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A teenage boy waited patiently inside a crowded mall five days before Christmas. In front of him stood his dad arguing with a salesperson at a cell phone stand. Sora Taiyaki shook his head in disapproval. All he wanted was a new phone with a keyboard so texting wouldn't be hell. Apparently, Sora's dad wasn't pleased with his service.

Sora tapped his dad's shoulder, "I'm going to the food court." A hand brushed Sora away. Sora assumed this meant it was okay for him to leave.

He walked at a leisurely pace taking in the scenery. For how crazy the mall was on this night, Sora felt calm. In Sora's 17 years on this planet, he had hardly ever didn't feel calm. He was full of energy, but nothing had stirred his world. His body was going through the motions and didn't know what life really was.

To put it bluntly: Sora had never been in love.

High school romances are usually laughed at by those who are older. They are said to mean nothing in the large scheme of things, but Sora longed for one. He had just six months left before he was thrown away from high school's secure walls, and he had yet learned to love.

Most of the reason Sora had never found love, let alone a significant other, was due to the fact that Sora had no interest in girls. They were conniving little bitches that lied to gain affection. He wanted none of that. What he wanted had to be genuine. He assumed that genuine girls could be found in college. He assumed college changed people and made them grow up quicker. He knew this was foolish thinking, but he wanted it to be true.

Sora sat by himself at a table that seated eight surrounded by bags. They were supposed to be filled with presents for his friends, but truth be told, he didn't have very many. There was Kairi who Sora had liked for about a week in the ninth grade and now saw as his go-to person for advice on any given topic. And then there were Roxas and Axel. Sora considered the two as one entity. They had been dating since freshman year and Sora could see them one day getting married.

So, instead of his shopping bags being filled with gifts, they were filled with video games and manga—the necessary elements to keep any person teenage boy busy over Christmas break. Sora opened his book and lost himself in a new romance. He wasn't afraid to admit it: he thought gay romance was hot. But, who doesn't?

Just as the plot began to thicken, Sora's dad appeared at the table. The man dropped a new cell phone into Sora's hand and said, "There. Hope that was worth it."

Sora's blue eyes glance over his new toy. It was a Voyager. By far the sexiest phone available. He flipped it open and marveled at the full QWERTY keyboard. "Dad…you didn't have to get me this one. It's like $300…," Sora said.

"No, it's all right. Consider it an early Christmas present," his father looked around the food court. "I'm starving."

"Me too," Sora stood in order to make his way toward refreshment when he remembered something. "Hey, Dad? Where's my old phone?"

"Don't even go there," the man shook his head. "I had to give it to them. I don't know why. They were asses about the whole situation."

"How am I supposed to remember all those numbers…" his voice trailed off. He hoped he could remember Roxas' cell. He had just changed the number and it's not like Sora actually looked at the numbers as he was dialing, just the name in his contact list. "Dad, can you get me some pizza? I'm going to try to get some numbers off of Roxas."

"Sure, son," and the man went to wait in the ridiculously long line for an insanely over-priced piece of pizza.

Sora's mind raced. 'Ok,' he thought. 'I know it was the same area code…' He typed in 3-3-0. 'Hmm…I'll just text Axel. I remember his number…I think.' His fingers pressed 8-8-0-0-9-0-9. Proud of himself, he continued his text. "Hey, sexy. It's Sora. What's Roxas' number? I got a new phone and lost all my numbers," Sora laughed at the first sentence of his text. He frequently liked to mess with Axel's mind. The red head did the same to Sora. It was completely play full.

He closed his phone and waited for the reply. In the mean time, he realized the front of his new phone was a touch screen. He was amazed by all the phone could do. The device even offered him television. Just as he was about to figure out how to go online, the phone vibrated. He flipped the phone open and read the text.

"Well, I may be sexy, but I don't know Roxas, nor do I know you."

Sora looked at the phone. He was a bit confused by the response. After re-checking the number he responded, "Axel. I know it's you. Stop the nonsense. I just want to talk to Roxas."

The brunet looked around. His father had barely moved in the line. He sighed as the realization set in that he would be waiting for quite some time for his delicious pizza. It was but a minute and Sora's new phone vibrated.

"Look, Sora was it? I'm not Axel. And if you're calling Axel sexy, why do you want some other guy's number?" the text read. Sora sat in bewilderment. What was Axel talking about…

"Axel's number is 8-8-0-9-0-9-0--oh, shit…" he said out loud. He quickly texted a response. "Oh, sorry. Wrong number. Got a new phone. Sorry…" He then set out to text the real Axel and get his dignity back. Before he could send the text, he had received one back from the mystery person:

"It's no problem. But really, why do you want another guys number? You're obviously attracted to this Axel character."

Why did this person, Sora didn't even know if it was a guy or girl, want to continue humiliating him? He sighed. After texting Axel and getting no response, Sora decided to humor the texter and typed: "Roxas is my best friend. Axel is his boyfriend." He tapped his fingers on the table.

After a few minutes, his father returned with the pizza. Sora began to eat and wondered why he hadn't received a text in response. He then realized that he had not sent the mystery person something worth texting back. There wasn't a questionable or anything particularly entertaining about Sora's resonse. For some reason, he freaked. He didn't know the person, but he hated being ignored. Sora flipped open his phone and just as he began to text something, anything to the person, his phone vibrated:

"Gotcha. But you think Axel's sexy. Are you gay or something?"

Sora blinked at the statement. Sure, there had been accusations his entire life, but he had never been openly asked about his sexuality. "Not to my knowledge…" he responded. It was the honest truth.

He and his father decided it was time to vacate the mall setting. The festive music and bustling people were now quite annoying. As Sora walked to the car, he received another text.

"It's cool. My name's Riku, btw."

'So does he want to be my friend or something?' Sora thought to himself. It couldn't hurt to make a new friend, even if the friendship started because of a text meant for someone else. "Nice to 'meet' you. So, what are you up to?"

The brunet smiled and leaned back on the passenger seat. He sighed. A friend is a friend.


A tall silver-haired 18-year-old boy smiled as he read the text on his phone. His fingers quickly typed, "Nothing. My 'friends' bailed on me on a Friday night…you?"

Truth be told, Riku's only friends were Cloud and Lean, and they were probably out with each other. Like every other Friday night. It was weird, for how attractive and outgoing Riku happened to be, he only had two real friends, and they were up each other's asses.

Even if the whole conversation had been a mistake, at least Riku had found something to do on a Friday night. And really, how was texting someone you've never met any different from IMing someone you've never met?

Sora was surprised that this guy he had never met was giving him the time of day. He figured it was probably because Riku had never met him. Surely if this guy had seen how plain and average Sora was, he wouldn't think twice about responding to his texts. But luckily for Sora, Riku wasn't in the same room and happened to be just as bored. Sora smiled at this realization and texted back: "Just left the mall. It was kinda hellish. Now I'm going home and doing nothing."

Riku's pale, yet toned arm grabbed a bag of Doritos. He figured he would be at this conversation for a while. At least he hoped to be.

"The mall is always hell. You said you got a new phone. What kind?" Small talk could be a good icebreaker.

"Voyager. It's amazing. It makes my life better," Sora quickly responded. Sora had just arrived to his home and was also sitting on his couch, ready to be immersed in a long texting conversation.

"Jealous…My phone sucks ass. So…" Riku paused. He didn't know what to ask without seeming a bit stalkerish. He decided to leave the text that and sent it to Sora.

Riku Hitaki was a college freshman. He enjoyed Mountain Dew, RPGs and loud music. He was attractive, and he knew it, but hardly acted upon it. Life for the boy was fairly simple. He enjoyed it that way: on auto-pilot without a real care in the world.

He spent his days at college where he was majoring in music and fine art. Sure, the two majors were going to get him nowhere, but they were what he loved. Nights were spent at Hot Topic where the boy worked. On the rare occasion he had the day off, this being one of them, he would either play Halo/Rock Band with his friends or venture into a good role-playing game.

Tonight was especially lame. He hoped to spend the last Friday before Christmas out with his friends. All Riku wanted to do was see a movie and go out to eat like normal people, but instead, he sat at home by himself.

Sora read the text. He thought to himself what he should respond. He wante dot be interesting enough so Riku wouldn't ignore him, but every time Sora tried to think of something exciting, he was left hanging. "So? Um…how old are you? Don't think I'm a pedo or anything, but just to make sure…Oh I'm 17, btw." 'Lame,' he thought to himself. 'What else am I supposed to ask?'

Riku snickered. "18 almost 19. Care if I ask a few random questions?" There were a few things Riku wanted to know about Sora before he decided if he was worth his time.

"Go right ahead. I'm not doing anything important," Sora said. Sora felt like this conversation was the first important thing he had done all day. Axel had yet to text him back and Sora kept dying over and over in his game, so why not answer a bunch of questions from a 18-year-old who lived somewhere in the 330 area code.

The possibilities were endless. Since Riku didn't really know Sora, or had met Sora, he could ask anything without any direct retribution. Something inside of him wanted to ask personal and deep questions, but he figured he would start out with a few generic ones, "Ok. Do you like video games?" Riku figured if the kid didn't enjoy games, then he probably wasn't worth his time. A great deciding factor.

"Of course. I'm in the middle of Persona 3. You?"

And Riku was happy with the response. He could spend hours talking about video games and often did. When Cloud and Leon were over, they all would sit around and discuss the sexuality of various video game characters. It was a hot debate for the trio. "I just bought that one. Haven't started it. I'm obsessed with Rock Band at the moment."

"Oh god. Rock Band. I'm jealous. I got Guitar Hero 3, but that's it." Sora didn't mention to Riku that he could only play guitar on medium. Riku would probably laugh at him. Already, Sora was picturing Riku as some beautiful man who was good at everything. Already, Sora was thinking he wasn't good enough for him.

"Well we could always meet up and play sometime…" Riku re-read his response before sending. Realizing that he had only started to talk to Sora about 30 minutes ago, he decided to change routes. Probably not the best idea to offer a meeting this soon into the 'friendship.' "Guitar Hero is fun. I enjoy singing, though. So…what do you do for fun other than video games?"

Sora shifted uncomfortably in his chair. This is the part that he hated to admit. He loved his manga, but didn't love discussing the topic. Riku didn't know Sora, at all, but Sora didn't want the boy to hate him. Still, it would always be worse to lie. He took a deep breath in as he typed, "Well, I read a lot of manga. I write some and hang out." 'God I must sound utterly boring,' Sora thought to himself.

"What type of manga do you read?" Riku knew there were many types of manga. He also knew that girls enjoyed yaoi.

If the coffee table had been a bit closer to Sora's head, he would have bashed it on the corner. He thought to himself that he was going to be honest with this. There was not real reason not to be. "Well..umm..Don't make fun of me, okay? I read yaoi…" Sora's finger quickly hit 'sent' before he could change his mind. The nearest pillow became a shield from whatever response Riku was about to send. Sora cowered under the soft cushion. As he felt the phone vibrate he briefly considered not looking at the text and going to bed in order to ignore any awkwardness. 'New txt message' flashed on the touch screen. After about five minutes of heavy debate, Sora opened the text.

"Why would I make fun of you for something you like? I just want to know why you think you're not gay." You see, Riku was not the type to criticize. The silveret's best friends were flaming homos and he was almost positive he would travel down the same road once he found himself a partner. He enjoyed video games more than people and lived for solitude at times. Sora's liking to yaoi seemed petty compared to his own attractions.

"Hey now! I said I didn't think I was gay. I honestly don't know." Sora responded. He took the cushion that once occupied his face and place it behind his head. So he liked reading yaoi, and he thought male video game characters were sometimes more attractive than the female ones, oh ah he also wrote stories about guys hooking up. A chuckle escaped his lips. 'Wow, I do look gay. That explains a lot,' he thought.

"It's cool. But I'm going to get going. My brother's watching a movie and it looks kinda interesting." Throughout the entire conversation Riku had remained oblivious to Sephiroth's anime being played on the TV. Now that he noticed, he was being drawn in the acid-esque plot ofPaprika.

Riku's response let Sora down to say the least. The thin, frail brunet automatically thought that Riku didn't approve of his lifestyle and was finding some reason to pull away. "Ok. Have a festive night." Sora thought he sounded like a stupid teenager, but at this point, he was reluctant to care. Just as Sora was about to turn down the path of self-pity, his phone vibrated one last time.

"I'll text you tomorrow after work. Adios."

For some reason, seven words brought more joy to Sora's face than all the manga he had read that day. A smile appeared on the boy's face as he held his phone to his chest. For once, Sora felt a little wanted, a tad bit liked, and a whole lot of happiness.


"You WHAT?!" Axel laughed so hard, his beverage verged on exiting through his nose.

Sora's voice grew quiet as he scooted under the covers on the bed. "I…I told some stranger he was sexy thinking it was you."

"That's priceless," the redhead's laughter filled the room. "Hey, Roxas! Sora told some complete stranger he was hot!"

Roxas appeared from behind a door with gel in his hand, apparently he was trying to make his hair defy gravity. "Good one, kid. What did the guy say?"

The brunet shifted uncomfortably on the bed. "Well, actually, we talked for a while. He laughed it off. He's pretty cool—"

"Wait?!" Axel flailed. "You mean you're talking to some random guy that you met via a wrong text? That can't be safe…"

All of the sudden, Sora sat straight up, waving his hands like an idiot. "No! Riku's not some pervert. He's cool. He likes video games and Rock Band and—"

"So, you like this Ri-ku, then?" Axel snickered as he patted the boy on the back. "Way to go!"

Roxas appeared from the hallway, his hair intact. "Don't encourage him!" The blond smacked him boyfriend on the head. "Sora, be careful. Seriously, this guy could be a creep.'

Sora sat on the bed gently shaking his head. Roxas and Axel were complete opposites. Axel was obnoxious, loud and crude while Roxas was understanding and almost motherly toward Sora. They were the perfect cliché couple: complete opposites who were completely in love with each other.

"I'm just texting him!" Sora pouted. "It's not like I'm planning on meeting the guy!"

"Maybe you should. Maybe a guy is just what you need," said Axel with a wink. For the complete jerk Axel could be, he really did care about Sora, it's just his comments and reactions came off a bit, well, sarcastic.

"Shut up!" Sora was now whining. He knew his friends would mess with him; they always did. He also knew they meant the best, but sometimes he wished he could be taken seriously. "I don't even know if I like boys!"

"Leave him be," Roxas rolled his eyes. "Let's just watch a movie or something until Kairi gets out of work." Roxas put in "Shaun of the Dead" and cuddled next to Axel on the bed.

Sora sat at the foot of said bed, wishing he could for once have someone to keep him warm. It's not that he didn't love his friends or the movie, he just couldn't pay attention. Just as he was about to pass on to dreamland, he felt his phone vibrate. He removed the device from his pocket expecting a text from Kairi but instead receiving a text from Riku.

"Work sucks."

Even though Riku told Sora he would text back the next day, the boy was still surprised that he actually stayed true to his word. The brunet smiled as he text back. "Yeah. Did you just get off?"

Axel saw Sora messing with his phone and tackled Sora. "Who's texting you? Who's texting you?"

"No one!" Sora pushed with everything his thin, but out of shape body could muster. "Get off of me!"

And then the phone vibrated.

Axel, who now had possession of the $349.99 phone, flipped it open and read the text out loud: "Nope, on break. I hate working in the mall. What are you up to?" The redhead's face showed boredom with Riku's response. "Wow, that was riveting."

"Give Sora his phone back," Roxas rolled his eyes. All Roxas wanted to do was watch a movie, but that would never happen as long as Axel and Sora were in the same room. He knew this, and swiftly moved on.

"Hmmm, what could I say to spicen' up this conversation," an evil grin covered Axel's face.

"Please don't…" Sora's voice turned from panic to concern. "I just started talking to the guy. I don't want him to think I'm any more of a freak than I already am."

"Too late!" Just as Sora finished his statement, Axel his send. "Man, I love having an actual keyboard to text on. Makes the process so much faster."

Sora was usually a passive person. He would let people poke fun at him and not care, but not now. He leapt from his seat at the foot of the bed and dive tackled Axel from the bed to the floor. "GIVE ME MY PHONE!!" His small fists pounded on the taller man's chest, not hard enough to do damage, just hard enough to piss the redhead off.

Roxas stood from the bed and pushed Sora off of his boyfriend. He leaned down and planted a heavy kiss on Axel's lips. At first, Axel's eyes widened, but then submitted to Roxas' request. As quickly as the kiss started, it was ended when Roxas reached his hand to Sora's. "That is the only way I can ever get what I want from him."

"Thank you!" Sora quickly flipped the phone to see the damage Axel had caused. Riku had already responded. Sora cautiously opened the text and read it to himself.

"Hot Topic up at Chapel. I'll be here until 6. Why?"

'Shit…' Sora thought to himself. Quickly, he found his sent texts. Axel had said to Riku, "Really now…How long do you work at this job at this place which I don't know of…" It could have been worse. Axel could have told Riku that Sora desperately wanted in his pants, but still, Sora didn't want Riku to think he was some pervert who just wanted Riku.

"So, what did he say?" Axel had got off the floor and placed himself behind Sora, while Roxas decided to give up and leave the room for some refreshments.

"He told me when and where he works and asked why I needed to know. What do I say to that…" The brunet could see this mystery person gradually slipping from his realm of friends.

"That's easy," Axel eased off of Sora. "Just tell him you were going to the mall with some friends and were wondering if you were at the same one…and if you're not comfortable meeting him yet, say you're at Summit or Beldin or something."

"Right…" Sora said. He didn't know if he wanted to meet Riku. All he knew about the boy was that he was 18, liked video games and worked ay Hot Topic at Chapel Hill Mall. The again, so far, what he knew about the guy he liked. All the people who worked at Hot Topic always seemed cool and pretty outgoing. Sora had many of the same interests as them. It hit Sora that he could well have met Riku. The burnet was a frequent customer of the Chapel Hill Hot Topic. That realization made Sora think less that Riku was some creepy guy and more that he was an amazing human being who wore tight pants and even tighter shirts…

Once he decided on a response he typed, "I was at Beldin with some friends. Just wondering if you were at the same mall." Despite the fact that Riku could be amazing, he didn't want to rush. He had just started talking to the guy the day before, after all.

Axel read the text as Sora wrote it. "Psht, pansy," Axel leaned back on the bed. "So, when does Kairir get out of work? I want food."


"K. I have to go back to work now, though. Talk to you later?" Riku purposefully entered the question mark. He wanted to know if Sora actually wanted to speak to him, despite the fact the boy had just asked where he worked.

The whole situation was above Riku. A random kid from the same area code texts him and the next day he wants to meet? Sounded like something out of a slasher movie. Reason told Riku that Sora was probably just a bored teenager on winter break looking for something to do. He hoped that was the case.

"Yep. Have a good day," Sora responded.

The silveret tried very hard to not analyze every text he got from Sora. Especially this one that held such little to be untold. He sighed as he walked from the food court to his place of employment. If Sora had just gone to Chapel Hill instead of Beldin, he could have potentially met the boy and have had an actual conversation with him. Of course, Riku could just call Sora, but who called people these days?

The workday went by quickly. Riku truly enjoyed his minimum wage job. The people were amazing and the work was easy. If the store had paid him more, he probably would throw away his ambitions to be an artist and just work there his whole life. As the clock struck 6 p.m., Riku powered on his phone. 'One new text' flashed on his screen. He quickly opened the text and then sighed when he saw the recipient.

Sent from: Namine

Received on December 22, 2007 at 4:33 p.m.


"Want to go to a movie or something when you get out of work?"

Namine was Riku's rather persistent friend and recent ex girl friend. The two had tried dating despite Riku's confession that he probably was only interested in boys. The relationship lasted a few months until Namine wanted to take things to the next level and Riku didn't want to come within 10 yards of an undressed female.

His feet drug against the ground as he tire dot think of a polite way to say no to Namine. Riku didn't want to be around the girl. He knew she wasn't over him. As he opened the door to his car he finally came up with the perfect way to let Namine down.

"I can't. I have plans with this guy I met last night," Riku smiled at his minor white lie. In all actuality, Riku did tell Sora he would text him later. That would be quite hard to do in a movie. And who cares if they hadn't really met, but they had met in some form of the word.

On the ride home, Riku thought up a bunch of different things he could ask Sora. The kid seemed pretty cool the night before, but he hardly knew anything about the boy. Thoughts of meeting Sora crossed his mind as well. He figured one day in the near future it would be nice to meet Sora.

Once inside his home, Riku pulled out his phone, ignored Namine's response, and texted Sora. "I'm finally home. So, what's up?"

Sora felt his phone vibrate. He was a bit confused as to who was texting him considering Roxas, Axel and Kairi were all with him. His eyes lit up as he read over Riku's words. His thumbs quickly typed, "I'm at Denny's with my friends. We're going Christmas shopping. How was work?"

The brunet leaned back in the booth and stared at his phone. Unfortunately, Kairi noticed Sora eyeing the communication device. She reached across the booth and grabbed the phone. With an evil grin she said, "Nope, no talking to this mystery guy when you have real friends around."

"But Kairiii…He will think I hate him!" Sora fruitlessly reached for the phone and fell short. Kairi took the phone and shoved it down her shirt.

"No, he won't! We're only going to be out a few hours. He'll understand,' she smiled. "Besides, he's just some random boy."

Riku read Sora's response. He was glad the boy had texted him back quickly. All Riku wanted to do was sit around. Texting would make the time go by faster and make him feel like he was not alone. He quickly typed back. "It was work. How are you going to Christmas shop for your friends when they are with you?"

After the text sent, Riku made his way to his room. He tossed the phone on his bed and made his way to his dresser. He chose a pair of blue and green plaid pajama pants from the drawer. After stripping down into boxers, he pulled the pant over his pale legs.

He stood in front of the mirror and looked at his body. Riku didn't work out. He didn't eat correctly. He was sleep deprived and hardly ever went outside. Yet, as he looked at his own reflection in the mirror, his body looked otherwise. Riku wasn't thin, he was healthy, somehow. He shrugged at the sight of his abs and pulled a paint-splattered hoodie over his head.

Once he was dressed, Riku picked up his cell. He expected to see a new txt, but instead only saw the time a date on his screen. It had been about 10 minutes since he had sent the last text. Riku sighed and set the phone on the nightstand and picked up a paintbrush.

On the adjacent wall hung a 5x5 foot canvas. Riku had been working on the piece for the entirety of winter break. His hands worked their magic as they spread the paint over its surface. Every few strokes, the boy would check his phone. Minutes turned into an hour. Riku gave up on Sora and immersed himself in his painting.

It bothered Riku that it had been 67 minutes since he had sent the text to Sora, but that was life. He figured Sora had found something better to do than text a stranger. Riku was pretending to do the same as he dipped his brush into black acrylic.