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I wrote this for Skweek, my beta, my twin. She's rad :D

Brief Summary of Story:

'I guess the assumption girls made about Rosalie was right, she was a high-class whore.'

20 years ago, Rosalie cheated on Emmett with someone (I need a good name :D). She ends up divorcing Emmett and going with this other guy, leaving Emmett broken.

It's time for Emmett to find love all over again.

A mysterious 'goth' girl name Alexandra, more commonly known as Alex moves from the Suburbs of Boise, Idaho to Astoria, Oregon Emmett can't help getting interested. He find more about the girl and feels his heart healing back together.

Esme and Carlisle still consider Rose as a daughter, she is after all. Just Rose and Emmett pretty much ignore each other.

Rated: M, It'll have sexual thoughts, and urges. I'm not sure if I'll write lemons.

Planned Length: I'm trying to make it around 50k or higher. I had fun writing chapter one, even though I wrote it already. I like this way better.

This story is going to be taken place between two points of views, for the first few chapters, so read carefully.

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Chapter one

New Girl

Emmett's Point of View

After a new scent hit my nose, a girl walked into my English class. She had long bangs that went down to her chin, and the rest of her brown hair went all the way down her back. She had soft ivory skin, and her face was a classical look, though has distinct shapes within it. Her lips were small, and she hid her brown eyes behind a pair of glass. She wore mostly all black, with a pair of jeans.

I heard Aiden whisper, 'looks like another goth came back.'

The mysterious girl walked over to Mrs. Carni, and handed her a pink slip. Mrs. Carni nodded and told her to introduce herself. She leaded the new girl to the middle of the room, and cleared her throat.

"Excuse me everyone." She waited till she had everyone's full attention. "This is Alexandra Steins, she is a new student from the suburbs of Boise, Idaho." Then more selectively added, "Why don't you tell the class a little about yourself."

She nodded nervously, but talked without fear. "Please call me Alex," She started off. "I moved here because my parent got a divorce, so my dad and I packed up and moved." Their were a few murmurs of the students who knew what it was like to have parents split up. Plus a few even had a sorry expression reaching their face.

Then she added, with a hint of hope. "Hopefully, I can find this place more entertaining then my last home." Some kids laughed and wished her luck with that, while Mrs. Carni directed Alex to her new assigned seat... on the left of me.

I smiled as she approached me, "Hi, I'm Emmett Cullen." She lifted her frown, but it wasn't quiet a smile. "I'm Alex, as you already know." I laughed.

Alex took her seat and Mrs. Carni finished explaining that we had to pick out a quote from the book Pride and Prejudice and then explain in our own words what it means. I knew what I had quote and what meaning I would write, the same one that I used for the 20 years; since she left me.

I scribbled my name neatly on the top of the paper. Then wrote my quote:

"Elizabeth was much too embarrassed to say a word. After a short pause, her companion added, "You are too generous to trifle with me. If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes are unchanged, but one word from you will silence me on this subject forever." Elizabeth feeling all the more than common awkwardness and anxiety of his situation, now forced herself to speak; and immediately, though not very fluently, gave him to understand, that her sentiments had undergone so material a change, since the period to which he alluded, as to make her receive with gratitude and pleasure, his present assurances."

Below that I wrote the meaning of the quote, a brief explanation.

This proposal and Elizabeth's acceptance mark the climax of the novel, occurring in Chapter 58. Austen famously prefers not to stage successful proposals in full, and the reader may be disappointed in the anticlimactic manner in which the narrator relates Elizabeth's acceptance. It is important to remember, however, that the proposal and acceptance are almost a foregone conclusion by this point Darcy's intervention on behalf of Lynda makes obvious his continuing devotion to Elizabeth, and the shocking appearance of Lady Catherine de Bourgh in the previous chapter, with her haughty attempts to forestall the engagement, serves to suggest strongly that a second proposal from Darcy is imminent.

The clunky language with which the narrator summarizes Elizabeth's acceptance serves a specific purpose, as it captures the one moment of joyful incoherence for this supremely well-spoken character. She accepts Darcy's proposal "immediately," the narrator relates, but "not very fluently." As Elizabeth allows herself to admit that her love has supplanted her long-standing prejudice, her control of language breaks down. The reader is left to imagine, with some delight, the ever-clever Elizabeth fumbling for words to express her irrepressible happiness.

I stared down at it, as to look for any mistakes but I knew that their were none. After going threw high school a little over 90 times you learn everything, off my heart. I allowed myself to take a glance at Alex, the mysterious new girl, who still held my attention.

I read of her paper that she had another quote that was fairly difficult to explain; the first sentence in the book, yet she done it flawlessly. I was guess that Alex was very bright.

Since we were both done with the assignment, I decide to make small talk with the human.

"Alex, mind if I ask you a question?" I asked politely, I didn't want to offend her.

"I don't mind at all, I am the 'new girl'." She put her hands up and made quotes around new girl.

"When you said you moved here with you dad, most teenagers are closer that with their mom, why didn't you chose her?" Her face relaxed and I feared that she though I was going to say something more disturbing, some less practical.

"My mom doesn't believe in my moral, she disagrees on everything I do." She sighed.

"Does it matter, I mean she is your mom." I questioned. The bell rang and Alex stood up, yet still answered my question.

"It matters to her." She turned to go up the row to leave the class.

After school ended I caught up with Edward. I hoped he could tell me what was going threw the mind of Alex.

"Edward." I boomed, rushing over to his Volvo. Ever since Bella, he seemed to only buy Volvo's.

"What, Emmett?" Edward asked.

"Did you see the new girl?"

"You know I can read minds..." he said sarcastically.

"What was she thinking?" I rushed out, more like a beg.

"She's trying to comprehend everything. Why, got a crush on her?" He teased.

"I DO NOT have a crush on a human." I snarled back, I stalked off angry and went into my sister, Alice's car.

I was walking into the house after a short hunting trip, I didn't know what to do. That human girl got the better of me. Why couldn't I get her out of my mind? What the hell is wrong with me? She's my food.

Edward glanced at me, his eyes filled with anger. He knew I would kill her, I don't kill humans for food.

I walked up to my room and stood their the rest of the night, debating on what to do.