Remnant of Dreams

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Chapter 13

Early morning in Edge was much like every other time of day in Edge. It was gray, and it was dull, and it was depressing. Coffee, started the night before, bubbled happily on the kitchen counter next to the bread box and the open cartons of milk and orange juice. Besides that and small munching sounds, everything in Seventh Heaven was relatively quiet. Tifa slowly opened her eyes to be met with a face full of arm, but slowly smiled and snuggled into it and deeper under the thick comforter. Cloud mumbled something in his sleep, his other arm pulling her closer to him subconsciously. The silence in the room was perfectly golden, and slowly the martial artist began falling back to sleep.

"Tiiiifaaaaa!" The brunette muttered something incoherent, using one hand to pull the blankets up over her head and pulled one pillow over to cover her ears. Cloud grumbled and pulled her tighter, nestling his head into her neck. "Tifa, Denzel took my Cap'n Cactuars!"

"No I didn't!" Came the reply, followed by more incoherent and slightly sugar-high screaming. Tifa grumbled and blew spiky blond hair out of her face, removing the pillow from her ears and putting a hand to Cloud's cheek. He mumbled something and snuggled closer to her, and she sighed in exasperation. After a while, the random and rather cute sleeping habits of the swordsman became less of a surprise and more of a nuisance for the martial artist that kind of, sort of, wanted to get out of bed without waking him up.

"Tiiiifaaaaa!" This time, two voices raised in unison as the early-rising perpetrators of a more-than-likely mess in the kitchen attempted to tell on the other.

"Ih'heyunhuhp'n g'haht'beh I'gn'acha hemt'her wi'hafihhihnsohd." Cloud muttered groggily, roughly translating to 'If they don't shut up and go back to bed, I'm chasing them there with a sword'.Hisbright mako-blue eyes were bleary and clouded with sleep, and he blinked them a few times to clear his vision. The swordsman rolled away from Tifa's side, putting a hand to his head and moaning. Tifa rolled onto her stomach, fully awake and rather annoyed. She brushed some hair out of her eyes, one of the straps of her nightgown falling from her shoulder.

"It's Saturday, let them do what they want." She said, blinking several times to clear what little sleep that was left from her eyes. Cloud sighed and then yawned, sitting up and itching at the small bit of stubble on his chin.

"Tifa!" The door was thrown open and Marlene rushed in, a wet orange stain coloring the shoulder of her white nightgown. She threw herself onto the bed and crawled across Cloud's legs, diving under the comforter and pulling a pillow over her head as Denzel ran in with juice dripping from his hair.

"... Let them do what they want?" Sarcasm almost seemed to drip from the blond's voice as the swordsman whose shins had just been kicked several times looked over the girl between them at the martial artist. Tifa sighed and threw her covers off, putting them back over Marlene and pulling her nightgown strap back up onto her shoulder.

"Denzel, go wash up." She said shortly, walking to the curtains and throwing them open. Cloud winced and shaded his eyes from the morning light, blinking several times to clear his vision of spots. The boy groaned mournfully, wiping orange juice out of his eyes, but complied and left the room. Marlene threw the pillow and comforter away from herself, scrambling away from the bed and over to Tifa.

"Tifa? Where's the bleach?" The young girl asked, pulling at the edge of the brunette's nightgown with one hand and picking at the orange stain on her own nightgown with the other. The bartender smiled, leaning down to the girl and putting a hand on the stain. Her fingers came away sticky, and she wiped them on her knee.

"It's in the third cabinet on the left, next to the washing machine. Read the directions carefully." Marlene nodded once cheerfully, smiling and giggling slightly before running for the door. "Don't let that stain set!" An affirmative answer was yelled back, followed by relative silence. Tifa turned to once again look out the window, starting suddenly after a few moments when the alarm clock on the bedside table began to beep.

"You're jumpy today." Cloud silenced it, climbing out of bed and walking to the closet. With a tug it was open, a pair of shoes falling from an overstuffed shelf and nearly hitting him on the foot. From the mass of crumpled clothing the blond drew a shirt and pair of pants, using a foot to kick his fallen shoes towards the bed for later wear.

"The WRO hasn't called back about Vincent yet. I'm just worried, is all." Tifa shook her head once and turned away from the window, walking towards the messy closet and shivering slightly as she left the throw carpet on her side of the bed and trekked onto cold wooden flooring.

"Vincent will be fine. If Hojo did anything just to spite him, it was to make him unkillable." The swordsman pulled on his shirt and zipped it up, reaching for his pants next. Tifa pulled open her side of the closet, exposing a neat collection of clothing all on their proper hangars or folded in her laundry basket.

"I suppose you're right." She said, pulling out a top and a pair of pants. "I just hope that everyone else is alright."

"My friend, do you fly away now? To a world that abhors you and I?" The viewscreen was an electric blue, white hair tinted the same color as the lights as the speaker leaned forward towards the screen.

"Loveless again? You're so predictable. Your brother will be angry that you've stolen his book again." Milorr's head was turned gently to one side, her voice soft and mothering. She had a loving smile on her face, and it would have been like a mother's proud smile besides the fact that it just looked so wrong on the Tsviet.

"You're not my mother. How does your mission fare?" The smile melted away to be replaced with a sneer, and the loving gaze the silver-haired woman had held was replaced by one of manic glee. Milorr turned towards the viewscreen, one sharp canine showing through her ghastly-looking smile.

"Rosso found my target. She's not as useless as she seemed to be." Weiss cocked an eyebrow, glowing eyes betraying incredulity.

"Are you after her?" He asked, and the Tsviet on the other end nodded. The transport she was in bounced to one side, and she pitched forward to smack her forehead on the viewscreen.

"Be careful, you blathering idiots! Don'T Make Me coMe up theRE!" The silver-haired woman screeched, holding one clawed hand to her forehead. "Yes, I'm after her. She's going to the WRO base in Edge. It shouldn't be too hard to take her somewhere secluded... And finish her."

"Remember your mission, and refrain from acting upon petty vendettas." Weiss frowned, watching as Milorr broughther hand down from her forehead and put on a somewhat-pitiable face. But then it was gone, replaced by a new manic grin that showed sharpened canines and perfectly straight teeth.

"Don't worry so much. I can keep my head." She began, her bangs swaying from side to side as the transport went over a bump. "And before you know it, Ariana the Drear's whelp will be dead."

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Anyone here heard 'Circle of Fire' by Tempo (128 bpm)? It's the one based on Axel from KH2. Well, the girl wrote and performed another one, called Black Ice. It's Zack's death in a song. Really sad, makes me wanna cry, yadda yadda yadda...