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Natsuki bit her lip. It was faster than anything she expected. I mean, before Shizuru even came here, she would never imagine having someone she could call a true friend. Corny, but shit, it was true. It just shows how easy the two could…click. It wasn't really normal when a teacher and student…became friends. But things were good for them, Shizuru did her job in school, and outside of school she hung out with Natsuki as her tutor.

Also, every Friday Shizuru would go to Natsuki's apartment to make dinner for the family of 3.

Winter season was almost over as it approached February, but it had just gotten colder. In fact, snow had started piling down again, causing trouble for a lot of people in need to drive, so school was closed for a week since the roads were filled with snow.

Natsuki and Naota took off, going down the Apartment Complex to the front door. It was a bit hard to open because of the snow, but with what they were doing, it was going to be worth it. "So, is Shi-chan and Yuu-kun are gonna meet us there?" Naota asked, running around in his boots and waterproof pants and a black sweater. His beanie today had a gray and blue striped pattern on it, and he did look a little pale, but for now he seemed happy and fine, and that was what mattered most right now. Natsuki nodded, smiled. "Want a piggy back ride?" she offered. Naota's eyes brightened up and as Natsuki crouched he jumped on her and yipped. "Giddy up!"

Natsuki laughed as the two walked over the snow that started to go higher up to her shins down to the beach. After walking a long hike through the city, they finally approached the boardwalk, and spotted the two they were looking for.

"Natsuuuuki-chan!" Yuu chirped and ran towards Natsuki, tackling her and knocking her and Naota into the snow. Natsuki yelped and suddenly felt cold around her, and pushed Yuu up. Naota and her were covered in snow, and Naota was grinning deviously. He picked up a snow ball and threw it into Yuu's face, which was starting to get red, who threw it back. Natsuki managed to get around the two bickering 'children', and head towards her teacher.

She felt her cheeks warm up seeing Shizuru in a coat, in blue skinny jeans and black boots, and on her head was a beanie with a small visor. She looked…really pretty. "Hey…" Natsuki simply said, shivering at the site. She was really pretty…

"Hi to you too…" Shizuru smiled at Natsuki, and moved over, on the bench she sat on. Judging from the piles of snow around it, Natsuki figured that Shizuru and Yuu had taken the snow off the bench so they could have their picnic. It was weird, snow at a beach. But weird things happen a lot, and this was a bit spectacular. Shizuru had a picnic basket next to her, and set a blanket on the snow, and set the basket on it. Yuu immediately saw this and picked Naota up and started running and sat at Natsuki's and Shizuru's feet on the blanket.

"YAY! Food!" he smiled, and opened the basket, but froze when Shizuru was giving him the look she used in class when he was talking too much. Natsuki smiled, and scooted closer to Shizuru after a cold breeze hit her. Yuu wiggled his eye brows, causing Natsuki to just ignore him and Shizuru to roll her eyes. Shizuru opened the basket and took out a large thermos, and took out four mugs: a blue one, a green one, a purple, and a red mug, handing one to each person.

"Yay, Hot Choco and marshmallows!" both Naota and Yuu said in union. "You guys are…so…childish…" Natsuki mumbled, sipping at her own hot chocolate. Shizuru giggled, and scooted closer to Natsuki so that their shoulders were brushing. Natsuki eyed Shizuru, inwardly smiling at seeing the blush on her cheeks. She's probably really cold… Natsuki thought, and sipped more. Shizuru opened the basket again, and pulled out sandwiches, and a bowl of chips.

"Gee, I think this is the weirdest picnic I've ever held…" Shizuru said, as the four watched the waves crash into the sandy/snowy beach. "I agree," Natsuki said, and more cold winds hit them, so the two scooted closer together…again, and were completely side by side now. Shizuru giggled, seeing Natsuki start to blush, and ate her sandwhich.

Naota and Yuu were both grinning, whispering into each other's ears, before swallowing their food and gulping down the remainder of their hot chocolate and running off too build a Snow castle nearby. By then, Shizuru and Natsuki had finished their sandwhiches, and were sipping on their second cup of hot cocoa. "Thanks Shizuru…" Natsuki mumbled, and Shizuru looked at her. "It was your idea though, Natsuki, I just offered," Shizuru said confused.

"No, no, thanks for helping me. And Naota. And…my whole family. We've never been this close since…since before…until you came back. You'd be a perfect mommy you know…" Natsuki said, a blush pasted on her cheeks. Shizuru giggled at her adorable facial expression, she looked so flustered and vulnerable right there, and Shizuru just wanted to hug her and keep her as a body pillow…or maybe more.

"Maybe I should be your mommy?" Shizuru asked, poking Natsuki's blushing cheek, only making her blush even more. "N-no!" Natsuki said, looking up with worry in her eyes.

"Well why not?" Shizuru pushed, pouting and staring directly into Natsuki's eyes.

"C-cause…well…uum…it…it…wouldn't…be…right if you married my dad…besides, you wouldn't be happy with him! He's not your type!" Natsuki blurted, and bit her lip and looked down. Shizuru had a really big smile on by now, and couldn't help but press on further.

"Well, what do you suppose my type is…hmm?" Shizuru said, leaning closer to Natsuki. "U-u-uh…y-your t-type…eh?" Natsuki stuttered, "W-well…Knowing you…I'd think you'd want someone…who gives you a challenge…like…you know different opinions? It'd keep up…umm…the excitement…since you kind of like that kind of thing…and…that person would be someone you could tease, since you like teasing…and…"

"I wonder who that fits," Shizuru interrupted, grinning, seeing the blush grow even bigger on Natsuki's face. "We only have about five months before school ends…" she jokingly whispered in Natsuki's ear, who yelped and jumped up. "W-what a-are you t-talking about Shizuru!"

Shizuru let out a laugh, "You are too cute...and sit!"

Natsuki rolled her eyes and sat back down but a few centimeters away from touching Shizuru. "You tease too much…" Natsuki mumbled, looking at Yuu and Naota as their little castle started to actually look like a big castle. "Should I stop…?" Shizuru whispered under her breath, asking herself more than asking Natsuki.

"No…never stop being you…" Natsuki said. Shizuru blushed, god, Natsuki was amazing.

"You're really adoraaaaable…" Shizuru whined, even though she was complimenting Natsuki.

Natsuki raised a brow in confusion, and Shizuru explained herself. "I just wanna hugggggg youuuuu because your all sweet and adorable with that pink blush on your cheeks…and those lips…" Shizuru went on, but froze up at the last part.

Natsuki stared at her, and Shizuru prayed, she actually prayed that Natsuki didn't hear it. "My lips?" Damn.

"They they they…um… they…umm…umm…" Shizuru blushed, and started to slowly scoot back, as a grin started to crawl and place itself on Natsuki's…lips.

"What about my lips?" Natsuki once again asked. Shizuru stayed silent, before jumping up and running. Natsuki jumped up, and ran, easily tackling Shizuru down into the snow and started to tickle her ribs. "What about my lips Shizuru-sensei?" she mocked, teasing Shizuru. Shizuru's face started to go red incredibly fast, as she roared in laughter. Natsuki stuck out her tongue, jumped up, and grabbed a pile of snow and threw it all over her teacher's face.

The ruby eyed girl sputtered as some snow went in her mouth, and she spit out the filth. "Eww, Natsuki, that's dirty!"

Natsuki shrugged and walked away, while Shizuru pulled herself up grinning, and threw snow at Natsuki, who turned around with this 'oh no you didn't' look. "Come on, we are not children Shizuru!"

The other girl merely smirked and threw more snow at Natsuki, who sighed and grabbed snow for her ammo and threw back with all her might. Shizuru dodged them, and ran close to Natsuki, and pulled back her sweater and dumped snow into her shirt.

"OH MY GOD!! COOOLD!" Natsuki yelled, jumping up and down and doing her best to get the snow out, but by now she was shivering a bit. Shizuru giggled like a child, and shook her head. "Come on, we've been here for a while…let's go to my place!" Shizuru suggested, and Natsuki bit her lip and gave her a gave her a shy glance. "Can we stay for dinner? I mean if its too much to ask for I'm okay with it but you know…umm…"

The young woman merely smiled at the teenager's shyness, and put a hand on her shoulder. "Hey, come on Natsuki. I don't think I could say no to you unless you wanted me to deal drugs or kill someone." Natsuki snorted, and smiled, and ran over to Yuu and her little brother.

"Yay! Warmth!" Natsuki, Yuu, and Naota shouted. Shizuru laughed, and took off her wet coat, and looked at everyone. They were all pretty wet. "Umm, I think we should change into more warm clothes…Yuu, give some of your extra clothes to Naota, they'll be pretty big on him though…"

"YAY, DRESS UP!" Yuu shouted, grabbing Naota and giggling. Natsuki stared wide eyed, and turned to Shizuru. "I swear if he molests my brother…"

Shizuru smiled, and sweetly said, "He'd do it in a kinky way, don't worry," knowing that Natsuki would let the words jump through her before actually analyzing what she really said.

"Oh its okay then…wait WHAT!?" Natsuki yelled, blushing. Shizuru giggled and ran to her room, and Natsuki sighed and followed. "Jeez Shizuru, act your age, not your shoe size…" Natsuki muttered when she stepped into Shizuru's room. Shizuru was in her closet, and already brought out lots of clothes. She threw a pair of sweats and a baggy shirt…and Natsuki grabbed the shirt. "Shizuru, why do you have my shirt?"

"I stole it when I was in your room. I wanted to sleep in it so it could be like I was sleeping with you," Shizuru nonchalantly said, while looking for something she could wear. Natsuki shook her head with a smile on her face, god Shizuru amused her to no ends. She pulled off her clothes, not worrying about having to feel awkward, Shizuru was in the closet, wasn't she? Okay, Natsuki's eye twitched, that could could've seriously had a double meaning…

Once Natsuki was in dry clothes, she saw Shizuru come out with pajama short shorts and a light green sweater on. "Now that we're comfortable, let's watchity watch a movie movie!" Shizuru said jumping. Wow, was she…really relaxed that way. Her maturity went down a notch, she was really excited.

Natsuki followed Shizuru to see Yuu and Naota in the kitchen, wearing some of Yuu's pajamas, and Naota had to fold them a lot for them to fit. "LET'S WATCH WALL-E!!" Yuu chirped, picking up the Blueray Dvd. Shizuru jumped and ran to the kitchen. "SMORES AND HOT CHOCOLATE!!" she yelled.

Okay, something is weird. Shizuru is a bit…too happy…today… Natsuki thought, but shook her head. What was wrong with Shizuru being happy? Nothing should stop her from being happy right? But maybe the only reason Natsuki was disgruntled was by the fact that something was making Shizuru happy, and there was a chance that it wasn't her. Boy, that's really mature for me…gee…

A few minutes later, Shizuru came out with a plate of warm smores, and went back to retrieve the mugs of hot chocolate. Yuu pushed in the DVD, and they sat on the big comfy couch Shizuru had, Natsuki being in the middle in between Yuu and Shizuru.

The movie…was unbelievably good. Although no real dialogue was said…Shizuru had ended up crying. "Oh god…I love pixar movies…"

"Pixar eh, heard that the author wants to work for em one day…" Natsuki mumbled.

They stared at her with a 'wtf' expression, but she shook her hand in the air and said, "Nothing nothing! Well, its getting late, so I guess me and Naota should go- okay, why are you too looking at each other like that?"

Yuu and Shizuru were eying each other, and Shizuru had this stupid goofy smile on her face. "Natsuki…come with me!" Shizuru said, grabbing Natsuki's hand, and pulling her back to her room. She shut the door, and turned to Natsuki. "Look look, I think you noticed I'm a bit giddy today…but but but… I get really happy sometimes…and especially on this occasion…but now, I'm really happy but nervous…cause…Yuu told…or rather forced me to do this…but it was fun and all…and…" Shizuru said, stumbling over her words.

Natsuki tilted her head, obvious confused at what was going on. The young writer tried to connect thing together, but she couldn't, but anyways, she was soon going to find out what was happening. "Wait, there was a reason for today? I don't get it, I know its no one's birthday, and its only the start of February, I'm actually really confused…" Natsuki muttered.

The older woman blushed, and took in a deep breath. "Do you…umm….wanna…eh…ehh…go…umm…have a field trip?" Shizuru asked quickly and under her breath. Natsuki obviously didn't hear what she said, and moved closer, saying, "Excuse me?"

"D-do you think our class should have a field trip? To…To a snow resort?" Shizuru babbled, obviously embarrassed. Natsuki scratched her head, unsure. "I'm not sure, but I think we could do it as a graduation trip instead of a class trip, you'd have to bring it up…you know? And…if we did It'd be the first field trip I've ever went to…so I guess I'd wanna go…but…that means…I have to room with someone…and…I definitely don't want to room with Rachel or her other friends…so…is it allowed…"

"If we shared a room?" Shizuru asked, practically jumping up and down. Natsuki nodded, blushing a bit. "YES! It'd be like a sleepover!" Shizuru said, jumping on her bed.

"Okay, didn't expect that kind of reaction…" Natsuki muttered and watched Shizuru bounce in joy. This side of her…it was nice. "THANKYOU NATSUKI! I wanted your approval first, since you would've been forced to go if you didn't want to, but now that you want to go everything is all better!"

Natsuki chuckled, and asked Shizuru, "So when is this all gonna happen?"

"Umm…maybe a month before graduation? Nah, there's too much testing go around then…probably next month? During March? It'll be snowing still in the mountain, so its great!" Shizuru exclaimed.

Natsuki simply smiled. Shizuru was the smart, confident, graceful, mature teacher, and at the same time, the cute, excited, childish girl that Natsuki had come to…

Had come to what exactly?

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