Twisted Feelings

Chapter 1

Kagome and the others were walking along looking for shards as they usually did when Sesshomaru showed up and requested the

groups help. He had asked them to help him defeat Naraku for good, he had found Naraku's castle but had failed in killing him by

himself because he had no idea as to where in his body the shards were located at. He just knew that the miko had the ability to see

them and that would come in handy defeating that wretched hanyou.


"I guess we can help you Sesshomaru, being as we have been searching for him lately and unable to find his lair. Lead the way."


"Good we head north now."


Kagome was shocked that Sesshomaru had come seeking their aid against Naraku. I thought it was beneath him to get the aid of

anyone to do anything. But he does keep that strange little girl Rin, I wonder why? Oh, well I guess he is just one of the many

mysteries in this time and probably one of the few that will never be figured out.


He could feel the miko glancing at his back as they walked in the direction of Naraku's castle. She was indeed a strange human she

did not stink like the villagers and she held no fear that he was aware of, even when Inuyasha transformed that time she held no fear

even though she knew he didn't know who any of them were and all he wanted to do was kill everything he came into contact with.

She only stood there and said his name sadly and then yelled 'sit' knocking him unconscious and sedating his demon blood, running

over to him radiating concern and something else he wasn't quite certain of. Maybe it was that human emotion known as love.

Whatever it was it was admirable that she was never afraid when they crossed paths and he tried to kill them. Ugh… admirable?

What in the hell am I thinking? She is nothing more than some lowly human and she is just a tool to gain me the death of

that repulsive hanyou Naraku.


Inuyasha knew his brother must have a pretty damn good reason to ask for their help and he believed it had something to do with the

shards. But how would Sesshomaru know about Kagome's ability to sense there location? Well never mind it is kind of

obvious to anyone when you run around shouting 'Inuyasha it's in his……' and naming the place it was located at.


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