Genre: humor/romance Rating: K+ ...thinking of changing the rating for later chapters... perhaps... depends on my mood... Summary: Inui is in the state of blue... well, kind of... and Tezuka probably in the same situation as him... the two of them accidentally met each other at the amusement park, and decided to keep each other company for a while... or not... Disclaimer: everybody knows that whether Inui or Tezuka is not mine...


Sadaharu Inui sat alone on the bench near the exit of a roller coaster ride. It's the middle of a long holiday yet the amusement park was unusually quite desolate today. Parents had already brought their kids to the amusement park at the beginning of holidays and now's the time for the lovers to enjoy the thrills. But Sadaharu Inui sat alone there, with a half full can of oolong tea in his hand. No data book today.

Inui gazed at the people around him, most of them are couples. He was supposed to be one of them. He was supposed to have that happy smile on his face, having joy with a certain green bandana boy. But destiny just don't go the way he planned.

He kept emptying his mind staring at the crowd until he catch a glimpse of someone familiar—a tall, glassed guy with a stern expression on his face—it's Tezuka buchou. What's he doing here?

Inui stretch his neck to look over the crowd, trying to see whose with his buchou. He didn't see anyone… oh, wait, he was watching someone… someone waltzed away from him, leaving the buchou froze on the spot. That someone was familiar too… that slender body and that smooth way of walk. It's the tensai, Fuji Syuusuke.

After about ten minutes freezing there, Tezuka finally moved his way towards particularly nowhere. Inui watches in amusement at how his buchou seemed to have no companion too, today. Oh, wait, that gloomy expression, and that unstable way of walking… the buchou's probably experience something worst than Inui himself today. And he's somehow made his way towards Inui.

"Tezuka", called Inui, out of a mere reflex when he seen Tezuka close enough to be able to hear his deep voice.

Tezuka kept walking as if he didn't hear Inui's calling. No, maybe he really DID not hear. The best way is to let the buchou walked away unaware of Inui. But the data tennis player was not in the mood of choosing the best way this time. He longed for a companion, any companion, so that he wouldn't have to be drawn in his dark thought. And Tezuka was alone, also with no companion. So why not enjoy the rides today with him?

"Buchou", Inui called again as Tezuka passed him. This time Tezuka stopped and turned his face towards Inui. And that's how the seemingly impossible couple start their story.


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