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"Do you have this in yellow?" Riley Poole tilted his head slightly to one side, considering the product in his hands.

The sales assistant checked the name and specifics offered on the box and smiled an only slightly superficial smile. "I'll check in the back for you."

Riley turned and smiled his thanks at the already retreating woman. They had a few whites, a couple greens and one blue. He really wanted a yellow one though. Not that it mattered all that much, he supposed. No one was even going to see it.

But he already had the name picked out. Granted, while it was the code name of his plan it didn't necessarily have to be the name of the actual instrument. Riley sighed. The things he went through with his genius mind.

"I'm sorry, sir. We're all out of yellow," the sales lady said, walking back empty handed.

Riley smiled at her. "That's alright. Thanks for looking for me."

Another smile, and the sales woman went off to help the customer calling to her from down the isle.

Riley turned back to his choices and bit his lip. It didn't even have to be this type. But that's what he saw on TV and what had popped the idea in his head in the first place. Using something else would be like being unfaithful.

With a decisive nod, he grabbed the blue one. It was all alone color-wise.

"At least you're used to being alone," he muttered to iFish as he made his way to the checkout. He only sounded half giddy. His evil plan was underway.


He kept the name Goldie. It was easier and anyway Riley decided the iFish really did look like a Goldie. Who knew?

Ben was voluntarily visiting his father for the afternoon-something which Riley pushed the older man to do the night before- and Abigail was… somewhere. Personally, Riley didn't really care where she was. So long as she was gone long enough.

He stopped in the kitchen first and grabbed a Pepsi. He may need the sugar boost to finish this quickly.

Unless Abi was shopping. Then he wouldn't need to hurry, but the Pepsi still quenched the thirst he acquired with the evil laughter he practiced on his way to Ben's.

Evil manic laughter was best left to the like of Snivley Whiplash and the like.

Riley glanced at his reflection on a hall mirror and pictured himself with handlebar mustache. Shifting Goldie under his other arm, he lifted his free and twirled the imaginary 'stache.

Snorting, he shook his head. Maybe genius and insanity really were on a blurred line.

His room at Ben and Abi's was, from the top of the stairs, on the left and next to the guest bath he called his own. Next to which was Bens study. He liked his room. It was front facing-which Ben said meant it was a study originally- and had a small trap door in the equally small closet that led to the not-so-small attic. And really, what was Ben thinking giving him that kind of access?

Ditching his backpack by his door, his coat on top of it, and the bag on his bed, Riley finished off his Pepsi and tossed the empty can.

He rubbed his hands together. "Alright Goldie, lets see what batteries you need and figure out a way around that."


It took Riley all of two minutes to figure out the batteries required weren't going to last nearly as long as he wanted them to. And an extension cord running to his room would be like hanging a sign around his neck proclaiming "I DID IT!" in bright red neon.

So he tweaked his idea more and included the intercom system. He could run a wire into it's mainframe box, which he had access to in the attic, run Goldie, and more so his iPod, on the same power grid.

That meant it would sound in every room excluding the bathrooms and linen closets, but including the backyard. Riley grinned at Goldie and striped the wire. Oh yeah. That's even better then the original two speakers of the doorbell plan.

It was trickier getting to the doorbell then he thought it would be. Damn ancient house with its ancient wiring and new doorbell system.

The electricians ran the doorbell in, then up through the wall, and into the eves where it separated from it's electric box and ran in a double wire to the back of the house.

Riley had to pry off the still shiny steel cover and patch Goldie into the less then superiorly gathered wires. He told Ben he could have done it better. Better and cheaper.

But no, Abi wanted a licensed electrician. Riley forced the annoyance away and concentrated on leading the wire to the intercom box, being careful to hide it in the floor joints.

That finished he pulled out the next essential part. His iPod.

He'll miss it, but it would be worth it every time he sees that Yoko's face.

Besides, he could always get a new one. He took out his already striped and otherwise useless charger, plugged it into the iPod and connected the other half to the wires of Goldie and the intercom. With a feeling of high satisfaction he plugged the iPod into the iFish and turned both on.

Now the most important part. Hiding Goldie. Leaving him in the attic wasn't even an option. Both Abi and Ben had things stored up here. Books mostly, and that meant sooner or later they'd have to come up and find one.

No, it'd have to someplace out of the way. Someplace no one goes.

Riley crouched next to Goldie and looked around. His second sweep of the crowed space of attic brought his attention to the trap door in his closet. His closet that had an air duct next to it.

An air duct that he knew would fit a small iFish. He smiled. Good thing he planed for needing extra wire- he hadn't known how far the doorbell was from the intercom or how far both would be from a hiding place.

He slid Goldie along the floor, tucking wire into the cracks of the boards. The tricky bit would be getting it in the duct. Wire could be showing. He'd deal with that last then. No real way of-

The doorbell guys went inside the wall… Riley could go inside the wall.

Okay, maybe they weren't total quacks.


Half an hour later Riley scrutinized his air duct. He couldn't tell there was anything in there. Perfect.

He popped off the grill one last time, reached in, set his iPod to shuffle, and put it back on. He had over 1,500 songs on there.

He had to test the volume. He thought both iPod and iFish on full blast may just be to loud; he'd put them up to almost full volume.

So he did what he did best- he glanced at the duct, reconsidered-and did what he did second best.

He ordered a pizza. Told the guy who answered there'd be a $25 tip if he could get it here in under 30 minutes.

21 minutes later the doorbell and every intercom in the house and outside blasted Kaiser Chiefs 'I Predict A Riot.'

Riley wore a grin the Cheshire Cat would be proud of when he opened the door and handed over a 50 to the stunned delivery boy.

Ooh yeah… Riley predicted a riot too. The grin got wider.

This will be a two parter. But probably no longer. Next bit will be out before Sunday.

I have my iTunes playing and I was going to just use whatever song mine went to (Which turned out to be Billy Idol's Rebel Yell) but after thinking about it, I wanted Goldie to be a little prophetic.