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The downpour had just started. Rain was pouring all around the car, sending cascades of mud surging down the small hill. Sara watched as one river of mud tore through a small plant. The plant's leaves rushed along; trapped in the current.

Was it finally going to happen?

Sara closed her eyes. Water was starting to churn up under the car. She didn't move. All she could think about was how she had stood outside her parents' house in the rain, waiting for it to wash her away.

A small part of her was still waiting.


She hadn't meant to be five minutes early for shift. To her, that was coming in late. To Catherine, that was being on time. They had almost collided on their way into the locker room. Sara was glad that they hadn't then. Both of them had been carrying coffee.

In the race to get changed and out of the locker room, the coffee had been abandoned on one of the benches. Sara was pretty sure it was the one closest to the door. That was the one they knocked over.

They had collided on their way out. Thank God their coffee had been forgotten. Not that it would have really mattered. They had barely touched each other. The collision probably wouldn't have done anything.

On the other hand, what happened next definitely would have.

Sara remembered being pinned against her locker. That and the feel of Catherine's tongue against hers. Beyond that there had only been the pleasant, warm haze that Sara had long since associated with the older woman.

If they hadn't knocked over the bench… but they had. They had jolted apart and looked around nervously for a few minutes, waiting for someone to come and ask about the noise. No one came.

Sara had thought about acting on her feelings for Catherine several times before, always dismissing the idea. She had been afraid—no, terrified—of being rejected. But when she had finally dared to make eye contact with Catherine again, the blonde hadn't seemed so out of reach.

They were supposed to be eating breakfast together in a few hours. Their first date. Sara tried to imagine missing it. She couldn't.

The water was rising quickly. She didn't have a lot of time. Sara took a deep breath and gritted her teeth, preparing herself for the pain that would come with pulling her arm out from under the car.

She wasn't going to sit still and wait for her childish fantasy to come true. For months now, Catherine had replaced the water in her dreams.

Catherine was the only fantasy Sara wanted to hold on to.