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This is something... different. I've been meaning to write this for some time now, but I never had the chance. Now, I just got the urge to do so, with Ronless finally finished. Just to warn, this is rated mature for a reason, with some graphic content and foul language. This also is completely independent, not tying in with anything else of mine, and will probably be 3-4 chapters (depending on how things go). Hope you enjoy!


Not Always a Happy Ending – Chapter 1

Kim Stoppable smiled as she drove down the road, windows open to enjoy the warm early summer day. Things were looking up for her today. She had received the order not to deploy her team, as local authorities already had the situation well in hand, and she was planning on enjoy some spontaneous recreational time with her husband.

Her job with Global Justice had been especially busy lately, with a number of villains making plays on world domination, but she enjoyed it just the same. Not as much as when it had been her and Ron out there, but after he had hurt his leg, he had been forced to quit. Kim had almost quit along with him, but he had convinced her to keep with it, since she loved it so much. Of course, there was also their daughter to think about. It was better all around that, if something did happen, at least one of little Michelle's parents were still there to take care of her. So Ron turned his attentions to owning and managing a restaurant, which did make him happy, and it allowed him time to be with Michelle without all the strange hours that hero work entailed. That was the one regret Kim had, was that her hours were so strange that she didn't have as much time as she would like with the both of them, especially as Michelle was close to turning seven.

Over ten years Ron and her had been together, and Kim couldn't be happier. It seemed like everything in her life was just as she wanted it.

Kim pulled into the parking lot of Ron's restaurant, feeling quite good and not a little frisky. She wondered if she and Ron could put that soundproofing to good use in Ron's office, it had been some time since Kim had had time off for a nooner.

The restaurant was busy as Kim walked through the doors, a small line still waiting to be seated. Kim smiled to the server, Kim thought her name was Janice, as she approached the entrance.

For her part, Janice's smile also got brighter. "Hey Mrs. Stoppable. Here for lunch or just to see your husband?"

"Probably a bit of both. Mr. Stoppable is in, isn't he?"

"I think he was in his office with a client or supplier or something, a Miss Rock... something or other. I don't think it was good news though, he didn't look too happy to see her."

"Well maybe I can cheer him up then." Kim flashed a smile at the younger woman and strode to the back. She waved to a few more staff on the way, as well as a few diners, and made her way into the kitchen. She paused to talk briefly with Henry as he bustled through the kitchen, trying to keep order in the chaos. Kim had been quite glad when Ron had hired him, as having the older man there to keep things in control allowed Ron more breathing room. He had been coming home far too haggard as the restaurant's popularity had climbed higher and higher. Since Henry had come on board though, Ron had more time to manage the restaurant's business and come up with new dishes. It had been a win all the way around.

Kim made her way to the office, tucked into the back. It was cut off from anything else, and Kim could already barely hear the sounds of the kitchen, even though it wasn't more then ten feet away around the corner. She tried the door experimentally, finding it locked, which wasn't too much of a surprise since Janice had said he was meeting with someone. Kim pulled out her key to the office, something Ron had made for her right from the beginning, hoping to surprise him and maybe help sooth things with whoever he was speaking with. Sometimes being a celebrity did have it's perks.

The sounds Kim heard when she opened the door though were not the sounds she would have expected from such a meeting. In fact, they tore out her heart.

"You love being a bitch, don't you? Coming to my work just so I can pound your slut pussy? You don't listen to a thing I say, do you? You just demand what you want."

"YES, YES, FUCK YOUR SLUT! UGGHHH... so good..."

Kim found herself unable to breath as she took in the sight before her. Ron, standing in just his shirt, his pants about his ankles, was pounding into the woman bent over the desk violently, his back to the door. And when the woman lifted her head, Janice's grasp of the name made Kim realize just where she had seen that brown head of hair before, though it had been years since she had last seen Bonnie Rockwaller with anything more than a passing glance. Ron had one hand gripping her hair, pulling her head back as his other one was smacking the brunette on the ass. Kim couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Ron drove particularly hard into Bonnie, causing the brunette to smack against the desk. "This is what you want, isn't it? ISN'T IT?"


Kim let out a little sound that was half gasp, half sob. While Ron hadn't heard the door, just the sound of Kim in what sounded like pain was enough to catch his attention. He spun, pulling free from the brunette's tight embrace, completely shocked to find his wife standing behind him, hand over her mouth, her eyes wide and filled with tears. "KP... it... it's not what it looks like."

Bonnie had been about to complain about Ron stopping, but as soon as she heard him, she spun around as well, frantically trying to cover herself while backing away. "Kim..."

Kim took in the sight of her husband pulling up his pants while trying to talk with her, though she wasn't hearing a word he was saying, and the look of panic and guilt written all over Bonnie's face, and she just snapped.

Kim's hand flew out before she had even realized what she was doing and slapped Ron across the face, sending him flying into the wall. When Ron looked up at her, rubbing his cheek where she had made contact, Kim finally found her voice. "YOU BASTARD!"


"DON'T YOU KP ME YOU... YOU... BASTARD! I JUST... I WANT..." Kim's hands were clenching as she imagined Ron's neck in her grasp. Even better, she pictured Bonnie there, gasping for breath, begging her to let her go. Kim quickly realized she was losing control of the situation and herself. She knew if she stayed there much longer, she was going to do something she was going to regret later. Maybe not five minutes later, maybe not even five months later, but she knew if she did anything now, she would regret it later. Grasping what little remained of her self-control and temper, Kim spun on her heels and slammed the door behind her , leaving the office and her husband behind her.

No one stopped her as she stalked out of the restaurant. Anyone looking at her could clearly see that anyone standing in her way wouldn't be for very long. Janice even flinched as Kim walked by, though Kim didn't even notice in the slightest. Her thoughts alternated between trying to regain control before she seriously hurt someone and got into trouble and imagining just how she would hurt Bonnie and her husband, picturing it all in graphic detail.

Kim didn't even realize that she had gotten into her car, nor did she notice Ron when he ran out the door, calling after her. All her attention was on getting away from there before she lost control. She narrowly avoided a couple of pedestrians as she pulled out of the parking lot, but she was aware enough to avoid them, even if it didn't slow her down. Then, open road before her, Kim drove.

She had no plan of where to go, no idea what she wanted to do or needed to do, she just had to drive, to get away from it all, if only for a little bit. Mized with the anger was the pain and the hurt, the feeling of betrayal as she saw all that she offered thrown in her face by the one person she thought would always be there for her, always have her back. She NEVER would have suspected Ron capable of this if she hadn't seen it with her own eyes.

Bonnie yes, and the skank was going to get hers as far as she was concerned. She knew the brunette bimbo had to be the one responsible, there's no way Ron would have gone to her. Bonnie must have done it somehow, somehow gotten Ron to do what she didn't think possible.

Of course, she hadn't thought Ron capable of it in the first place, so maybe she was wrong. Maybe Ron wasn't the man that she knew. Maybe... maybe he had this inside him all along and she had never seen it. Now that the door was open, Kim started looking for other things, other clues that Ron wasn't the man that she knew, the soulmate she had entrusted her entire being to.

But try as she might, there was nothing that Kim could come up with to explain this. Sure they had their fights, but this was not something she could have seen Ron doing, not until she had seen it like that.

Even briefly, Kim considered mind control. Maybe one of their enemies had done this to get at her, to hurt them, to tear them down. But the look on Ron's face as he looked at her, the guilt written all over, she knew there was no outside control. Ron himself had done this to her, to them, and Kim had no idea how she was going to deal with this.

Ron had seemed a bit distracted lately, but Kim had assumed it was the restaurant that was causing it. In fact, it had been a few months, though the distraction had seemed to let up lately. Now that she thought on it, it could very well have been guilt, guilt at what he was doing. If so, did that mean that the guilt was lessening, that it was getting easier and easier to cheat on her?

Kim didn't realize where she was going, but she instinctively knew where she had to go to feel better, or at least let out all this pain she was holding in. She had driven the route many times, though never as she was now. She didn't even notice the tears streaming down her face as she pulled into the hospital parking lot, grabbing the first spot there. She knew what she needed, and that was to be held and consoled. She needed her mommy.


Doctor Anne Possible was working on paperwork in her office when the door flew open. At first, she thought it was the nurse, Mr. Williams was in critical condition, and she was expecting to be called in if they needed assistance, but the sight that greeted her was worse than anything she had ever seen.

Kim stood in the doorway, eyes red and swollen. Her hair was a tangled mess, and she could clearly see the reflexive clenching of the hands. Anne rose quickly from where she was sitting and moved towards her daughter.

Kim met her halfway and clutched to her mother, sobbing loudly, almost hyperventilating at this point. "Mom... Ron... he... he..."

Anne could barely hear her, but she did make out the main words. "Ron? Is he all right? He's not hurt, is he?"

Anne could feel Kim shaking her head no against her shoulder. "Bonnie... office... he... she..."

Anne didn't know what to make of that combination of words, it didn't make much sense. Frankly, Anne was worried beyond belief. She had never seen Kim this bad, not even when Ron had been seriously hurt and Kim blamed herself. She looked up to see a couple of the nurses standing in the doorway, looking on with concern, and motioned for them to get her a tranquilizer. All the while she continued to stroke her daughter's hair, whispering soothing words to her.

The nurse returned quickly, administering the shot before Kim could object. The sedative worked quickly, though not as effectively as with most. Kim had become quite resistant to medications. But it was enough to settle her breathing into a more even and measured rate.

Anne waved the nurses away, as they closed the door behind them. Anne settled Kim into the chair in front of her desk, not losing her grip on her daughter. Though settled, Kim was still quite conscious. "Kimmie, you have to tell me, what happened with Ron? Is he all right?"

Kim's eyes were heavy, which wasn't surprising given the dosage. In fact, it was more surprising that she was responsive at all. Still, Kim managed to relate to her mother what she had seen before finally succumbing to the bliss of sleep.

Anne still didn't know what to think, even after hearing the whole story. All she knew was that she was angry, and she needed answers. She also needed to make sure that things would be dealt with with a minimum of violence, and that meant that she had to keep her husband in the dark, at least for now. If James knew what Ronald had done, seen how Kim looked right now, he'd probably hunt him down and kill him, and as tempting as that felt right now, Anne also knew it was her anger talking. Even before Ron and Kim had gotten married, he had been like a son to her, to both her and James, and she would give him the benefit of the doubt right now. At least, for now she would.

She called her husband at work while Kim dozed in the chair, asking him to pick up Michelle from school and to keep them both out till late. He knew something was up, but he trusted her. She hoped she could at least get some answers before she had to talk to James. He'd know soon enough what was going on, but it was better to give him all the information. He was normally quite meek, but when he thought something was threatening his family, he could become fierce. And as much as Ron was a son to them, Kim was his little girl, always would be, and he wouldn't hesitate to hurt Ron if he found out the young man was responsible for the state Kim was in.

She placed a few more calls, making sure that she and Kim wouldn't be disturbed, before finally paging one of the nurses. Christine came into the office, glancing with concern to Kim. "Christine, please call Dr. Guberman, let him know that he'll have to cover my emergency calls. I don't have anything scheduled today, but I can't leave them short handed. I've got a... family emergency to take care of."

"Of course Dr. Possible."

Anne considered getting a wheelchair for Kim to get her out of the hospital, but decided against it. Scooping Kim up, despite her advancing years, she held her daughter close as she carried her out to her vehicle. Kim felt so frail against her, no where close to the mature and brave woman that her daughter always seemed to be. Her thoughts as she left the hospital dealt with the fact that if Ron didn't have a damn good explanation for what he did, he wouldn't have to worry about what James was going to do to him. She would handle it herself.


Kim didn't want to wake up. Her dreams had been peaceful and happy, and she knew that if she woke up, she would have to confront reality once again. That wasn't something she wanted to do. Just yesterday should would have relished that reality. It was amazing how quickly things could change. But her body wouldn't let her slip back into that peaceful embrace.

Kim slowly opened her eyes, noting the bed she was in. It was familiar, though it had been many years since she had slept in it herself. It was her old bed, and Michelle usually stayed in it when she stayed overnight with her grandparents. As Kim lay there, she worked through her mind what she was feeling. There was numbness now, as if her feelings were deadened to the pain. It was actually quite welcome, much better than the grief. The anger still remained, though it was blunted, not as sharp as it once was just hours ago. It was still there all the same though, there was nothing that was going to take away that sense of betrayal.

Kim heard the phone ring downstairs, and she slid from the bed. She noted she had been dressed in a pair of pajamas, most likely a set of her mother's as she didn't recognize them. She moved quickly out the door to her old room and down the stairs, hearing the phone's ringing cut off halfway through the third ring. She made her way the kitchen, knowing her mom would be there, probably preparing her something to eat for when she woke up.

Kim wasn't sure why she treaded so softly as she made her way to the kitchen, probably some instinct, some idea that she knew who was calling. That idea was right.

"Ron Stoppable, I am disappointed in you, but I don't hate you. I hate what you did to Kim." Anne Possible had her back turned to the kitchen door as she listened to Ron's end of the conversation that Kim couldn't hear. "Ron... RON... I want you to listen to me..."

"Is that Ron?"

Kim's voice was cool and calm, but it startled the older woman as she was caught by surprise. "Yes, it is. I was just..."

"Let me talk to him." Anne was concerned by the calmness in Kim's voice where before she had been crying and yelling. Reluctantly though she handed over the phone to her daughter. Kim held the receiver in her hand for a moment, just looking at it before she brought it to her ear. "Hello Ron."

"KP, please, you have to give me a chance to explain."

"Explain what Ron, that you are sleeping with Bonnie. Or that you have shattered any trust I might have in you?"

"It's not what you think KP."

"So you haven't been sleeping with Bonnie for months?" There was silence at the other end of the line, and Kim knew that her assumption had been correct. "Or is it just months? Maybe you've been sleeping with HER the whole time we've been together."

"KP, I wouldn't... I never..."

"NEVER?" Kim's voice was climbing as her anger shot up a notch higher, her calm broken. "I never thought you would cheat on me, but I was wrong about that, wasn't I?"


"Don't you fucking KP me you lying bastard!" Kim's tone was harsh, full of all the venom she could muster, and she caught her mother wincing from the corner of her eye. She ignored it though. "You've been lying to me, cheating on me with that slut Bonnie, and you expect me to believe a single thing you have to say? I never want to see you ever again Ron Stoppable, we are through. DO YOU HEAR ME, WE ARE THROUGH!"


Kim could hear the despair in his voice, but that didn't stop her in the least. "And if I have anything to say about it, you are never going to have ANYTHING to do with MY daughter ever again. Do you hear me, you are dead to us! DEAD!" Kim slammed the phone down hard, cracking the receiver, but that just angered her further. With a yell, Kim yanked the phone hard, ripping the cord, and threw it to the ground. But even that wasn't enough. She began stomping on the pieces in her bare feet, crushing them even further as she yelled and screamed. She only stopped when she felt her mother wrapping her arms around her, and Kim fell back into her arms as the anger, momentarily burned out, gave way to grief, and she sobbed in her mother's arms again for the second time that day.


"Mom, I'm sorry about the phone."

Anne Possible sighed as she worked to finish the bandage on the right foot. "For the third time, it's fine. I wish you could have controlled your temper a little better but I understand." It had taken ten minutes to settle Kim down again, and then anouther twenty minutes to get all the plastic shards out of her daughter's feet, clean the wounds, and bind them. She had wanted to take Kim to the hospital, but her daughter had refused to go. Anne put the rest of the supplies back into the first aid kit, placing it back under the bathroom sink and double-checked the bandages. "Are you sure you don't..."

"I'm fine Mom, I just... I don't want to go to the hospital for this, not if I don't have to."

Anne groaned softly, shaking her head. "You are so stubborn. You're lucky you didn't do more damage then you did you know, at least the cuts weren't deep, but you are going to have to be off your feet for a couple of days. And if you get an infection, I am taking you to the hospital, I don't care what you say."


Anne looked at her daughter, who was looking down at her hands now, her fingers fidgeting over the wedding ring on her finger. Anne didn't want to bring this up, but she had to ask. "You asked Ron something, something about... months?"

Kim nodded glumly. "He's been acting strange for months, but I thought it was just the restaurant. But when I caught him, I started thinking... and then I asked him, he went quiet and..." Kim gripped the ring tightly for a moment and then looked up at her Mom, fresh tears threatening to spring forth. "Mom... could this be my fault?"

Anne Possible was, simply, shocked. "Why on earth would you think that?"

"It's just... I've been working so much lately and I haven't been home and there were some late nights... Ron wasn't too happy about some of them but he said he understood..."

Anne stroked her daughter's hair gently but firmly. "Never think that, even if that was the case. Ron made a choice. He could have spoken with you, but he didn't. He..." There was a knock at the front door, giving Anne pause.

Kim's head shot up as well. "If that's Ron, I don't want to talk to him. Not now, maybe not ever."

Anne breathed deeply, letting it out slowly. "I won't make you talk to him if it is him, but if it is, I want some answers as well. Is it all right if I talk to him, find out why he did this?" Kim felt torn as she closed her eyes, but slowly she nodded. Anne patted Kim's hands reassuringly before rising to her feet to get the door.

Kim heard the door open, half hoping it was Ron so she could get some answers, half hoping it was someone else. She wasn't sure which side she wanted to win.

"What are YOU doing here?"

Kim could hear the disgust in her mother's voice, and knew it wasn't Ron. As angry as her mother was with Ron, she would never speak to him that way. She wondered for a moment if maybe one of her villains had come to the house, but she couldn't even picture her mother speaking to any of them like that... well... maybe Dementor, he had been the one to hurt Ron. But he was safely locked away, had been for years. But if it wasn't one of those people, then that left only... Kim's eyes went wide, her anger flaring instantly. Ignoring her mother's advise, she rose to her feet and was hobbling out of the bathroom faster than most could do with two good feet. When she heard the response to her mother's question, Kim knew her guess had been right.

"Please, I just need to speak to Kim."

Kim rounded the corner, her hands already clenched into fists, ready for action. It was her standing in the doorway, looking haggard, but Kim never felt the urge to kill someone as much as she wanted to kill her now. "Bonnie. What the hell do you think you are doing here?"

Bonnie surprisingly didn't flinch at the tone, standing her ground. "Kim, I need to speak with you."

Kim's eyes narrowed, trying to fight the urge to just lash out at the brunette. "What gives you the idea that I would want to hear anything you have to say to me?"

Bonnie remained steady, matching Kim's gaze, though with no where near the fire that Kim's eyes held. "Because if you don't, Ron is as good as dead!"


Author's Notes – Not exactly the standard KP fanfic, now is it? Not too sure why I had to write this, but this has been screaming at me for months, and I just couldn't deny it any longer. But what could Bonnie have to say to Kim? And why the hell would Bonnie risk her very life to do it? And why is Ron as good as dead if Kim doesn't hear her out? Stay tuned folks, I finished this story before posting it, so it won't be long a wait.