The three men were left kneeling in an empty room, hands secured above their heads by chains attached to the ceiling. Naturally, there were no windows and the door was bolted from the outside.

"Well isn't this just lovely." Rodney's voice was more weary than frightened as he reflected on how miserable his life had become. He was no longer surprised when these things happened, they were more a part of life. Never the less, he had a reputation to protect... "I always wanted to die in a..."

"Shut up, McKay." John twisted his body to the left until he could see where Ronon was restrained. "Where's Teyla?"

Ronon merely nodded towards where the door was sliding silently inward. Teyla slipped noiselessly inside and shut it carefully behind her. She shot them all warning looks as McKay opened his mouth to say something, pressing a finger to her lips. Crossing the room swiftly, she examined the handcuffs around Rodney's wrists.

Regretfully, she shook her head. "I do not believe I can pick this lock, it appears to require several keys." She whispered, checking John and Ronon's chains on the off chance that for some reason their captors had seen it necessary to give Rodney the strongest restraints.

They had not.

John raised an eyebrow. "I think the bad guys are getting smarter." He muttered grumpily, not at all excited that Teyla was having to rescue them.

Teyla ignored him completely. "I believe they are expecting some sort of rescue attempt, and I do not think I can get to your weapons without first retrieving the keys. Do you know how many men there are? I counted twelve."

"Thirteen." corrected Ronon.

"You aren't thinking of trying to take out thirteen men by yourself, are you? Because that sounds like a very bad plan..." began Rodney.

"I think she is." John informed him, a hint of awe in his voice.

Teyla simply shot him a look. "I do not have a choice, it would take far too long to return to Atlantis and organize a rescue from there. I will be fine, they do not expect an attack from within. Although... I will try and keep at least a few of them alive for questioning."

Ronon nodded in approval. Rodney groaned.

Teyla knelt beside Ronon and reached for his wrist guards, deftly extracting a few of the larger knives and sliding them into her own sheaths.

"I had to use a few of mine to get in, and the P-90 causes too much noise" She explained, pushing his pant leg up far enough to get at the knives in his boots and strapped to his calves.

John raised an eyebrow at the familiarity she was displaying and smirked as she reached behind Ronon for the knife he kept hidden under his belt.

When she felt that she was properly armed, she stood. "This won't take long."

The second that she left, John turned to Ronon. "What the hell was that?"

He was met by a level stare. "What?"

"You said that you would kill me if I ever so much as touched your knives, how come Teyla gets to use them?" He couldn't help the slight whine in his tone.

"You sound like McKay."

"Hey! I resent that!" Rodney protested.

Ronon ignored them both as the conversation devolved into a bickering match. He allowed his attention to drift, straining to hear anything that would tell him what was happening outside their room.

Eventually, Sheppard got bored of arguing with McKay and turned his attention back to Ronon.

Careful to keep the whine out of his tone, he asked the question again.

Ronon sighed impatiently. "Because she is."

It was Rodney's turn to roll his eyes. "Oh yes, very illuminating. Because she is. Anyway, how did she even know where all of your knives were hidden?"

"That's a good point. Don't you change where they are hidden a lot?"

Ronon realized belatedly that this was going down a bad path. "Some of them. Its not that hard to figure it out."

John snorted. "It didn't really look like she was trying to guess. It looked like she knew. As in knew before hand. As in, before we got here. Probably before we left Atlantis."

"So?" He winced internally. Teyla was going to kill him.

Okay, so yeah she did know where all of his knives were, but that was only because she had seen him put them all on this morning.

And that was only because she had been in his room when he got ready.

Because she had fallen asleep there last night.

Which wasn't actually that uncommon.

Which was kind of what he was trying to avoid mentioning.


Some of his discomfort must have shown on his face, because Sheppard's grin widened. "There is defiantly a story there." He caroled, reveling in the fact that Ronon couldn't currently hit him for prying.

"I can hit you when we get out, you know." Ronon reminded him, and the interrogation was (for the moment, at least) brought to a halt.

Fifteen minutes later, a slightly disheveled Teyla reappeared in the doorway and shoved a filthy man to the ground. "Stay." She ordered, casually shooting him in the chest with Ronon's gun.

John raised an eyebrow.

"Its on stun." She promised, swiftly unlocking his restraints. Rodney was next, and she endured his complaints with her usual patience.

Once she untied Ronon he climbed swiftly to his feet and stretched, face expectant. She rolled her eyes at his expression and wordlessly handed his weapons back. He inspected them carefully, please to note that she had cleaned them off.

"Good work." He complimented, idly rubbing at where his wrists were chafed from pulling on his restraints. She eyed his wounds and handed him the balm she carried for just such occasions as these.

"Next time, when I tell you that there is some one following us, you should listen." She teased softly.

He smirked. "But then when would you get to rescue us?"

"I am sure that I would still have plenty of opportunities."

John appeared next to them, grinning. "Hey, Teyla, how come Ronon lets you touch his knives?"

She merely raised an eyebrow at Ronon, who shrugged. "I didn't say anything." He defended.

She glared reprovingly at the other two members of her team. "Because I do not attempt to play games such as 'pin the tail on the donkey' with them. Not do I throw them at members of the science team, no matter how annoying they get." John ducked his head, blushing slightly.

Rodney glowered, cupping a hand protectively over a thin scar on his left arm.

Teyla and Ronon exchanged an amused glance as this set off yet another round of arguing. "You know, we will have to tell them sooner or later." Ronon whispered, pressing a gentle hand to the small of her back.

Ever so slightly, Teyla leaned into his caress. "Mmm hmm."

They straightened as John glanced in their direction, innocent smiles on both of their faces.

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