This is a fanfiction of the series Stephanie Meyer wrote, Twilight. There are three books so far in the series called Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. I think she is one of the best writers in her generation and everyone should read her books, but thats just me. The fourth book is coming out in fall of 2008.

I blame my friends for letting me borrow and fall in love with these books. I even got my mom to read them and she loves it! Hahahaha...well have you seen our problem yet? We have finished them and my friends and I cant wait to read the fourth book. Literally, getting all antsy and storming all over the place since we really want to read.
So, one of my friends asks me to write a fanfiction to hold them over till we get the new book out. I am known as the writer (of long stories) in my group and so I through about it. I have written a couple of stories but never a fanfiction. So, naturally, I took up the challenge. So yes, this is my first fanfiction.

Please read it! I really want to know if I do a good job. Trust me, it gets better after this chapter so read it through. Thank you!

The forest was dark, and a dread came over me. It was so silent, around me nothing moved, it was like I was swallowed in absolute silence. I don't know why, but I began to run through the forest and at that moment, my subconscious told me I was asleep. I never tripped once. Yet, it felt so real and that's when I heard it, the ear piecing howl in the night. I began to run faster and when I got to an opening in this forest, my eyes widened with shock. Edward danced it the moonlight while Jacob, in his shaggy wolf form lunged and jumped at him.

"Stop it!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. Edward turned to look at me and just then, Jacob pounced on him and grabbed hold of his neck with his teeth. With a few satisfied shakes of his head, Jacob let go and turned to me with that muzzled smile.

"What have you done? Why?" I asked. Jacob just turned and left as I fell to the ground in utter defeat. A sensation fell over me as I just stared at the body that was my lover. This emotion, this sensation, I knew all too well. Alone and miserable. I crumpled into a ball and held myself together with my arms. Tears streamed down my face and then a cool wind blew through the forest.

I woke up and bolted into an upright position. I looked fanatically around for Edward, who was usually in my bedroom, but found nothing but the window open. Then I remembered that he had gone out with Emmett, Jasper, and Carlisle. Tears fell in a flood down my cheeks as I remembered my dream.

Grabbing my jacket and some shoes, I dressed as I stumbled down the stairs. Charlie was still watching TV when I was in the front room. He took one look at me and moved to get up.

"Bella, honey, are you ok?" He looked at me with concern.

"Yeah dad, I am fine. I just need to take a drive." I said it the best I could with my voice cracking as it was. Charlie sat back down, happy to not bother me in my present condition. Doing my best not to slam the door, I looked at my choice of rides. My old truck was parked next to Edwards silver Volvo, which he had lent me while he was away. I went straight for the Volvo because I wanted to go faster then 50 mph.

Once I got in it, the smell of Edward filled my senses and I lost my train of thought. But only for a moment. I turned the ignition on and pulled out of the driveway.

The road was completely empty and I was going about 85 mph, when the sensation, the emotion came back. I tried to stop it, tried to get control, and tell myself it was just a dream. Moreover, a nightmare, that was all it was. The picture of Edward, dead, and the smirk on Jacobs face. I completely lost it. The Volvo hit the dirt on the side of the road and jerked me. I stopped it in time before my tears distorted my whole vision.

"Damn it." That's all I could get out. Nothing more was able to come out intelligently or comprehensible. I laid my head against the steering wheel and just waited. Waited for my knight, my love, to come and rescue me.

Sure enough, the door opened of the Volvo and a soft, cold, hand touched my shoulder. I didn't, couldn't, move so he just slipped next to me and moved me in the process.

"Bella, my love, I am here now. It's ok Bella, I'm here." His voice was as smooth as silk.

As soon as he said that, I threw myself at him and locked my arms around his cool body. I buried my face in the side of his sleeve. He put his arm around me and pulled me in even tighter.

"Never leave me. I can't keep doing it, it's too much." I mumbled it thinking it was to quiet to hear.

"I'm so sorry Bella. Forgive me, please." I didn't even have the strength to say anything else. Moments went by and we just sat together. Finally, I controlled myself to finally say something intelligent.

"Where are we? How far did I drive?" I asked. I looked up at him and saw that he was still making sure I was ok before starting another conversation. I guess he thought I had finally controlled myself.

"Somewhere in Oregon. You drove quite a while." His eyes questioned my motives behind the question.

I only shook my head. "Lets drive farther, I need to get away." Without thinking twice, Edward turned on the ignition and with one hand still wrapped around me, he drove. My mind was going back and forth on what to do. I couldn't completely decide or else Alice would come after us as fast as she could.

"Bella, your killing me as usual, what are you thinking?" He looked at me, straight in my eyes. I could never get past his eyes.

"I want you. All of you. Now."

"You said that you would want to wait till we got married. That's what you wanted."

I shook my head. "I'm not going to go back on that. That's why; I want to drive to Vegas." His eyes narrowed and I realized what he was thinking. "Oh, don't worry, Alice will still have her wedding but I want this now. I wouldn't want to disappoint everyone but I want to do this first. I can't wait any longer."

A small smile flickered across his face and he pulled me closer. He stepped on the gas until we were going the usual speed of 125 mph.

"Must have been a bad nightmare."

I leaned my head against his shoulder but said nothing.

I am a personal Edward fan. Bella and Edward were made for each other. So, I'm sorry for all you Jacob fans but thats how this is written, my story. But dont worry, hes in the story. Jacob is as he should be, a very good friend but thats all. Dont let it turn you off Jacob fans; I would still like you to read it.

Anyway, I hope you like it and I hope it and I would love to have reviews! Good or bad, I love to hear what people say! Thank you so much, Gina