DISCLAIMER: Danny Phantom belongs to some famous guy...uh...Butch...something. This fanfic and Sylvester belong to me.

"Dan, what are you doing?"

The evil future-ghost frowned slightly and turned around to see Jazz standing in the kitchen doorway. He merely shrugged in response and went back to business.

Dan merely replied, "Givin' my kid a bath..."

"In a cooking pot?" Jazz frowned in concern.

Sylvester was, indeed, sitting in a cooking pot full of water. It wasn't boiling, but it was definitely warm. The infant didn't seem to notice as he babbled and splashed about.

"The sink was full..." Dan replied idly, "That, and last time his foot got caught in the drain."

The ghostly-father then resumed trying in vain to get his son to hold still while bathing him. Of course, Sylvester kept wiggling out of his father's grasp with ease...mostly due to the fact that he was covered from head to toe in soap.

"Ok," Jazz replied in a serious tone, "then explain WHY you have a whole bunch of chopped vegetables in the pot as well."

"I...uh...he..." Dan stuttered, "He wanted a snack while he bathed?"

His ex-sister sighed, "Dan, you have no self-control whatsoever. This is the fifth time this week you've tried to eat your own son. Don't you care at all about him?"

Dan frowned slightly and tried to keep himself from drooling. Jazz did have a point. Sylvester was his son.

"Look, you're a pretty good father otherwise..." the older-sister replied, "Except for that one time you tried to teach him to fly. Besides, you're on a diet, remember..."

He looked down at his rather large gut and frowned slightly, "It's the only place he'll sleep..."

Dan then sighed and lifted his child out of the pot and wrapped him in a towel. The infant instinctively clung tightly onto his father's shirt and nuzzled his chest. It wasn't long before the front of Dan's uniform became wet itself.

"ON your engorged belly." Jazz pointed out, "NOT in it."

"Fine..." Dan hissed, "Just use your stupid psychological crap on me to get me to stop trying to eat Sylvester. At this point, I'm desperate...or crazy enough to try anything..."

"Ok, just come visit me once a day for the next week." Jazz then muttered under her breath, "I'm not surprised about the crazy part..."


Sylvester merely squealed in delight. He wasn't sure what was going on. All he knew was that his father and his Aunt Jazz were in for a long week.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I hope y'all liked it. This WAS going to be a multi-chapter fic...but I'm currently too busy to be able to work on it anymore. If anyone would like to add onto this story, feel free to do so. In fact, I would greatly appreciate it and I would love to see what ideas y'all would have for this one little one-shot. Just remember that this was originally my idea and that Sylvester is my fancharacter. So, if you do plan on writing a story based up on this one, please give me credit for the idea (And Sylvester). Thank you.