Inspired from comedian Gabriel Iglesias' 'Hot and Fluffy'. Watch it. It's hilarious.

Roy Mustang was not having a good day.

For one, he accidently set fire to his paperwork when Hawkeye ordered him to sign them--no, more like threatened him with her deadly pistol--and then, Havoc finally gets the girl of his dreams--and the girl isn't at all interested in poor Roy, the typical ladies' man.

And now, poor Flame Alchemist be all, was on a roller coaster with Breda and Havoc.

It started off so simple. Gracia Hughes invited everyone to the amusement park in town, so they could be buffers for little Elysia.

Elysia was afraid of the huge roller coaster, so Breda and Havoc, being the adult kids they were, volunteered to ride it first. They asked Roy, but since he refused, Hawkeye held up her pistol and threatened him and told him to amuse the little girl, since it was her birthday, after all.

Poor Roy reluctantly was shoved onto the car along with Breda and Havoc. And now, they were at least three-hundred feet overhead the city, on a hill, waiting for the big drop.

"This can't be happening..." Roy's eyes widened at the huge drop.

"Hey!" Breda yelled appreciatively, "They take a photo of us when we go down!"

"Really?" Havoc's eyes lit up.

"Oh, no..." Roy rolled his eyes.

"Hey, I got an idea! For the photo!" Breda yelled.

"What, what?" Roy and Havoc said it at the same time. Havoc said it out of pure excitement, while Roy said it in pure annoyance.

"Let's flash the camera." Breda grinned evilly.

"That's so stupid!" Havoc yelled. Then, he grinned and gave a thumbs-up, "I'm in!'

"Hey, Roy, what about you?" Breda slapped his friend on the back.

Sighing in exasperation, Roy said, "Fine."

Just then, the roller coaster began the huge drop.

As the three military men screamed, they lifted their shirts up, and heard the click just when the ride stopped.

"Whoo! That was awesome!" Breda cheered.

"Let's see the picture!" Havoc said happily.

The three men met up with Fuery (who pleaded sickness from the previous spinning elephant ride), Hawkeye, Gracia, Elysia, and Falman (who just arrived).

"We gotta see the picture!" Breda and the group waltzed on up to the photographer. Little did they realize, the photographer was with two security guards.

When Fuery pointed it out in between vomiting in the trash bins, Roy, Havoc, and Breda looked pale, just about ready to scurry off.

And that was when the guards noticed them.

"Excuse me, gentlemen," one of the men said, pointing at the photo in the photographer's hands, "perhaps you can answer this one question for me."

The three men gulped while the others gasped at the sight. It was their picture!

"Who on earth would do such a thing in a child's park?" exclaimed Gracia.

"That's what we're trying to figure out," the man said. He then went up to Roy, Havoc, and Breda, "Gentlemen, my question to you about this photo you recognize the three big women in this photo?"

Tires screeched in Roy's mind.

Did he, Havoc, and Breda...just actually got mistook for women in the photo?

"Uh, no, no, no, sir," Havoc stammered sheepishly, "don't look familiar!"

"Y--yeah, no way!" Breda exclaimed.

Once they were cleared by security, the men scurried off.

"Hey, did we just get called women in our photo?" Havoc whispered.

"Apparently! I'm never doing that again!" Breda sulked.

"Well, there's one thing about you three," Hawkeye replied from behind them.

"And what's that, Lieutenant?" Roy casually turned around to conceal his mortification.

"When you guys are dropping three-hundred feet, with your shirts pulled up," Hawkeye smirked, "you three all look like sexy bitches."

Roy Mustang, Jean Havoc, and Heymans Breda never went on any roller coasters ever again after that.