, I'm getting sloppy, Harry kicked himself mentally. At least Snape didn't get a good look at me. He hadn't used my name, so he could have thought it was a different student al together. I should probably get out of the castle.

So Harry had taken a few choice turns and found himself in front of the castle doors. He eased the doors open and snuck out across the ground past the greenhouses. His first thought would be to go to Hagrid's, but that thought was squashed as he remembered the last time he tried to hide there. Hagrid had turned him in because it 'wasn't safe at night'. So what if Voldemort had tried to kill him several times this year to kill him. He had taken him on four times and walked away each time.

While thinking of Azkaban, Harry realized how afraid of Snape he was. Well, he thought to himself, maybe not Snape, but defiantly of being expelled. For the most part, he wouldn't risk putting himself in close contact with a dementor, but expulsion was out of the question.

So, deciding that Hagrid's was a no go, Harry turned and headed straight for the Forbidden Forest. He stopped before the great looming tree's and thought for a moment, Is not getting expelled really so important that I would risk my own life. Harry looked behind himself and noticed the doors of the castle open and figure walking out of it. Yep, he thought as he plunged into the forest at top speed.


"Professor Snape," said Hagrid tiredly. "Watcha' doin here?"

"I believe Harry Potter is out of bed and would like to know if he had stopped here," said Snape vindictively.

"Na," said Hagrid. "He wouldn't come here. If you remember righ', I was the one who turned him in las' time."

"He might still trust you," said Snape suspiciously, trying to look around Hagrid's great bulk.

"Nope, seemed pretty angry las' I saw 'im."

"Right," said Snape suddenly, obviously getting an idea. If you see him, then you are to bring him directly to me Rubeus."

"Ok, Severus," said Hagrid apprehensively. "But I would rather take 'im in."

"Rubeus, I'll be the one to watch Potter leave this school forever. No one else!"

"Fine!" yelled Hagrid. "Can I go back to bed now?"

"Goodnight Hagrid," said Snape curtly, turning and walking towards the castle.

"Yeah," said Hagrid shutting the door to his house. "Give Potter to you, I'm not an idiot you know."

In a forest, some three hundred miles away

Nymphadora Tonks was currently running from a small band of Dark Wizards. She was under orders from Dumbledore to steal this, from what she could tell, jewel from Voldemort. She had no idea what it did, but was sure it was important. Dumbledore had said something about getting it before Voldemort had found a person.

Tonks suddenly found herself at a small mountain in the middle of the forest. She had to find shelter and fast. One of the Death Eaters had hitter with a strange spell that prevented her from apparating. She needed a port-key, and fast. She scurried up the hill until she found a small cave. Tonks crawled in and started searching frantically for an object to make the port-key out of.

"Well well well," said a voice from the mouth of the cave. "Look what we have here, a thief with an item she stole from Lord Voldemort."

The name made her flinch as she turned around to see Lucius Malfoy standing at the cave entrance with his wand pointed at her heart.

"Now give it to me or you will die a slow, painful death," he said putting his hand out.

In a daring move, Tonks pulled out her wand and cried, "Transportus" tapping the wand.

In a scream of rage, Malfoy shot a stunning spell at Tonks knocking her out instantly.

In the Forbidden Forest

Harry had been running for about thirty minutes straight before finally stopping. He sat down with his back against a tree and wondered, how dose this keep happening to me?

How could he have forgotten his invisibility cloak? He kicked himself mentally again. And he shouldn't have been out anyway, but the prospect of sitting in the common room with Ron and Hermione bickering back and forth was too much to take.

As Harry put his head in his arms and was starting to feel sorry for himself, the tree he was leaning on burst into flames. Harry was blasted several yards forward and he landed hard face down. Harry would have just laid there if his robes hadn't been on fire.

Harry screamed and started to roll around im the dirt. He could feel the fire start to cool down as he smothered it in the moist ground. As he lay on the ground panting, he guessed that it was okay for him to get up. He took off his robes and examined them. The fabric was the only thing that was burned, but that was pure luck. But the problem was that he had no other clothes with him, and it was starting to get chilly.

Harry was about to leave when he noticed something at the base of the now smoking tree. It was an emerald green stone with veins like ebony running down it. It looked to be like a very large, very expensive jewel. Going against his better judgment, he crept towards the stone carefully. He touched the stone, but since nothing happened, he took his now ruined clothes and wrapped it in them. Harry intended to take this straight to Dumbledore, even if it got him in extreme trouble.

But as that thought occurred, he defiantly stopped and looked at the stone. Dose Dumbledore REALLY need to know? It is mine now and it isn't worth getting expelled for. So with a strong determination, he headed for the castle, planning on using one of the secret passages to get inside the school.

Harry made it to the school and into the passage without any confrontations. It was nearly three in the morning when Harry made it back into his common room with the stone. At first, the stone didn't cause that much of a problem, but now it was a chore just to lift it. It weighed several pounds and was shaped like an egg. The combination was a pain in the ass to carry.

As Harry got to his dormitory and put the stone still in his burnt robes inside his trunk, Harry got out of the last of his clothes and pulled on his pajamas. His last thought was, what am I going to do with this rock?

Harry woke up late the next day and was still tired. It was a good thing it was a Saturday or else he would be extremely late to class. Harry was planning on going back to bed when Ron and Hermione burst into the dormitory.

"Alright mate," said Ron loudly. "Time to get up. You've been sleeping forever, so get up NOW."

"Yes Harry," said Hermione. "You're still behind in your homework, like Ron. You need to get up and get to work. Or Ron will have to do it all alone."

"WHAT?" said Ron disbelievingly. "You've already finished your homework?"

"Yes I have."

"But it was assigned yesterday."

"I, unlike you, actually do my work as it comes and don't procrastinate doing it till the last minute."

"LEAVE," screamed Harry. It was too early in his morning to be listening to them bickering. But, perhaps he had yelled a little to loudly this time.

"Fine," said Hermione who looked like she was on the verge of tears. "Good luck having help on your homework." Hermione turned and left the room at top speed.

"You might have gone a little far this time Harry," said Ron a little shocked. Harry usually never raised his voice that loud.

"Sorry," said Harry putting his head back down on his pillow. "It's just, you two are always bickering and it never stops."

"Yeah, I know."

"I should go say sorry, shouldn't I?"

"Probably mate. But you should let her cool down first or she wont let you get a word in edge wise."

"Yeah, I guess your right."

"I'll let you get some more sleep. I'll go talk to her and try to get her to calm down."

"Thanks," Harry said already with his eyes closed. He was wondering if he should tell them about the stone. Na, he thought. Hermione would want me to give it to Dumbledore, which would get me in some serious trouble. Ron would just want me to pawn it off for an easy galleon. He didn't know why, but Harry didn't want to sell the stone. Something in the back of his mind told him it was important.

Harry got out of bed and opened his trunk. He grabbed the burnt robes and sat on his bed. He opened the robes to reveal the magnificent rock. Harry laid his hand on it and felt the black veins. It was a perfect stone, and Harry knew it was worth a lot of money. The color was such a magnificent green that not event the most perfect emerald could compare. And the size was comparable. It was roughly the size of the golden dragon egg Harry got from the tri wizard tournament a year earlier.

Maybe this is an egg, Harry thought, but quickly shoved the idea out of his mind. If this were a dragon egg, then it would be a dull grey or some other foul color. No, this is defiantly a high quality stone.

But that raised an even further question, where did it come from. It probably wasn't a dark item or it would have reacted to Harry some how. Probably it would have tried to kill him in his sleep. But maybe it was something that was supposed to get to the Order. But that seemed even more preposterous. So at the warning of a headache brewing in his mind, Harry put the stone back in his trunk and went back to bed, hoping some sleep would make it clearer as to why the stone appeared in front of him.

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