Title: Blame it on the Mistletoe
Author: A fan of Lady Calanor aka Mistress Vamp
Giftee: Calanor
Word Count: Approximately 13,000+
Rating: PG
Pairing: Severus/Harry (implications of Severus/OFC, Harry/OMC, Adrian/Hermione, Blaise/Draco, Remus/Ron, Sirius/Luna, Neville/Cho)
Warnings: (please continue to warn for DH spoilers) Non-magic, Implied M/M relations, AU, OOC-ness, Angst, Romance, Possible Book/Movie spoilers
Disclaimer: All original characters belong to the author. JK Rowling, and her associates strictly own all Harry Potter characters, places, and canon ideas. The lyrics, Blame it on the Mistletoe, belong to Toby Keith. No money is being made on this story. It is being done for the pure enjoyment to others and to myself. Copyright infringement not intended.
Summary: With the help of his son, Severus Snape finds out the real meaning of Christmas.
Authors Note: Calanor, I hope this is to your liking. It is my first journey into Non-magic fiction, so I hope you enjoy.
A Very Special Note to my Betas: Thank you to my wonderful betas for helping me through this: Jen, Shannon, and Joji. Without you, I doubt I would have made it through. With all my respect to you all, Mistress Vamp.


Prologue: Montgomery Lavaryous Snape

Montgomery Lavaryous Snape knew two things were sure in his life. The first one was that his father was not a happy man and the second was that Christmas in the Snape household was just another day that was to be ignored. He had learned this awful truth on the very night his mother had abandoned them when he was at the tender age of three.

His mother had loved this holiday, his father said. He knew this was true as he could almost remember the decorations throughout the house; the soft Christmas music, the ornaments, and the Christmas tree. But now, it was becoming a distant memory. Eight years had passed since he had last seen anything of the sort within their house. At times, if he concentrated hard enough, he could remember his mother during this holiday. As he got older, the memory of her face was remembered through pictures and her voice through the musical CDs she had made for him from her laptop.

On his sixth birthday, he remembered asking his father why his mother had left. The only answer he received was i 'I asked her to leave.' Montie, as his father had taken to calling him, had known this wasn't the truth. He had thought he knew the real reason she left three years before, but as the world knows, three-year-olds usually get it wrong.


"Severus, I can't keep doing this anymore."

"Can't do what anymore, Savanna?"

"I can't keep loving you, Severus. I can't keep pretending to be something you obviously don't want."

35-year-old Severus Snape looked at his wife of four years, his eyes showing the calmness that didn't exist in his mind and his heart. "You're leaving."

"Yes and I won't be coming back. Tell Montgomery that I lo..."

"You tell the boy yourself, Savanna. I will not lie to our son."

"He is solely your son now, Severus, as I wipe my hands of you and your name." Savanna Snape turned her back to her husband, took a deep breath, and then spoke in a soft, but shaky voice. "I loved you when no other would. I bore your son and I have tried to do what I could to please you." With a slight shake of her head, she turned back to Severus and looked at him in the eyes. "One day, my love, you shall be happy, but I regret that I am not that person. You know who it is you want, Severus. If you get the chance, take it."

Severus just looked at her, his posture and eyes unchanging.

Savanna lowered her eyes and nodded her head. "I bid thee goodnight, Severus. I will say goodnight to Montgomery and I shall be out by the next evening." Savanna gave a soft curtsy and as she walked out of the room, her husband of four years didn't try to hold her back.

By the next evening, Montgomery and Severus were alone.

End Flashback

It was on the eve of his eleventh Christmas that he finally understood the real reason his mother left and why his father did not enjoy the holiday known as Christmas.



"Yes, son?"

"I got a Christmas card yesterday."

"Who from?"

Eleven-year-old Montgomery Snape bit his bottom lip, contemplating whether or not he should say.

"Montie?" his father asked as he raised his eyes from his book that was in lap. "Who is the card from?"


At that point, Severus thought his heart stopped beating. "Really?" 'Nothing from her in eight years and suddenly, she sends a Christmas card? What are you up to, Savanna?'

"Yes and she asked me to tell you Merry Christmas."

"Did she indeed?"

Montie watched his father's reactions, curious to know if he could read his father's reaction the way his father could read his. Then on a whim of a subject change knowing his father wasn't comfortable talking about his mother, he dared to ask the one question that had always plagued his thoughts. "Why do you disregard Christmas, Father?"

"It was your grandmother's favorite holiday."

Montie blinked then tilted his head. "Gran Amberetta likes Easter, not Christmas."

Severus looked briefly at his son, before he continued reading the book on his lap. "Your Grandmother Eileen; not Amberetta."

Montie's only reaction to this statement was 'I have a Grandmother Eileen?'

End Flashback

Now, seven months later, Montie was determined to give his father the best Christmas ever. Montie knew he had less than five months to come up with the perfect gift, but in his mind, what do you get a man who claims he has everything?

End Prologue: Montgomery Lavaryous Snape