A/N: This story is dedicated and made for my friend Leanne, who I saw Sweeney Todd with today and she didn't like the ending. So I'm making a new one for her.

Disclaimer: I do not own Sweeney Todd. I do not own my friend Leanne either.

My Happy Ending

Sweeney Todd looked at the mad lunatic of a woman standing in front of him. She wore rags and tattered skirts, her bonnet on her head must have been yellow at one point, but was now covered with dirt.

She looked up at him through her stringy hair, remembering him as if through a fog, she smiled slightly, "Hey, don't I know you, mister?" She asked, remembering him when his hair did not contain that shocking streak of white.

He frowned at her, squinting slightly. Suddenly it rushed back to him. His mouth hung open a little, he reached out and took her bonnet off of her head, letting it fall to the floor. "Lucy…" he whispered, tears springing to his eyes.

She smiled at him, walking closer to him, "Do I know you?" she asked, placing her hands on his shoulders and looking into his dark eyes.

His one tear that was threatening to fall fell as he held her in his arms, having her rest her head on his chest, "Yes, Lucy. You know me. I've come home, finally. It's Benjamin. It's your husband."

She looked up at him and her smile grew as tears of her own fell, "Benjamin!" She squealed as she kissed him, and her sanity came back to her little by little.

Their kiss was interrupted by a small noise coming from the trunk. Sweeney looked at the trunk and went over to it, opening it and finding a frightened teenage boy staring up at him from under a wide brimmed hat. He pulled him out of the trunk roughly by the elbow and looked at him. "Come for a shave lad?"

Johanna looked at him from under her hat, "No sir." She answered, backing up and tripping on the uneven floor, her arm flinging upward and hitting her hat off, showing her long yellow hair falling to her back.

Lucy had caught Johanna from behind, and smiled at her, "Johanna!" She cried as she hugged her from behind. Johanna looked frightened at Sweeney, pleading with her eyes to get her away from the crazy woman who happened to know her name.

Instead of helping her, Sweeney hugged her properly, forming some weird Johanna sandwich with his wife and daughter. "Johanna, we know you. I know this is hard to take right now, but I'm your father and Lucy is your mother. You were taken from us by Judge Turpin when you were just an infant."

Johanna fell limp in their hug and thought a while, thinking back to the picture of young Lucy and possibly herself as a baby. It felt like they weren't lying to her. She knew from the start that Judge Turpin wasn't her real father. She looked at Sweeney and smiled slowly, "I believe you."

Sweeney smiled and took Lucy and Johanna by the arm, leading them out of the barber shop and into the streets of London. They would leave this place forever and start a new somewhere.

That's it.

There's you're happy ending, Leanne!