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Not Always a Happy Ending – Chapter 4

Kim didn't know what to expect when she entered her own home. For the first time, she actually felt uneasy about it. Hearing about how Ron was was far different from actually seeing him, but she had to. Ron was the love of her life, and though she had forgotten that earlier, she had to let him know that he still was. But at the same time, it meant they would have to face many painful issues, many Kim hadn't even realized were a problem. It was confusing.

Tara was the first one Kim saw as she opened the front door, the blond whipping around the corner from the living room. Her expression was at first uncertain, but when Kim gave her an uncertain smile, Tara relaxed. "Kim, are you all right? I'm so sorry."

Tara enveloped Kim in a hug, for which Kim was thankful. "I'm all right now, for the most part. How's Ron? Bonnie said he hurt himself but…"

"He's fine Kim, he's fine, it's not that bad. I'm sorry Kim, if I had known… I didn't think even Bonnie would…"

"It's all right Tara, you couldn't have known. You don't have anything to be sorry about."

Tara just shook her head. "Still… anyways, is Bonnie… alive?"

Kim's expression darkened briefly at the mention of that name. "For now anyways."

"You at least hurt her, didn't you?"

Kim could hear the pain in Tara's voice, but could also hear the anger as well. It was obvious that Tara did indeed hope that Kim had hurt Bonnie. As Kim knew all too well from the day, it hurt so much inside when you wanted to see your best friend hurt. Considering how good-natured Tara was, it must hurt doubly so. "I hit her if that's what you mean."

Tara nodded, biting her bottom lip. "Good." The blond wrapped Kim in another hug before pulling away. "Take it easy on him, huh? We got him to tell us what happened, since Bonnie was in such a rush. He blames himself, but I think it's obvious that it's all Bonnie's fault. What did she tell you anyways?"

"The truth." Tara looked at Kim in surprise and it was almost enough to cause her to laugh, despite the subject. "She took all the blame and begged me to talk to Ron. It's probably the only reason she's walking right now."

"Huh…" Tara shook her head, not quite believing it. "Anyways, you came here to see Ron, so I'll grab Josh and we'll get out of here."

Tara clasped her friend once more. "Thanks for looking after him. I know it couldn't have been easy to drop everything and just…"

"Kim, don't worry about it, that's not as important as a friend in trouble."

Tara gave her a reassuring smile before heading back for the living room. Kim remained there for a moment, her mother behind her. Tara and Josh came out a moment later, and it was Josh's turn to give her a hug.

Kim thanked them both yet again as they left the house, and then Kim turned attentions to the living room. She glanced to her mother, who nodded in understanding as she stood waiting at the entrance. Finally, unable to put this off any longer, Kim walked into the living room.

Ron was on the couch where Josh and Tara had left him. His head was hanging down as he stared at the floor, while his shoulders were slumped. In short, Ron looked completely defeated. It was a sight that hurt Kim just to see.

Ron didn't even look up as she came into the room, standing right in front of him. She could see the bandage on his left arm, right over the wrist, tightly bound to keep the pressure on. Kim knew her mother was anxious to take a good look at that, but for the moment, Kim could only look at her husband.

The silence seemed to stretch on for what seemed like hours, though it was only seconds. Ron broke the stalemate first. "Kim…"

"I'm sorry Ron."

Ron's head shot up in shock and surprise, and Kim could see just how bloodshot his eyes were. "What?"

"Ron, I'm sorry for the things I said to you over the phone. I would never keep you from our daughter, no matter how angry I am with you. I know how much you love her. And I'm sorry I never gave you a chance to explain, to trust that there was some reason for what you were doing. And I'm sorry I didn't see how much trouble you were in and how much you've been hurting in the last six months. I'm sorry Ron."

Ron was shaking his head vigorously, as if to by doing so would deny the words. "No KP, it's all my fault. If I hadn't… hadn't…"

Kim knelt down in front of Ron, placing her hands in his lap. "Ron, it's not your fault, it's Bonnie's fault. You just got caught up in her sick games."

Ron couldn't meet her gaze as he continued looking down, shaking his head. "I'm so sorry Kim… so sorry…"

Kim brought her hand up to Ron's chin, forcing him to lift his face to meet her gaze. She could see the desperation there, the pain and the anguish, and it tore her up to see that in his eyes. Ron though, while seeing the hurt in Kim's eyes, could also see the love there that he had thought he had lost forever. I choked him up to see it.

Kim leaned forward, capturing his lips briefly before pulling away, looking deep into his eyes. "Ron, I love you, and nothing is going to change that." And with that, Ron threw his arms around his wife, sobbing openly as she held him, his body shaking harshly as all the grief and pain worked their way through his system. Kim did what she could to sooth him, never even noticing her own tears as they streamed down her cheeks.


Anne cleaned the cut out, wiping away the dried blood. It wasn't that bad, just a shallow cut, but it could have been much worse. Anne glanced up at her son-in-law and saw he couldn't look her in the eye. He just leaned back against Kim, who was holding him from behind, his eyes glued to the floor as she did her work. She had so much she wanted to say right now, but she needed to let her daughter handle things. It was something both of them needed.

Kim's eyes were filled with tears as she looked over Ron's shoulder to see what her mom was doing. She winced every time her mother traced the line of the cut to clean it, but Ron didn't flinch once, though the cut had to sting like hell. Only one thought kept going through her mind, and though she knew she didn't want to ask it, she had to. "Why Ron… why would you do something like this?"

While Ron didn't react to the treating, he flinched at Kim's words, so filled with pain. "I'm sorry KP. I just… I already thought I had lost you and then… then…"

Kim's voice was barely a whisper. "Then a told you I would never let you see Michelle again." Ron didn't say a thing, but Kim knew it to be true. "I'm sorry Ron, I never…"

"It's not your fault KP, I…"

"Yes it is Ron, if I hadn't…"

"But if I…"

"All done." Anne quick comment in the middle of their apologizing cut them both off sharply. "Ron, I want you to come by the house tomorrow, and we'll change this bandage, and that way I can make sure it's healing properly. I also think you should speak with a councilor."

Ron just shook his head quickly. "I won't try that again, I promise. I was just…"

"I know Ron, I know." Anne placed a hand on Ron's knee, trying to calm his agitation. "And I don't just mean a councilor just for this," indicating his wrist. "I mean a councilor for the both of you. Sometimes… couples need help, communication breaks down, and that's what happened here. I think that if the two of you could talk with someone, it would help."

Anne could see that they could understand what she was saying, but she could also see that they needed to talk first, and to do that, they needed to be alone. She finished packing up her things before smiling to the both of them. "Come over for lunch tomorrow, and we'll change that bandage. Your father and I will watch Michelle for the night."

Kim nodded, smiling faintly. "What about Dad, what are you going to tell him?"

"The truth." Anne could see Ron squirm a bit at the thought. "I'll tell him the whole truth. You don't need to worry Ron, he'll understand." Anne got to her feet, picking up her bag. "You two talk and then get some sleep. You've both had a very hard day." Anne leaned forward, planting kisses on first Kim's head and then Ron's. She smiled at them as they held each other. "I love you both, and we'll see you tomorrow." Anne cast one last look over them before she departed as well, hoping that things would be better in the morning.

Ron turned and squeezed Kim tighter against him, holding her close. "I'm sorry I'm putting us through this. I never wanted to hurt you."

"I know that Ron, I know." Kim nuzzled against him for a moment before looking into his eyes. "I am still mad though that you thought I would break up with you if you had told me what happened at the New Year's party." Kim paused to give the matter some thought. "Okay, so I WOULD have been angry, but not so much at you. Of course, if I had just said no to that mission, spent the whole night with you like I had originally planned, none of this would have happened in the first place."


"I know, I know, no blaming myself, and that goes doubly for you Ron." Kim kissed him on the cheek, pressing her head against his. "Ron, why didn't you ever tell me that it bothered you, not going on the missions with me?"

"How..." Ron was initially surprised by the question, looking with surprise at Kim, but he quickly lowered his eyes.

Kim wouldn't let him though, lifting his chin up so that he met her gaze again. "Ron, talk to me."

Ron closed his eyes briefly before reopening them. "I just... I always had your back and then my leg... I promised I'd always be there for you and I couldn't, not anymore, and..."

Kim kissed him softly, stroking his cheek. "Ron, you've always had my back. Even if you weren't there with me physically," Kim placed her hand over her heart, "you were always with me where it matters." Kim kissed him again tenderly. "Ron, I'm going to talk to Dr. Director about taking me off the active rotation for a while."

Ron looked startled. "KP, you don't have to. It's what you love to do, and I don't want you to throw that away because of me."

"Ron!" Kim brought a finger up to his lips. "I'm not doing this just for you. I'm doing it for Michelle as well, and... I'm doing it for me too."


"Ron..." Kim sighed, biting her bottom lip. "You've always had my back, supporting me, pushing me, but... I haven't had your back. I used to be able to just look at you and know how you were feeling, but for the last six months... I never knew what was happening to you and I should have. I should have seen what was going on. That's why I'm doing this. We need to get back what we had, and that won't happen if we don't make it happen."

Kim leaned in to kiss him again, but Ron pulled away. "Ron, what is it?"

Ron sniffled softly. "I... I don't deserve you."


"Kim... I... I enjoyed it." Ron turned away from her, unable to meet her eyes. "I know I shouldn't have, she was blackmailing me and forcing me but... I enjoyed it. How could I have enjoyed it when I knew it was going to hurt you?"

Kim didn't try to turn his head this time, but she did put her hand on his back. "Ron... do you want to have sex with Bonnie again?"

Ron answer was immediate and vehement. "NO!"

"Did you enjoy it with her more than me?"

Ron whirled to face her now. "Of course not Kim, I could never... not with her, not with anyone!"

"Then it doesn't matter Ron, I know you couldn't help it." Kim kissed him again now, softly. "Come on Ron, let's go to bed. We're both exhausted, and I really need you to hold me tonight."

Grasping his hand, Kim pulled Ron to his feet and then pulled him to the bedroom. Without even bothering to change, they got into bed, and Kim tucked her head against his shoulder. She could feel his breathing, still somewhat harsh, but calming as they held each other close. Kim felt her own eyes getting heavier as well, the days events wearing down on her, and she relished the contact with her husband. As Kim slipped into sleep, her thoughts focused on one thing. Kim didn't know what the future would hold for them, but she was determined that they would get through it together.



Kim glanced up at the sun as she drove, enjoying the warm weather. For a brief moment, she flashed back to that day that seemed oh so long ago, but she banished it from her mind. She still occasionally had trouble getting that image out of her mind, but it wasn't as painful as it used to be, when it haunted her dreams. She didn't blame Ron, but sometimes it bothered her, remembering him and Bonnie together. It had interfered for a little while when it came to the bedroom, but they had worked through it.

The councilor had been a big help in that regard. She had talked with them, both together and individually, and they had discovered minor issues that had cropped up between them that they were able to resolve before they became too much. Of course, the events involving Bonnie were the most prominent and the most painful. It had even led to some shouting between her and Ron during those meetings, but in the end, it worked out for the best.

Ron was more secure in both himself and their relationship. Kim never realized just how bad the incident with Dementor and his injury had been to him. It had actually been a shock to hear some of what Ron told her.

Kim too discovered things about herself that she never expected. She had let her work take up too much of her time, keeping her from staying close to her husband and their daughter. In just the first couple of weeks, Kim had discovered that even Michelle had been feeling a bit resentful of it, as Kim saw the attitude of Michelle change almost before her eyes as she spent more time with her daughter. That had scared her, as she realized she might have alienated her daughter for good if this hadn't happened to wake her up. Ron was there to reassure her though that, even if there was a bit of resentment, that Michelle would always have loved her, and that there was still plenty of time to make amends.

That's what the point of today was. While Kim still did field missions on occasion, she also kept more regular hours. In fact, as Kim spent more and more time in the office, Dr. Director began turning over more and more responsibility for the running of Global Justice over to her. Just today, she had been pulled into Dr. Director's office and told that she would be receiving a promotion, to Assistant Director. When Kim had called and told Ron, he told her they were going to celebrate.

And that's where Kim was heading now, as Ron was in the process of laying out a picnic in the park for the three of them. When Kim asked Dr. Director for the afternoon off and told her of Ron's plans, the older woman couldn't push Kim out the door fast enough. Kim pulled into the parking lot and grinned as she saw Ron and Michelle already on the small hill waiting for her.

Michelle saw her as well, and was on her feet and rushing across the grass in her haste. "Mommy! Mommy!"

Kim was out of the car just as Michelle reached her, and the little girl practically flew through the air as she launched herself at her mom. Kim scooped her out of the air and twirled her around, laughing all the while.

Michelle was laughing as well, and when Kim stopped, she was smiling brightly. "Again!"

Kim chuckled, hugging her daughter. "Not right now Honey, Daddy has lunch ready."

Michelle clutched to Kim as headed for the picnic. "I helped Mommy, I did. Daddy even said the fire I started was smaller than the last one you started."

Kim glanced over at Ron, who was coming to meet them, and by the look on his face, had heard the comment. "He did, did he?"

Ron just looked at his daughter. "Honey, what did I tell you?"

Michelle's face scrunched up as she thought about it. "Umm... don't be in the kitchen when Mommy's cooking?"

Ron looked sheepish as he rubbed the back of his neck. As Kim got close, she made sure to smack him, though only playfully. After that though, Kim gave him a kiss that he eagerly returned.

"EWWWWW..." Michelle squirmed in Kim's arms and with a laugh, Kim set her down. Free of her mother's grip, Michelle proceeded to dash back to the blanket and her cookies, trying to eat as many as she could before she was told to stop.

Kim chuckled as she and Ron sat down. "She definitely has your eating habits."

"And your skills in the kitchen."

Kim looked aghast and smacked him again, laughing. She fell against her husband, and the two of them just lay on the blanket, staring up at the sky.

Ron let out a sigh as he cuddled next to Kim, and Kim caught the tone instantly. "What's wrong Ron?"

"Nothing, it's just..."

Kim got up on one elbow to look down on her husband. "That day?"

Ron nodded slowly. "I know everything worked out in the end, but... it was still the worst day of my life. And now that it's been one full year..."

Kim lay her head on her husband's chest, looking up at him now. "Does it still bother you that much?"

"A bit, yeah." Ron kissed her hair then let out a sigh. "I just can't help it."

"I know. I feel the same way sometimes. The important thing to remember though is that I love you, you love me, and that's what matters. We got through it together, and we are stronger now."

Ron smiled and kissed his wife. "Have I told you today that I love you?"

Kim smiled right back. "Only three times so far, I think I could stand to hear it a bit more."

"I love you Kim Stoppable."

"I love you too Ron Stoppable."

"DADDY!" The wind was driven out of the tender moment, and Ron's lungs, as a small bundle of joy landed on his chest. "Daddy, push me on the swings? Pleeeease?"

Ron regained his breath quickly, giving Kim one last kiss. "Sure Honey, you go get on the swing, and I'll be right there."

With a happy grin, Michelle bolted for the swings, laughing the whole way, and Ron was right on her heels. Kim just sat back and watched as Ron pushed Michelle higher and higher on the swing. She could hear her daughter's laughter and Kim realized in that moment just how happy she was.

One year ago, it had been the worst day of their lives. Today, she was happy, even happier than she had been before the incident. It had been a wake up call, one that Kim still wished never happened, but one that they had needed, to make each of them realize what they had. As Kim watched her husband and daughter, Kim thought back on how close she came to losing all this. It wasn't easy, but united, they had come together, become stronger for it and, in a strange way, Bonnie was responsible for it. Not that Kim wouldn't beat the brunette into the ground if she ever saw her again, but Kim did wonder what would have happened if that day hadn't occurred. Would her and Ron's relationship have continued as it had, with Kim focusing more and more on work, and Ron becoming more and more convinced that it was wrong for him to hold her back? Would they have broken up, having taken their relationship for granted?

Kim didn't have the answers to that. All she knew was that she wasn't going to take her relationship for granted ever again. With a smile on her face, Kim pulled herself off the blanket and trotted down the hill to join her husband and her daughter, enjoying the beautiful early summer day.


Author's Notes – There will be a bonus chapter that I am working on now, since a few people requested info on what happens to Bonnie. I hadn't planned on going into that, but after the second request, I just couldn't help myself and started thinking about what could have happened. So stay tuned for that!