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Safety shattered.

Part 1

Sharp pressure in some his more sensitive circuits dragged Jazz out of his brief recharge. He didn't bother to on-line his optics or check his chronometer, his scanners told him that he hadn't been moved, his optics were pretty much useless without his visor anyway and he knew that his captors wouldn't have let him rest for more than a few breems.

Since his capture they had been merciless, he had been interrogated so many times that his processor had lost all track and after the better part of three cycles he knew that his systems couldn't take much more abuse.

The Decepticons had taken turns torturing him for information so as not to leave him any time to recuperate and even though he deactivated his pain receptors he was all too aware of how much damage had been done.

Half a cycle before he had managed to pull himself together for long enough to activate his bond and tell Prowl what had happened and now the sensation in his spark that was his only comfort was stronger which could only mean one thing. Prowl would be with him soon and then he would be safe again.

It had been ten cycles since he had last been with his lover and although he was still within the time he had estimated he would be away he had missed Prowl more than he knew how to say even before he had been made a prisoner.

"Hold on my Jazz. I'll be with you soon." Prowls soothing voice whispered inside his processor and seemed to chase away the fear that had taken up residence there.

"Hurry." He sent back urgently.

"We're inside the fortress." Prowl reassured him. "Only a couple more levels to go. Wheeljack's about to cut the power so be ready."

"Who else is with you?"

"Brawn and Huffer."

Jazz grinned.

"Why are you smiling?" The Decepticon who was with him asked sounding suddenly unnerved.

"Because you're about to get what's coming to you." Jazz snarled and right on cue the lights above them exploded and the restraints that held him guttered out. Jazz landed in a crouch before he sprang at the unfortunate mech. He didn't even think as he deactivated him, he didn't even feel angry and when Prowl burst into the room he was still standing over him.

"Jazz tell me you didn't…?" Prowl began forcefully but his determination failed him before he finished the question.

"I didn't." Jazz answered. "He's only off-line but he'll feel like slag when he's reactivated."

Prowl looked relieved. Of all the Autobots Jazz knew only Prowl had any real idea about what he had done in the name of the cause and what he was capable of and although he had never been judgemental about it Jazz knew that he didn't approve. "You should have left him to us. You're exhausted."

"Can we get out of here?" Jazz asked aloud as Huffer appeared behind Prowl.

"What happened to you're optics?" The minibot gasped in horror. "Did The Decepticons do that to you?"

"Not these ones." Jazz informed him. "My visor's on the bench behind you if you wouldn't mind."

"My optics aren't what they used to be but it looks like they might work better than yours." Huffer told him as he handed over the blue visor.

"I'm a little sensitive to bright light is all." Jazz said flippantly. "They look worse than they are." With his visor back in place Jazz could finally see rather than have to rely on his scanners and he smiled at the sight of Prowls face. "Good to see you love." He said fondly.

Prowl gave him a brief nod in return before he started issuing orders. "Huffer, Brawn, take point." He ordered. "I want as little trouble as possible. Jazz are you able?"

"For now." Jazz answered. In truth his energon levels were well below what they should have been, Prowl knew that already but he couldn't admit that to the others for the same reason he couldn't tell them that he was blind.

They only encountered two Decepticons on their way out and they made short work of them but the brief fight drained most of Jazz' remaining energy and he was leaning heavily on Prowl by the time they met up with Wheeljack.

"You look like slag." He observed as he pulled Jazz' free arm over his shoulder.

"Good to see you too." Jazz smiled.

"Save your energy Jazz." Prowl ordered. "We've got a long way to go before the shuttle can pick us up."

"How far?"

"A mega-mile or so to be safe. Can you transform?"

"For a while."

"Then let's go. The shuttles will cover us."

Jazz looked up as they left the base to see two shuttles circling the sky above them but the Decepticon defensive systems made it too dangerous for them to land. Summoning all the strength he had left he shifted into his alt-mode and the five of them sped off.

"This'll do it." Prowl told him a while later. "Ironhide's just told me that they've been delayed but they'll be with us soon enough."

Jazz forced himself back into his robotic form and staggered as soon as his feet touched the ground. Prowl catching him wasn't a surprise but the sudden flare of passion through the bond was unexpected. "Hush now my Jazz." His lover told him in a soft tone that seemed completely at odds with the commanding voice that came out of his vocaliser almost in the same moment. "Wheeljack, Brawn, Huffer set up a perimeter. I'm taking no chances."

He hauled Jazz into what was left of an old outpost which was really not much more than a few sheets of metal welded together but it was the best shelter he could see as Huffer started to protest that he was tired too but Prowl paid him no attention what so ever and left it to Wheeljack to send the minibots to their posts.

"I'm sorry Prowl." Jazz whispered as Prowl lowered him to the floor. "I messed up big this time."

"Don't be ridiculous." Prowl scolded him. "You did what you were ordered to do and more from what I've been told. I'm the one who let you go off alone and I shouldn't have."

"I'd only have left anyone you sent with me somewhere else." Jazz smiled.

"I know." Prowl confirmed. "Rest now my Jazz."

"Prowl." Jazz murmured. "I missed you."

"I know that too." Prowl whispered as he lay down beside him. "And I've got to tell you that these last couple of cycles I would have given anything to be with you."

"Anything?" Jazz teased running his fingers down a seam in Prowls armour.

"Everything." Prowl responded sincerely, his optics glowing with pleasure and pulling his lover closer to him.

"You know we shouldn't be doing this, right?" Jazz asked playfully tracing the line of Prowls hip.

"Don't care." Prowl moaned in his audio. "You are all I care about right now." As he spoke Jazz felt Prowls energy field intensify and reach for him, into him, flow across his circuits and cause wonderful sensations within his body. "I love you my Jazz."

Jazz let out a quiet whimper in reply and responded. He knew that his own field wasn't as strong as it usually was because of his exhaustion but they had discovered a long time ago that the energy they shared in moments like these was enough to sustain him for a while and he was determined to give pleasure as well as receive it. "Love you too Prowl.

Prowls gentle touches became more urgent and moved to the section of Jazz' casing that housed his spark causing Jazz to whimper in pure desire. "I need you Prowl."

It was at that moment and without any warning that the walls around them imploded and large, powerful arms encircled each of them and ripped them apart. "What the…?" Jazz barely had time to cry out before the hold on him tightened and the feeling of being crushed overpowered his vocaliser.

"This time." A harsh voice hissed in his audio. "There will be no chance for you to escape." Jazz froze. He had only heard that voice a few times but he knew who it belonged to and exactly how cruel the leader of the Decepticons could be. "No one will save you."

"Not like this." Prowls thoughts broke into his own and forced him to fight down the terror that gripped him. Prowl was a few feet infront of him, struggling valiantly against the mech Jazz knew to be called Soundwave but his efforts were getting him nowhere.

"Hold on Prowl. I got an idea." Slowly he inched his hand toward a small sidearm he kept hidden in a specially constructed cavity in his thigh, thanking Primus as he did so that the Decepticons had never bothered to search him properly and had just bound him up with no way to reach any weapon. "Do you trust me?" He asked over the bond.

"With all my spark." Prowl answered without thought.

"Good. Move your head down as far as you can." He ordered. For a moment he thought that Prowl was going to question him but after a moments hesitation he started wriggling and hunkered down as far as possible. "That's enough. Now for Primus' sake don't move." Jazz signalled once he was sure he could make the shot, his arm was still trapped as his side but he had always had a fair aim, he refused to think about what could happen if he missed, steeled himself and fired.

Soundwaves optics exploded as the laser hit him in the face, the big mech cried out in pain and released Prowl as his hands instinctively clutched his injuries.

Prowl leapt to his feet, unspaced his own gun and levelled it at a point above Jazz' shoulder. "Let him go or suffer the same fate Megatron." He barked and as he spoke a low hum of shuttle engines reached Jazz' audios. "Is that what I think it is?" Prowl asked him.

"The others are here." Jazz confirmed hoping that the threat of more adversaries would make Megatron retreat but unfortunately he seemed to have other ideas.

"Tell them to back off or this parasite will be terminated." He snarled at Prowl before he straightened up tearing Jazz through what remained of the wall as he did so.

Jazz just had time to see Wheeljack and the minibots had already been incapacitated before the grip on him tightened and he felt his armour begin to crack. He was out of energy and although he couldn't really feel the pain he was aware of it so he summoned up all he could stand and let out a deafening cry before blackness claimed him completely.

It was the distress that filtered through the bond that forced him to on-line again but even before he activated his optics he felt a pressure on his shoulder and heard Prowls voice say. "Don't move."

"What's happenin'?" Jazz asked trusting the urgency in Prowls command and not even daring to use his lip components.

"You're in a bad way Jazz. Just recharge and let Ratchet take care of you." Prowl answered aloud.

"Is everyone okay?"

"They will be soon enough. Now rest please."

"Tell me what I missed and I will."

"Megatron thought that he'd killed you and dropped you. The twins landed all over him and did him a fair bit of damage before he retreated." Prowl informed him flatly.

"And he came slagging close so if you don't off-line yourself right now I'll do it for you." Ratchet snapped.

"You thought he did too didn't you?"

"You were so weak. I could barely feel you." Prowl explained.

"I'm sorry I frightened you."

"It's alright and you're safe now so please…"

"He's not safe." Ratchet barked. "He needs to recharge and I'm gonna be fixing him for a long time yet so he'd better do as I tell him."

"Ratchet he's not recharging because he's scared." Prowl explained. "He needs to know that everyone's alright…"

"Do you have any idea how close he came to permanent deactivation?" Ratchet yelled.

"He can't be that bad. I'd know if he was in any real pain."

Ratchet growled. "The only reason you can't feel what's been done to him is because he deactivated the systems which is just about the stupidest thing anyone can do. D'you want to know how much pain he should be in?" Ratchets quick hands were too fast for Prowl or Jazz to stop him and a moment later agony lanced through every circuit he had. The last thing Jazz heard before it forced him into stasis was Prowls scream.

His next return to consciousness was slower, his scanners told him that he was in the med-bay and that there was only one other mech present although he could barely see the outline of the medic because his visor was missing. "Ratchet." He called and he was surprised by how weak his voice sounded.

"Right here Jazz. Take it easy." The medic told him as he moved to his side. "And don't waste your energy trying to move because you can't."

"I'd noticed."

"Sorry about that but I've put too much work into you over the last three cycles to have you mess it up."

"Three cycles? Prowl must be going out of his processor."

"He's certainly nearly driven me out of mine." Ratchet growled but there wasn't much malice in his tone. "Prowl has been a friend of mine for a very long time and that is the only reason I haven't kicked his aft yet." He continued with just a hint of a threat.

"What happened to your jaw?"

"How did you see that without your visor?"

"I know what you look like through my scanners well enough to know when something is different." Jazz explained.

Ratchet rubbed the dent in his faceplate. "Your lover hit me after you blacked out. Activating your pain responses was almost as idiotic as you turning them off in the first place and I'm sorry about that but I don't understand why you did it, you're not some new recruit with something to prove, from what I know you're one of the best Special Ops agents on the planet and everyone else must know at least that."

"Have you ever been in love Ratchet?" Jazz asked suddenly.

The C.M.O. glared at him. "That is none of your business." He informed him sternly.

"I'm gonna take that as a yes." Jazz grinned disarmingly. "And I won't ask you anymore questions but it means that you'll understand what I did better. I've ended up in Decepticon hands six times over the vorns, I know exactly how ruthless they can be when it comes to their prisoners but Prowl doesn't and it stays that way. When I left to save the twins I blocked off the bond so that Prowl couldn't follow me so I didn't have to worry the other five times but this time I had to keep it open so that he could use it to find me."

"You were protecting him?" Ratchet whispered.

"And I'd do the same again." Jazz confirmed. "Listen Prowl's on his way down so can we leave it there?"

"You could talk to him about it." Ratchet suggested.

Jazz tried to shake his head before he remembered that he couldn't. "He'd treat me differently even if he didn't mean to and I couldn't stand that. Please don't say anything to him." He pleaded.

"Part of being a medic is keeping the secrets." Ratchet said softly.

"Thank you. Can I have my visor back please?"

The medic handed it to him and Jazz' attention moved to the med-bay door just before Prowl walked through it. He hesitated at the sight of Ratchet and waited for him to nod before he came any further.

"I'll be in my office." Ratchet excused himself and he left.

"How do you feel?" Prowl asked his lover as he reached out and took his hand.

"I'd be better if I could move but Ratchet won't let me. I'm fine, you?"

"Much improved by hearing your voice, Ratchet said that you might not be able to talk because of the strain you put on your vocaliser when you screamed."

"You should know by now that I'll take more than that to shut me up." Jazz grinned.

Another two cycles later Jazz left Ratchets care and the med-bay and followed his bond to find his lover sat at the desk in his quarters. "You busy?" He asked leaning casually against the doorpost.

"Ratchet told me that you'd be getting out today. There's nothing here that can't wait for a cycle. Except me." Prowl answered as he stood up from his desk and crossed the room to embrace his lover. "C'mon in."

Jazz moved a little further in to the room and with the hand that wasn't already running down Prowls back he locked the door. "You know we're acting like a couple of over charged younglings don't you?" he asked with a chuckle as Prowl pulled him towards the berth.

"Does it matter? We've spent long enough living through this war to know that we have to take our pleasures when we can." Prowl replied fiercely and his energy field reached out for Jazz, his lover responded in the same way and moaned contentedly as he felt the sensations of what he and his lover were doing to each other echo and redouble through the bond.

Prowls deft fingers worked their way across his body finding each and every sensitive circuit as they went, the seam on his hip that always caused his back to arch into his lover, the tender point on the back of his neck that made him shiver and nuzzle Prowls faceplate in a silent plea for more and many more that had been discovered in all their vorns together.

Jazz in turn listened to Prowls soft whimpers as they became so wrapped up in each other that it became difficult to tell where one of them ended and the other began and was treasuring every moment of it until Prowls hand traced the almost invisible line between the plates on his chest that could be opened to reveal his spark at which point he froze.

"What's wrong?" Prowl asked softly moving his hand away.

"I'm sorry." Jazz whispered. "It's nothing, just me being silly."

Prowl smiled and continued coaxing his lover into relaxing but Jazz was finding it difficult to give his bonded his full attention and after struggling with himself for a breem or so he let out a frustrated hiss and pulled away to stand up so quickly that Prowl gave a startled yelp before he recovered himself. "Jazz." He said soothingly. "Talk to me?"

"I'm sorry." Jazz repeated. "I can't let my guards down because of what happened last time." His body shook slightly at the confession. "If I'd had my scanners up when we were attacked I could have warned everybody and no one would have been hurt."

"Jazz this is Autobot Headquarters the safest place in Iacon, not a ruin in Decepticon territory. Red Alert has more scanners and sensors running than even you could manage. We're safe here."

"Are you sure? Half the mechs on this base don't even know we're together let alone bonded so how do we know we can trust them? They may not treat us as badly as the Decepticons would but I doubt many of them would approve if they found out that two of their commanders are lovers."

"We agreed that it would be for the best if they didn't know but if you're having second thoughts we can tell them." Prowl soothed.

Jazz shook his head. "It was just an example. What we have is ours and nothing to do with anyone else."

"Do you trust me?" Prowl asked suddenly.

"Yes." Jazz nodded instantly.

"Then believe me when I tell you that nothing here will hurt either of us." Prowl instructed.

All the tension drained out of Jazz as he listened to Prowl speak and realised that he was right. A slow grin spread across his lip components and Prowl smiled back. His bond-mate knew that particular grin well although it was probably the rarest expression that Jazz used. Prowl doubted that anyone else had ever seen that look, it was the look of a preditor and he was the prey.

Jazz' body moved with all the grace of a hunter as he took the few steps back to the berth. "Tell me you love me." He demanded pushing Prowl backwards and down.

"I love you." Prowl responded. "With all my spark I love you."

Jazz straddled him and ran his fingers down Prowls spark casing.

"Mine?" He asked firmly.

"Without question and always yours." Prowl answered weakly and he shuddered as Jazz energy field pushed into his body and laced itself around his spark.

"I need you." Jazz growled releasing the catch that held the compartment closed at the same time he opened his own.

"You have me." Prowl whimpered. "And I wouldn't have it any other way."