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I am John Kramer.....

.......And I have a story to tell.

His name was Benjamin, a man who 'loved' children too much. He had to be punished. He had to be judged. I spent weeks perfecting his puzzle. It was perfect for him. A table with three large slits that ran down it. Below it was a series of buzz saw blades that would fit perfectly into the slits when the hydrolic system lowwered the table. Similar blades were above it and would sever his hands and feet, and release him to his freedom.

I turned away from my admiration and headed for the puzzle's victim, who was unconcious on a nearby bed. It would be his last moments of comfort. I leaned over and was about to ask one of my assistants for help lifting him, when I noticed something wrong. I checked his pulse. He was dead.

"Damn," I said in my breathe. He took another one from me. The fourth one in two weeks. I stood up and called my apprentaces in. They aided me in dragging him to an alley and leave him there. Once they find out that "HE" killed him, they won't dig any further, so I'm safe...for now.

All the way back, I couldn't help but to think about the person responsible. A man who can kill a person he never met before. He has killed only criminals or those suspected to be a criminal. And everyone believes he is God.

Once I returned I began to dig deeper into this self proclaimed God. I gathered all the data that was avaliable on him. I discerned that he lived in Japan, by the number of criminals who died around his area. The time of death for the victims were release for only a hand full, but I could tell the markings of a scheduale. I had the begining of a lead now I had to do something about it.

I could send Amanda or Mark. No, they're not experianced enough, besides it would be better to let them stay here. Make the FBI believe I was still in america until the time was right. I would go myself.

I prepared a false Identity and passport as well as bought a ticket to Japan. My apprentaces objected to the idea of me going. "He's too dangerous," they say, "You can't do it alone."

They are right about one thing I can't do it alone. I need help. With that I turned to Amanda and Mark and said, "Prepare the, Special case."

Johnny C. That's his name and all I know about him other than the fact that he had a pile of corpses in his basement. The fact that the authorities over looked a man like this is proof of the world's corruption, atleast in my eyes. For some reason he started a nomadic life style, not staying in one place too long, and avoiding populous cities. I believe he is running away from something, but from what I do not know.

I prepared for his transportation, unlike myself he will arrive on boat. I rigged an I.V. to deliver a series of tranquilizers into his system after a given time. It was a simple set up. A thick metal table with tanks of oxygen at it's base and introvenus bags hanging from nearby stands, the thing that surprised me most was the amount I had to use, three times that of a normal human. He was one tenacious mad man, just what I was looking for. I loaded him into a large shipping container as my students continued their protest.

I told them that my involvement was inevidable. That sooner or later the FBI would figure out who I was and that HE would get my name eventually. Mark tried to assure me that he would make sure the FBI would never find out who I was, but I knew that he could only protect me for so long. Amanda tried to tell me that they weren't ready to do this alone. Maybe she's right, but most likely she is just trying to fufill her own selfish needs.

I shoved them aside and made my way to the air port. I would arrive in about a day, Johnny will follow shortly after. Through my long flight I couldn't help but wonder about the man I'll be facing. The man they call Kira.

I arrived without notice and, to my surprise and amusement, found an old friend. L, a man I once played with, was on the kira case and had reached the same conclusion that I did...and proved it infront of most of the city. Of course, I did not appriciate the means of which he accomplished this. It seems that he still has not learned and that we would have to play again soon.

Author's note: This was placed on the back burner for WAY TOO LONG but I was working on other projects and I apologize. If the grammer and spelling is a little off then it was probably cause this was rushed, sorry about that too and promise to fix it when I can. This is a little shorter than I'd like it to be, but the next chapter will be longer.