Of Your Grace

Shame on you
For leaving me in this world.

Shame on you further
For leaving me and still letting me taste you
On the sea breeze.
Your flavor is pungent in my winds,
Heavy on my tongue,
Sweet against my lips.

You temptress.
I'm longing for you,
Yet you're in a world separate from mine.
My winds can't reach you.
My arms barely skim against your surface.

Yet you still enchant me
With the song of your violin that
Beckons me to draw closer to your seas.
I'm crawling on the beaches of my desires,
On the beaches of your flesh,
And I fear that the impressions I left on your sands
That hold your water in my palms
Are not enough to satisfy me.

I'm yearning to be pulled into your tide
To become one with the ocean,
One with you,
Inside of you,
A part of you.
So deeply yearning.

If I drowned in your waters,
I would be immortal.

I ask of you thus…

Submerge me in the waves of your embrace,
Let me lose myself in your blue cascades.
I want to dive deeper along your back,
Along your stomach,
Along your legs.

Only you can stop the gales of my fervor
That form the rifts upon the earth
Because only you
Can fulfill my passion.
Only you
Can ever be my passion.

Immerse me in all of you.
Drag me under you.
Inundate me.

And paint me.
Paint me as I explore your depths,
Your every crevice,
Every inch of your body.
Paint me because I know that you're watching
As I delight in the way you squirm
When I drive my hands, fingers, and lips
Into your seas.

I want to remain prisoner of
Your ocean realm
Until the only air I breathe
Is the effervescence of your gasps
That rouse when
I lick your waters.

But when I rise back into the skies
And leave behind
My mists of longing,
I will still stir your strong currents and
Drive your pulsating waves.

Your seas will never be calm.

And you will need me
As I will always need
To be one with the oceans
Of Your Grace.



Disclaimer: Sailor Moon and all its characters belong to the lovely Naoko Takeuchi (not an online user named .mangoseed, obviously).

Author's Note: If you enjoyed this, be sure to check out its companion piece, "Of Your Elegance". Thanks for reading!