The Sun's Son

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The woman was running through the forest. Running with an urgency that spoke of a chase and her the one being chased.

Her hunters were relentless, chasing her for centuries. She could never escape for long; a few months, a few years but never more than a decade. This rest lasted only for 3 years.

During that time she found a man, a good and kind man, so unlike any of the previous violent men she called lovers. In that time she found peace and happiness, she hoped she could finally have settled down and that things would've lasted. They never do.

As much as it pained her to leave without so much as a goodbye, her stay had had a purpose. She found a man she could leave her child with, a man she could trust would raise the child right and free from the watchful eyes of her pursuers. The man thought the child theirs; he didn't know she had been holding the child for so long, waiting for the right time to 'birth' him. Luckily the child should grow up looking enough like the locals as to pass for them with no comment.

She did not know if she could keep running forever, or even if she would see her child again, but she hoped that her child would be free to grow up free and happy with a bright and special future ahead. That was all any mother really wanted for her child.

So she ran, ran from the life she started and the life she was leaving behind.

'Goodbye my little Sol, mother loves you. May your destiny shine like the Sun', and with that the Rhea disappeared into the night.

Chapter Three: Questions

The Mall of America.

Possibly the greatest achievement in Human History. The crowning glory that human civilization has to offer. The number of stores seemed limitless. If there was an afterlife this is where Kara wanted to end up, if there was one reason for which to spare humanity from annihilation, The Mall of America was it.

Since her discovery, Kara has made routine trips to the Mall to buy anything and everything that ever came up. From new cloths to new personal furniture for first the Fortress then later the Kents Farm.

The northern portion of the US during winter was reminiscent of Krypton, or at least the vague details she could remember. It seemed to put her at ease when she ventured to this area. She like this area and planned on taking more time to begin exploring 'the north', she was told that it held a quiet and majestic beauty that changed much over the course of a year.

Yes, she would explore.

The first thing James noticed as he finally started coming to was the screaming and sobbing of a females voice, the second thing he began to notice was the sounds of sirens.

"JAMES! WAKE UP!" screeched Kaylee between sobs and gasps.

Groaning and feeling sore James started climbing to his feet. The world around him seemed to spin like some kind of movie simulated acid trip.

Kaylee seemed relieved as James got up. "OHH MY GAWD! I thought you were going to die there".

"How long was I out?" groaned James as he absent mindedly started rubbing his shoulder.

"You were out for like five minutes. You wouldn't move and you were barely breathing, I thought you were dying! You didn't even respond when I shook you or yelled at you!" After seemingly regaining control of herself, Kaylee's already red eyes started watering again with renewed fury as she began to shake with sobs. Kaylee threw herself at James and buried her face into his chest and sobbed fitfully. James arms instinctively wrapped around Kaylee as he started making reassuring sounds.

With everything settling down James finally noticed the sirens. Police sirens! Suddenly the situation dawned on James, what was he doing here at Kaylee's house after she called 911, when he should still be down south. There was no explanation for what he was doing here.

Pulling Kaylee away from him and taking her shoulders firmly in his hands, James locked Kaylee's eyes with his own.

"Kaylee. Whatever happens, I was NEVER here. Got it? No one can know about me, or what I did here. You understand right?" Kaylee nodded furiously while her eyes looked at him questioningly and concerned.

"OK good. Look Kaylee, just tell the cops that someone you didn't recognize came by and took care of these creeps. If they say anything different, no one will believe them. If you have to, insinuated that it might have been some minor superhero."

Feeling very confused but trusting James, Kaylee just nodded furiously.

With the flashing lights of the Police cars getting near both turned to watch the approaching cop cars. When Kaylee turned around to ask James a question, he was nowhere to be seen, not even a trace.

Kaylee's mind was racing; how had James been there when he should have been on the other side of the country, how had he survived that shot. She was sure she had seen some blood, but she didn't find a bullet hole, only the ugliest bruise and a half-healed cut.

James was racing back down to his home duty station, he stopped off at his home to grab some spare cloths and some better shoes for running in, as well as a backpack to carry all his stuff in. It was mostly night on his way back and he noticed that it was taking far longer to get back then it was to leave, no matter how hard he pushed himself, he just couldn't match the speed he had from earlier. He was still cruising though, he was a blur down the freeways and people barely noticed him.

He had super powers.

Not just one power… but several. Super speed was always a power he thought would be awesome to have, and so far it seemed that it would be. He obviously had some kind of super strength too. Didn't look like he would be benching a Buick, but he was feeling stronger than a normal person should probably be. Did he have a fast healing ability? Or was it some minor level of durability/invulnerability? He knew he had gotten shot, he remembered it hurt only a little bit. The bullet obviously bloodied him at first, but already there was hardly any sign that he had been hurt. He wasn't too keen on testing out which super power it was, or how great the power in question was. He couldn't bring himself to trying to cut himself or finding some other method of self-inflicted injury to see if he was merely resistant to damage or he healed fast from it.

Now he had to figure out what he was going to do with his power, if he was going to do anything with it at all. What kid growing up didn't want superpowers and be a superhero? Being a full-time superhero was going to be impossible though, there were no big crimes or even super crimes in his remote area. His hours working each day were also pretty hefty; he couldn't just leave all willy-nilly at every crime he found out about.

How would he even find out about crimes? Was he just going to zoom around the city randomly until he saw some flashing lights and follow along?

The more he thought about it, the less cool and more difficult even convincing himself being a superhero would be. Maybe he would just do things when the opportunity presented itse-…


In his deep thoughts James forgot he was zooming down the freeway at super speed on foot, and ran face first into the back of a semi. The impact left James dazed and momentarily halted.

Momentary being until the car behind the semi hit him.

James was flung over the windshield and into the ditch on the side of the road. Hurting like after a full day of football practice, James climbed to his feet as he watched the car that hit him continue speeding off in the distance.

"Wow, buddy. Didn't even stop to see what you hit?"

James decided to sit there and take a breather. After some time James realized the pain hadn't gotten too much better and he decided it was time to push through it and get back to base and sleep it off.

It took James the rest of the night to get back, though quite fast, was considerably slower than his trip home which only took almost an hour.

Travis was furious. His target had managed to elude him and for some reason had become quite difficult to track with the satellites and other tracking devices. The 'target' was already heading to the southeast somewhere. Travis had been denied an opportunity to kill a possibly exciting prey. Well, he would have his chance eventually. Until then, it was time to head back with this failure hanging over his head. Nothing was learned about the target, they didn't get as much as a visual.

"You WILL be mine. I WILL find you…"

James was finally 'officially' back home. As usual the travel experience was as difficult as it could be. Without fail every time either his luggage would get lost or there would be a delayed flight for various reasons. Not once had he had a smooth uneventful trip.

"That's it, I'm done with flying. From now on I'm just going to mail my luggage home and just run back and forth."

As James began to settle in, his mind drifted to thoughts of Kaylee. Was she ok? What did she say to the police? But most of all James wondered. What do I tell her?

OK well its good to be back after like three or four years. This chapter was actually finished at the same time I went on hiatus so I was never really able to upload it before-hand. Sadly all my notes and works I had saved up for all my projects were lost when I transfered all my documents to an external hard drive I just bought, which broke an hour after I moved all my music, pictures and stories. I was pretty frustrated by this and I kind of gave up, but I constantly found myself thinking back on my stories and where I was going with them and now that i have time to dedicate to writing again I've decided to pick up where i left off.