The Air Surfer

There was a Lemming named Falcon Horus,
who, not only looked nothing like a Falcon.
Was also not a Horus

This little line
wont ryme
don't blame me if you lost your nickels and dimes

Anyhow as our story goes
Falcon Horus was not like those
that liked to listen to the courser
instead she went off
found a friend
a door, and some wind

Now we all know when Falcon is around
in fact we don't make a sound
just listen
and learn dear reader you might get a splash
when Falcon Horus lands in the water
unless the shields are up and running
which sometimes they are not

Don't blame me if your clothing rots

Falcon is a sweet little Lemming
Kate took her in
Falcon is still keeping her thin
the 'swatter though
well lets just say it is not in the bin...

The Courser knows not what Falcon Horus does
If it did it'd lose anyhow so what if this line does not ryme with the last...
at least she never is lastout of the Daedalus, or the Apllo
both ships it may seem she likes
and beats everyone to the ground without dice

Jumbo PowerBars are what this Lemming likes
Get suger rush some will,
but don't blame me if these kill your brother Bill

Why I am doing this nobody knows
Falcon though have a PowerBar
maybe a hose for some water to wash it down with
or maybe a phone to call the Pizza Place
to have a phone would mean thumbs

I think Mike has a few extra you can borrow,
he wont notice until tomrrow.

and So our poem (yeah right)
must come to a end
but then if it didn't it'd make no sense
even when ment to be totally pointless and funny
No I can't take hats out of a bunny

and so I leave you dear readers in confusion
like normal so what else is new?
a suit? a house? Maybe a few rounds
on the main deck, to place the bets

Where Is Falcon Gonna Land Next??

The end