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Chapter 7

Olivia was in the living room the only light she had on was a dull lamp in the corner, she had the stereo on quietly in the background. Sarah McLachlan's 'Fear' was playing. She had Daniel in her arms and was gently swaying, trying to lull him off to sleep.

Elliot was stood in the doorway watching her, she looked up and spotted him, he had a huge smile on his face. "What?" She whispered not wanting to wake Daniel who had finally settled in her arms.

"I have had the best day. All the DNA tests came back and all but four of the babies are back home with their parents. The other four have all gone to great foster homes I made sure that they got the best and it turns out that their mothers were all single and were all killed during the deliveries, they matched their DNA. Social services think they'll get adopted pretty quickly."

Olivia nodded, loving that he was smiling so much. "How's Maureen?" She asked him, still whispering even though Daniel had began snoring lightly now.

"Kathy's helping her to sort part of her room into a nursery ready for the baby. She asked me to congratulate you on Daniel, well us."

Olivia nodded glad at the thought Kathy may be coming round to the idea of Elliot and Olivia. She knew it must have been hard for her, but it was her who had wanted to end it with Elliot in the first place.

Isabelle waddled into the room dragging her blanket and duck behind her. She walked up to Elliot and rested her head on his knee. She had been in their room and had been lying on their bed watching 'Finding Nemo' for the fifth time today. He bent down and picked her up and wrapped the small flannelette blanket around her and held her close.

She immediately began to drift off to sleep on his shoulder. There was a gentle knock on the door. Elliot walked over to it and Olivia promptly followed. He opened the door to find Mr Gallagher stood there, his arms supporting the harness on his front where his small baby lay asleep.

"Hi. I'm sorry it's late but I had to thank you Elliot. You've gave me my life back. I wish that Angie could be part of his life but I know that she can't but I need to thank you for giving me the opportunity to have my son and be able to tell him about his mother when he gets older, and by having him back I feel like I have her back." Mr Gallagher said.

Elliot looked at him, speechless. He was just doing his job but was so honoured to have someone thank him for it. "I'm just glad you got him back and you two can get on with your lives now." Elliot said, feeling slightly emotional.

"Well goodnight and thank you again." Mr Gallagher said.

"Don't be a stranger." Elliot told him.

"We won't. Oh and I hope you don't mind but I decided to call him Elliot after the hero that saved his life." He said stroking his sleeping sons head.

Elliot smiled and nodded. "It's an honour." He said. Olivia stood behind him and was struggling to keep in her own tears.

"Goodnight." Mr Gallagher said as he walked back towards the lift. Elliot watched him get into the lift then walked back into the living room, where Olivia was stood back by the window, swaying again as she held onto Daniel.

Elliot stopped and looked at her and admired her for a moment. He walked over to her and placed one arm around her shoulder and held her next to him. He kissed her head and stood with her, admiring his small but fulfilling family.

The End.

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