"You asked to see me, Miss?"

The 22-year-old woman idly looked at the 19-year-old senior, with a causal smile, and nodded her head. She raised up the girl's story, and looked at the girl's clear emerald eyes.

"Your story- do you mind if I published it?"

The girl looked back at her and smiled. "Your smile, mind if I steal them?"

"It wouldn't matter, I'm always smiling when your there…"

The girl sat on the chair in front of woman. "Why is that so, ma'am?"

"Because you're a unique child."

"I'm not a kid." The other girl argued, pouting cutely at her teacher.

"Prove it." The older girl said with defiance.

"Truth is- I've got boobs. Therefore I am not a kid." She muttered with a small smile on her face.

The two laughed in harmony.


Natsuki Kuga, a Senior in High School, 19 years of the age, was bored out of her mind. She sat against a tree, looking up at the clouds, not caring about the world around her. It was study hall, right before her last period of the day, and she wanted to take a nap before her last class, which was a stupid AP class. It was already the start of the second semester, and their old boring teacher had gotten surgery.

It was most likely that she would have hired someone, well, I don't know, her age? Natsuki let out a sigh, honestly, she hated adults. They always put the blame on others, they didn't take it. They lied to you a lot, and if they did tell you the truth, they probably would hit you in their car and go Las Vegas to get married to some person they've slept with for a week.

Okay, maybe she was exaggerating a bit, but it was all still the same. Natsuki let her cool green eyes wander around her, when she heard footsteps approaching. It was two boys, around her age, and two girls, one a year younger than her.

The taller boy, Ian, and his brown spiky hair and his cocky grin, stood over Natsuki. "Hey, Natsuki, 'sup out here?" he said coolly, winking at Natsuki. Natsuki mumbled out an answer, before standing up in her ripped black jeans. The other boy, Takeda and his black spiky hair, walked up next to her and wrapped his arm around her waist.

Natsuki roughly pushed him to the ground, and glared at him, and he backed away. Tomoe, the younger of the two girls, wrapped her arm into Ian's, and gave Natsuki a smile. Natsuki knew that Tomoe didn't really like her, and she didn't like her either, in fact, she didn't really like the 'group' of friends she hung out with. She didn't like the things they did for reputation, or what they did for fun.

She only hung out with them because they 'accepted' her into their group, and they came to her. She was just submissive to them, and completely bored. In fact, she had a high dislike for Takeda and Tomoe, and Ian and Rachel, the older girl, was tolerable but annoying. Ian was one of those guys who were menacing to those younger than him, beat people up, did drugs, and was practically the school's stud. He was basically the 'popular' boy, and was 'friends' with the 'right' people.

Rachel and Tomoe were stereotypical cheerleaders, who gossiped their asses off. Although, Rachel liked Takeda, which was an actual surprise, since Takeda wasn't even attractive, not a bit.

Truth be told, the group only hung out with her because it did boost up their reputation, who couldn't resist the 'charming, lone wolf, biker girl, Kuga Natsuki who lived by herself, had a fairly large amount of money, and basically had respect from people at first glance'?

The group started talking about weekend plans, even though they just got back into school from Winter Vacation, but, they being 'popular' must always have something already planned, right? Anyways, apparently, there was a senior party, and originally, only Natsuki, Ian, and Rachel were invited, however, they got Takeda and Tomoe in because of Ian and Rachel.

Natsuki honestly didn't want to go, she'd rather go home and write. Yes, Natsuki was a writer, but she honestly had pride, so it was one of her inner hobbies. Basically, that meant nobody knew, or would ever know about it.

She tucked a few strands of her midnight blue hair behind her ear before giving her jaded nod that affirmed the group of a 'yes, I want to go but at the same time don't want to go; don't ask questions, I might end up hitting you and/or running you over with my Ducati.' Ian smirked, and the group was about to start gossip, or, everyone but Natsuki, but the bell for Study Hall to end rung, and they were off on their way to class.

Well, except Ian. He and Natsuki both had the same last class, English. Or, AP Literature, but English was what they called it back in the day of the 'Kindergarten' time, where she met Ian.

The two trudged way up to the fourth floor of the school, where most senior classes were, which was an extreme pain since it took at least 10 minutes to not get stuck in the 'student traffic', with only 7 minutes to get to each class. But, as seniors, they took the idea to prepare during study hall and make sure all their stuffs in the lockers that they needed were in their backpacks, and what they didn't was shoved merciless into the poor metal cage.

Natsuki walked next to Ian, although every time someone said hi to him, he'd stop, but Natsuki kept walking, and he would sigh, and run to catch up. He needed the reputation of his long time 'friend' to make his own better, after all, his last year should be the best. Natsuki was disappointed in the people she hung out with, didn't they know that once they step into the real world, all of this would never matter? Being popular, stupid, and mean would not help you in business. Okay, maybe the popular part if you then reword it with 'having connections', but the other two, no.

Although, at times she wished she had the same personality as them. Not exactly the same, but at times, she wished she could be just as carefree, and having fun on her own will, instead of being forced to have fun. It was her last year of her 'childhood', after this, there would be no help for her. Sighing, the teenager, walked to the class room on the fourth floor, and pulled the door open.

The chattering class stopped a moment to say hi to her and Ian, which Ian responded with a grin and a shout, and Natsuki plainly ignoring them and going to her seat in the far back corner near the window. She didn't exactly hate the fourth floor, if she was on the good side, then it was tolerated. And the good side showed the hills, and if you look hard enough, you could see the ocean past them. Truthfully, she wanted to be here during sunset, but, students were not allowed once all the after-school clubs ended, otherwise fined for loitering.

Natsuki sat in her normal position, letting her right hand fall flat on the desk, and propping her left hand on its elbow so she could lean against her hand as she leaned into it. Ian respectively in a way, took the seat next to her. (Each table was enough for two seats.) Immediately, once the two were next to each other, all the 'good' people, which Ian liked, were allowed to sit nearby and around them. If Ian didn't like someone that sat on that side of the classroom, he immediately got up to shove that poor senior out of his chair. He normally didn't hit girls, unless they were-

"Stupid Faggots!" Ian muttered as he sat back in his chair, running his hand through his hair. His silver eyes pierced the guy he shoved, who ran to the opposite end near the door. Natsuki honestly didn't care, by now, it didn't matter who you were. If Ian didn't like you, than you better stay as far away from him. Natsuki really didn't bother to stop him, she did when he started this act, but the damn boy was just too stubborn and thick headed with pride.

But Natsuki say she didn't try at times, and now, she felt like she had to try a bit. Maybe it was because of what he said? Natsuki shook that thought away, before looking at Ian with her usually impassive look. "Ian, don't you feel like that's getting old? Its our last year, let them do what they want."

Of course, it was Natsuki speaking, the infamous, Kuga Natsuki, was actually speaking, AND stepping up to Ian. If it were anyone else, Ian would go into a cussing rage and maybe assault her, but he knew better. After all, with people labeling, stereotyping, and biasing her, he was smaller than her. No, there was no looking up, and as a 'long time friend', he did at least respect her.

Ian sighed, and put his hands behind his neck and put his feat up on the table. "Your right Kuga, that is getting immature. I should take it to the next level, shouldn't I?" he grinned, and eyed the boy, whose face immediately darkened.

"Ian, that isn't what I meant."

Ian grinned and shrugged apologetic. "Fine, fine, whatever Kuga-sama says goes."

Natsuki sighed, and returned to her normal position, until the last two minutes of the passing by period ended, and last period started. Of course, to the students, it didn't mean that class had actually started, and aside from Natsuki, everyone was chatting. Ian started to talk with the two girls who were lucky to sit in the table next to Ian's, along with the two guys in front of them.

Natsuki of course, was included into the conversation, but she really didn't pay attention, and every other time she threw in a, "Mmm" to show that she listened. Her eyes once again looked at the hills, and at the beautiful blue sky above it with white clouds spread around the vast sky.

Natsuki was that interested/bored, she zoomed off in her thoughts, not even noticing the door open, and the room gone silent. She didn't even notice that the teacher, the English teacher wasn't the old hag she usually was scolded by everyday.

She sadly wasn't the first to see the woman's enthralling red eyes which gathered everyone's attention, even Ian's, or her perfect curves which was in a regular white dress shirt and a black skirt with a black tie hanging losely, her silky soft light chestnut hair which was tied up in a messy bun with a few strands of hair falling over her face, and nor did she pay attention to the woman's angelic voice, even if it had a heavy accent, it was a beautiful melodic voice.

Well, Truth be Told- She was first.

And she though a million more things with that first sight, looking into the older woman's eyes immediately, who looked back into her own.

And Truth Be Told- she didn't know if that woman was a pure angel, or if that smirk on her face showed that she was a complete devil.



A//N: I think this is the first story I wrote with long paragraphs-kinda-ish hahaha…anyways, if you guessed this was a student-teacher thing, than good. If not…well, now you know!

And don't be mad about the stereotypes/labeling/biasing I used, its actually part of the story :.

And you can already guess who the two in the beginning are anyways, if you think hard enough.