Epilogue of Twisted Feelings

A year later Kagome gave birth to her first child a baby girl, they named her Seiya. She had her father's eyes, mothers black hair

with silver streaks, and of course the marking's of the west. Two years later they brought a son into the world which looked like his

father all except the chocolate colored eyes that his mother had, he was named Liang.


Inuyasha and Kikyo mated and their child was born a few months later. They had a boy with Kikyo's eyes, Inuyasha's hair and

ears, and small fangs. The happy pair named their son Ashura. Unfortunately Kikyo wasn't able to have another child again, but

they spoiled Ashura and his cousins to make up for the loss.


Sango and Miroku had many children over the span of the years 3 girls named from oldest to youngest: Yuki, Ame, and Mitsukai; 4

sons named: Enishi, Faia, Hayao, and Kyohei. They all stayed in the village near Kaede's hut and took care of her as she got older.


Kouga and Ayame mated two years after the jewel was completed and it is unknown as to whether they had pups or not, because

Kagome lost touch with Kouga soon after he mated Ayame.


As the years went by Sango and Miroku's children grew up and married off leaving the older monk and slayer in a peace that

neither had known in a long time.


Kaede passed away at the ripe old age of 70 (due to Kagome's advanced health knowledge). Miroku died at the age of 50 while

trying to kill a demon in a neighboring village.


Sango moved into the castle with Sesshomaru and Kagome to live out the rest of her life with her sister. She passed away at 90

happy with the grandchildren and even great grandchildren she now had.


Inuyasha and Kikyo lived longer than the two humans, Kikyo lived to 150 years old and didn't look a day over 80 when she passed

away, Inuyasha lived on another 200 years helping Sesshomaru tend to his lands. His son grew up and mated a nice kitsune

demoness and had several kits before Inuyasha passed away.


500 years in the future Kagome was excited, she hadn't changed much over the span of time and she now had grandpups all the

way up to great-great-great-grandpups. She gathered her large family together and had them follow her and Sesshomaru to the

home she had left so long ago. When they pulled up she was thrilled to see that it was exactly the way she remembered it. Smiling

she got out of the vehicle and ran full speed up the steps to the top glancing back only to make sure her family was following her.


Reaching the door she rushed in and yelled "Mom, Souta, Gramps, I'm home!" Locating them in the living room she hugged all

three before she said "I've missed you guys so much and boy do I have a surprise for you. Come outside with me, I have several

people I want you to meet."


Walking outside just as her children and mate topped the stairs she looked at her mother, brother, and grandfather before she said

"Guys I want you to meet my children" as she called forth Seiya and Liang, then she said these are my grandchildren "Hoshikari,

Datenshi, Shugotenshi, Sutaaraito, Akeno, Jo, and Wong." After the grandchildren were introduced she continued on with her great

grandchildren and so on till she finished. She then introduced her grand-nephew and niece which were named after their

grandparents Inuyasha and Kikyo.


Her mother could only stand there in shock at the sight she beheld. Never in all her years would she have thought that she would

meet great-great-great- great grandchildren, but here they were and she was standing there meeting each one of them.


Souta took up with Inuyasha and another demon named after Miroku quickly. He took them up to his room to play video games

while his sister and mother caught up with each other.


By the end of the day everyone was comfortable with each other and all talked with Kagome's mother and Grandfather. All were

happy especially Kagome and her mother. Sesshomaru made sure none of the young ones got into any trouble while the other adults

were preoccupied with talking and sharing their lives with Kagome's Gramps and mother.


Okay guys I'm sorry if I cut a lot out but the span of 500 years would be to much to cover for the group and I didn't feel

I had the time to put everything about Sango, Miroku, Inuyasha, and Kikyo in here or cover their children very well. I

hope you enjoyed it though.