Chapter Fourteen – The Last Act

"Morning sunshine."

Dean rolled over and scrubbed at the sleep in his eyes. The sun cascading through the window indicated he'd slept in way too late, long past the time his body would normally wake him. The TV on the dresser was playing low in the background and Sam was sitting on Dad's bed watching, turning to observe his brother now that he was back amongst the living. At least if feels like the land of the living… almost.

He eased up into a sitting position, is body feeling better, but still achy and tired. Man, I've faced down poltergeists and werewolves that left me in better shape. Maybe I shoulda laid off the beer last night, too much celebrating too soon. His bleary eyes finally found the clock on the nightstand between the beds, 8:45. Damn! Sam was smiling at him, smug and superior, typical Sammy. Groaning, he offered a morning greeting and was answered with the expected response.


"Jerk." Sammy let the word drawl out, twice as long as it actually was, a huge grin on his face.

Nodding toward the clock/radio Dean muttered, "That thing right? Why didn't someone wake me?"

"Dad said you needed your beauty rest."

"You can't get any prettier than me. It's outlawed… the girls couldn't take it. They'd spontaneously combust or somethin'."

"Yeah, right. So is the princess ready to get her butt outta bed?"

"You're the princess… I'm the handsome prince." Scratching at his head, further mussing his already spiky do, he glanced about the room. "Where's Dad?"


"Out where?"

"Dunno. You know Dad, need-to-know crap."

Dean nodded. "Whatcha watching?" His curiosity was piqued by the high-pitched squealing noise coming from the set. He disentangled his legs from the sheets and rolled out of the bed, sitting on the edge leaning into the aisle where he could get a clear view of the screen. "What the hell are you watching, Sammy?" His eyebrows quirked up in confusion with a mix of humor; his eyes disbelieving at the clear blue expanse on the screen and the obnoxious dolphin bobbing up out of the water, acting like freakin' Lassie with an urgent come-hither look.

Sam shifted nervously, offering up a small shrug in explanation. "Not much on."

"Yeah, so? What exactly are you frying your brain with?"

"It's Flipper, alright?"Sam snapped.

"Flipper? You're watching a fish?"

"A dolphin. It's a mammal, more like us than a fish."

"More like you maybe."

"Witty as usual, Dean."

Dean smiled then as he realized what little brother was seeing in this fish story… Oh, yeah, Sammy is definitely growin' up!

"Who's that?"

Sam quirked his brows and his bottom lip quivered, ever so slightly, but big brother could read him, knew him like all those books Sammy insisted on reading. You can run, but you can't hide, little bro.


"Her… the girl in the water… y'know, big ol' eyes, shiny bright smile, smooth olive skin. Kinda cute.., for a kid."

"Oh, her? She's alright."

"So, who is she? Little Sammy got a crush?" Dean curved his lips up into a lascivious smirk. "Y'know, a few more years and I might even… "

"No! God, Dean, give it a rest. Not everyone is as horny as you."

"Oh, really?" Dean offered a knowing smile, making his brother squirm just from the way he was looking at him. Once he had Sammy totally ill at ease and self-conscious he continued, "So.., tell… " When Sam hesitated, Dean rose from the bed and wandered over to the laptop open on the table by the window and hit the history button, immediately pulling up the head shot of the girl in question. Oh, Sammy… you are so very predictable!

Shaking his head, his eyes fell upon his brother, sad and troubled. "This is serious, Sammy."

Sam tried to ignore him, knowing Dean was only trying to rile him, trying to start up the friction and teasing and soon, they'd be sparring and back to the same old, same old. Sam certainly didn't want to be responsible for any possible relapse his brother might suffer; maybe their previous wrestling had already triggered a setback, after all, Dean never slept in this late. Maybe it would be wise to just take it easy and relax for a change. Yeah, right! Like Dean would ever lay off?

"Sammy, you know what this means?"

Sam gave up. Dean wouldn't stop, wouldn't give in… just like the Terminator… He just keeps coming and coming, no remorse, no pity, only total annihilation or worse.

"No, Dean. What's it mean?" he huffed. As if I care…

Dean smiled, his smug grin bringing back the joy the sluggish morning had robbed him of, again appearing steady and sure, confident and ready to torment his brother at full strength. "This girl. You know who she is, right?"

"Yeah, kinda obvious since I looked her up. Jessica Alba."

"Only partly true. She's Jessica Marie Alba." Dean quirked his brows and his dimples were pits above his cocky smirk. "Three names, bro. Means trouble, like an omen… a prophecy. Trouble, bro. Mark my words."

Sam rolled his eyes. "What the heck you talkin' about now, Dean?"

"I'm telling ya, dude. I've got the experience to know. Trust me. Three names means trouble. Any chick with three names is more trouble than she's worth."

"You mean like Sarah Jessica Parker or Sarah Michelle Geller, I suppose?"

"Yeah, the first one's definitely a Hollywood princess. Not saying I wouldn't do her if the chance came up, but she'd definitely be the needy type… superficial, y'know? Expensive clothes, fancy cars, jewelry. A girl like that could never appreciate the simple pleasures in life." Dean smiled and licked his lips. "Or the fine qualities of my Chevy. And the other.., whoever that is, same thing."

"You don't even know who she is and you know all about her?"

"I told ya, dude. Three names… " Dean waggled his brows and smirked, that obnoxious, smug smirk that drove all the girls wild and made his brother throw up his arms in exasperation. "All ya gotta know," he proclaimed.

Sam shook his head in wonder. The truth was this might be Dean being unbelievably stupid, which he could certainly be on occasion; or he could be purposely yanking his chain, seeing just how far he could go before his brother figured out he was simply messing with him. You just never knew with Dean. Sometimes I wonder if Dean knows. Sam grunted out a response, "Unbelievable."

Dean smiled cocky and bold. "True." He then raised his eyebrows in a quizzical manner, leaning in towards his brother and finally questioning, "So? Who is she? This Sarah Michelle… "


"Yeah, never heard of her." Dean twisted his mouth into a comical sneer while his eyes danced playfully as he casually shrugged. "But I'm sure she's trouble."

Sam wondered why he was even engaging in this conversation, but it was almost like he couldn't stop himself, like a car wreck at the side of the road drawing your attention. It was human curiosity and sick fascination to see just how far Dean would take this. He offered up more ammunition as soon as he spoke, "She was on All My Children."

Dean would have repeated his spit-take from the theater if he'd only had a drink to spew over the floor. His eyes flashed in shock, pure and simple. "Isn't that a SOAP? Since when do you watch soaps? You've lost it, dude!"

"Well, she used to be on a soap. Now she's on a new show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

"My god, you are a freak! How do you know this stuff?"

Sam rolled his shoulders and glared at his brother, his bottom lip sticking out in a petulant pout, his tone definitely defensive. "I saw a promo and it looked kinda cool. I don't know, it could be interesting."

"Yeah, right… a girl fighting pretend vampires? Good choice there, Sammy."

"She looked pretty awesome in the fight scenes," he countered.

"First off, Sammy, there's no such thing as vampires, or did you forget that little factoid? Remember? Dad told us, they were stamped out years ago. Finito, gone… no need for a vampire slayer then, is there? Not to mention, she's a girl!"

"What? It all comes down to sex?"

Dean arched his brows and smirked, his eyes gleaming at just the mention of sex.

God! What a one-track mind! "Dean, can you focus? I'm not talking sex… I'm talking female, the fact that she's female."

"Oh, so she's female. Good to know." Dean offered up a comical half-laugh, taking great delight in twisting everything his brother said into amusement for himself. When it appeared Sam wasn't going to share in the joke he turned somewhat serious. "It's not the sex… it's the skills, Sammy. You said she was on a soap, right?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Well, that's the problem. Bet she's all cute and perky, right? I bet she does that doe-eyed, emo-acting thing they all do? Y'know, stare at the camera and look scared, or sad, or horny, or whatever-the-hell else."

"I dunno."

"Well, I do." Dean's tone was firm, resolute, no room for doubt.

"So it's soap actors you're prejudiced against?" Sam quizzed.

"Prejudiced? Me? NO WAY. They're just… "


"They're soap actors, Sammy… " Dean paused and offered a look that simply stated ain't-that-reason-enough? before he continued, spelling it out for his clueless brother. "Any actor who does a soap is just an over-emoting drama queen. They'll never be convincing fighting evil. I mean, c'mon, Sammy! No soap actor is ever gonna be an action hero, period! They just don't have it in 'em."

"I don't know… maybe with some training or… "

"What? A stunt double? Geez, if they can't act the part then they got no right trying to be an action hero. End of story." Dean gazed at his brother and smiled, his brother was so naïve, so innocent about the ways of the world. It always fell upon him to point out these truths, the reality of the world. "The fact is you'd never see Mel or Bruce working on a soap. Those guys on soaps are just for show… pretty boys with nothin' under the hood."


John came back a few hours after Dean stirred, no explanation of where he'd been, but then no one expected it. Dean was on the phone with Shelly and he seemed to be making progress, hoping to move fast before his dad decided to leave town. He hung up shortly after Dad walked into the room.

Sam looked up at his brother. "So, how's the beauty queen?"

"Still a little shaky. I think she just needs some tender care and she'll be good as new," Dean replied with his trademark smirk, his eyes again bright and clear, sparkling with anticipation. "Maybe by tomorrow, if we're still in town." He cast a hopeful look toward his dad but was met with silence, John either didn't understand the unspoken question or was too preoccupied to get that his son was looking for a response.

Sam spoke then without really thinking, "I'm sure her grams was extra careful with her… not like… " Sam stopped and wanted to kick himself… again.

Dean quirked his brows. "Not like Jackson?"

"Dean, I didn't… "

"Chill out, dude." Dean paused to observe his brother. The kid was still all twisted and anguished, all tortured and pathetic, typical emo-Sammy. He really needed to toughen up if he was gonna survive this hunting life, but it was sweet… nice to think he was so worried about his big brother. It was something Dean wasn't used to, having someone so concerned over him and his feelings. It was strange, but kinda nice… in a strange way. God, between Dad's apology and Sammy walking on eggshells this was turning into one bizarre job filled with more chick-flick moments then he was prepared for. Quickly defusing the schmaltz factor he grinned at his brother. "I survived, bro. Nothin' I couldn't handle. I'm just glad you stopped him before… well, y'know… "

Now it was Sam's turn to quirk his brows, looking at his brother with complete innocence and bewilderment. "Before what?"

John was suddenly mindful of his sons' conversation, looking on intently, watching and waiting, and wondering what Dean meant, hoping to gain a little insight into his boy.

Dean rolled his eyes as if it was obvious. "Before he got it on with Rosanna."

Sam shook his head slightly, just a subtle double-take. "But Dean, you've been waiting for your chance with Shelly. Isn't that what you want?"

"Hell, no, Sammy. This is my body and I don't loan it out to anyone."

Sam smiled in understanding at the comment, but came right back with a retort, "Whoopi let Swayze use her body."

"Yeah, but at least she agreed for Swayze to use her bod. You hear me give my permission? And then that freak was gonna keep it. Eighty-five years! You KNOW what that pervert would have been using my body for, don't you?"

"Dean, come on… a little action and that's what you're complaining about?"

"A little action? Are you nuts? If this body is going to be put into action, I'm gonna be in control. I'm not just goin' along for the ride, comprende? I say who touches the equipment!"


The Winchesters' family outing had all the makings of a great success until they encountered the enemy. Not a fierce beast or creature of the night, no evil presence or dark entity; nope, this foe was simply a pretty girl. A girl who only had eyes for Dean and when all was said and done, it appeared it was reciprocal. No one expected her to be in the movie lobby as they prepared to engage in their rare family experience, least of all Dean, but when opportunity knocks a Winchester always answers the call to duty. This was almost like a gift from the gods. If Dean believed in such things, he would have called it kismet.

Across a crowded lobby John got his first look at the girl that would torpedo his best chance at redeeming himself and being a good dad, and he certainly understood the attraction.

This girl was smiling at Dean like he was a movie star or maybe a rock musician god, her ample breasts literally heaving with desire as she licked her lips savoring every last one of his handsome features. She too was stunning, a few years older than him, smooth ivory skin with wide lustful eyes drinking in the essence of Dean's trim, muscular physique. She was lithe and sultry like a cat stalking her prey, only Dean hardly seemed poised to run. No, my son seems quite willing to succumb to her advances. She was confident in her manner and sure of who and what she wanted and, from the looks of things, she wanted him. She seemed totally ready to forget the possession and get it on with his older son. She definitely looked experienced and willing.

Simply gazing upon this young stud's gorgeous face seemed to be all the foreplay she needed. She was definitely ripe for the taking and Dean had experienced a slight dry spell before they took on this haunting. A steady stream of evil nasties had resulted in a forced exile since the job always took precedence over personal desires, and with this last job finished up Dean appeared ready to jump back in the saddle and enjoy some downtime. His absence from the scene must have seemed like an eternity for a young man in his prime, so it seemed a foregone conclusion how the evening was going to end.

The Winchesters held their tickets in their hands, their family outing hanging in the balance as Dean considered his options. Sam looked resigned to the inevitable and John was already mentally making arrangements to get back to their motel when Dean took off with the car.

Shelly smiled for the hundredth time and touched his arm and Dean felt the electricity shoot through his body and nestle in that warm place. He smiled in turn, the wattage turned up to high. She leaned in and whispered in his ear, and his eyes registered even more pleasure, his face lighting up with delight as a sly, wicked grin crossed his lips.

John could hardly begrudge Dean a little payola considering the job he just finished. As John had previously noted, they received so little reward for all their sacrifices and Dean had definitely sacrificed on this gig. Sacrificed big time!

"Dad, I think I'm gonna pass on the movie." Dean turned his gaze towards his kid brother. "Sammy, sorry, man." Dean looked genuinely sad to be cutting out on this family time, but he suddenly had other more pressing plans. Still, he seemed to be gauging his brother's reaction, ready to turn on a dime and stay if it was deemed necessary.

While the last thing Sam wanted was to be left all alone with Dad, he also realized his big brother needed this, and as much as he wanted to have Dean there with him, he reluctantly understood. "Rain check. And next time I get to pick the movie… and of course, you're paying." Sam smiled, releasing his brother for the night and allowing him to have fun for once without guilt.

Dean expelled a noticeable sigh of relief and slapped his hand across his brother's chest laughing. "You got it, bro."

John smiled as he watched his boys being brothers, the close brothers they always seemed to come back to. Oh, the pranks and teasing could get to be too much on occasion, but when it came right down to it, either one of his sons would march into hell for the other. John credited Dean for their closeness. I certainly can't take credit for it, unless you consider dragging them around the country and keeping them from any outside close relationships plays a role. Yeah, I suppose it does factor in, but it's always been Dean who's looked after Sammy. Seen to it that he's taken care of, protected. I never even had to tell him, he just always took it upon himself. He just always knew. This life… damn it all, but it does bring some benefits.

John shook off his feelings of failing his sons and instead focused on his pride. He may have given them the training; but they both took it to the next level, they did the job. Now it was time for Dean's reward. "Dean, you taking the car?" John inquired, not sure if this girl had a vehicle they would be using or if the Impala would be the scene of the crime.

Dean turned to his companion and whispered in her ear. They talked low and giggled as the conversation soon turned to gropes and quick kisses. She was so primed and ready to roll that for a moment it appeared they wouldn't even make it out of the lobby before they spontaneously combusted. Dean felt all eyes upon him and slowly pulled himself away, reaching into his pocket and tossing the keys to his dad with a cocky smirk.

With the curse of this job behind him and a beautiful woman beckoning, Dean settled back into his familiar comfort zone, all his former playfulness and cockiness returning as he instructed his dad, "Just be careful with her."

John grinned and responded with a smirk of his own. "You best be careful with her."

She wrapped her arm around Dean's waist before dipping her hand lower into his back pocket caressing his ass. He in turn placed his hand gently on the rise of her hip as they walked through the lobby, their bodies almost joined at the hip as they leaned against each other gently swaying with a smooth, slow, dance-like rhythm. John shrugged and slapped his hand on his younger son's back guiding him toward their theater.

"Looks like it's just you and me, Sammy."

The theater was almost empty since their movie had been in release for some time and they were still fairly early so they got the prime seats, just behind the center aisle where they could prop their feet against the guard rail. They settled in and started watching the advertisements that flashed on the big screen.

John felt at odds, not quite sure what to say or do. He finally came to the realization that he was officially off duty and he could stand down and enjoy what was left of this family outing. He was glad that although he had lost Dean to the charms of an alluring woman, he still had his younger son here beside him and they were actually doing a regular family thing for a change. It was too bad about Dean…. not that he was getting some action, no, John thought that was probably just what his son needed…. No, it was just too bad this whole family outing had been precipitated by Dean and now he was the one missing out. Yeah, you wanna rethink that, John? I doubt that he'd consider he's missing out!

John nervously looked at his younger son and decided to make the best of their time together. It was rare for him and Sammy to be alone, Dean always seemed to be on hand in case their grating personalities created a friction that needed to be diffused; Dean always the buffer, the peacekeeper of the Winchesters, most especially since Sam had moved into those awkward teenage years. A man shouldn't be afraid to be alone with his own son, especially a man like John Winchester who faced down evil on a daily basis.

Damn, I never feel this way with Dean. Dean doesn't push my buttons like Sam does, pushing and prodding and challenging every goddamn thing I say. You can do this; he is your son. Just talk to him.

"Sammy, so when's the last time you saw a movie in a theater?"

Sam was surprised by the casual comment, but he looked at his dad, saw that he was actually listening for an answer, and smiled; maybe this whole father/son thing wasn't going to turn out too awfully bad. After all, Dad seemed to be trying, even though Sam knew he was out of his element. Give him a shotgun full of rock salt or a gallon of gas and a match and John was right at home, put him in a movie theater with his teenage son and he looked like he was standing on the deck of a sinking ship. Strange world we live in. Like I'm always saying, why can't we just be normal?

"Gosh, I think maybe when I was ten Dean took me to see The Fugitive."

"Really? Who's in that again?"

Sam smiled, thinking to himself how odd it was to even be having this conversation with his dad; a normal, run-of-the-mill conversation between a father and son and he had Dean to thank for it. I'll have to remember to do that… Sam grinned that completely innocent, childlike grin of his that almost perverted into a Dean smirk… that is if I can get past riding him about his date.

"Umm, it was Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones."

"Yeah, right. I never knew you boys saw that."

"Well, you were on a hunt. Dean figured out how to sneak in the theater… " As soon as he said it he knew it was a mistake. Dad never approved of them standing out, putting themselves at risk of detection. Breaking into a movie theater to catch a movie wasn't exactly necessary for a job, which made it a totally unacceptable risk. Damn, see how he suckers you in? Trying to act all normal and then you go and get Dean in trouble. You're such an idiot!

John's eyebrows arched as he contemplated this revealing information. He saw the terror on Sam's face as soon as he spoke, and he regretted his son feared him, maybe even hated him on occasion, but he could live with it, if it keeps my sons safe. This was water under the bridge. They hadn't gotten caught, there had been no dire repercussions, and his sons had actually from the sound of things had themselves a normal, fun time. They may not have many family bonding moments, but at least his sons still bonded in their own way, connecting and holding firm as brothers. The drill sergeant that normally ran their family was on leave tonight; Dad, the cool, understanding father had taken over his duties and he could look the other way this one time.

"So, how'd he do it? Pick the lock on the alley door?"

Sam looked up startled, responding before he could further examine the course of the conversation, "How'd you know?"

"That's how I always did it…, when I was Dean's age." And John smiled, his eyes and dimples shining with joy from this moment, relishing the shocked expression on his younger son's face turn to sheer delight as he joined in the frivolity.

Sheer wonderment elevated Sam's voice, "You used to break into movie theaters?"

"On occasion."

"Wow!" Was all Sam could think of to say. Wait 'til Dean hears about this!

"So was it good? The movie?"

"Yeah, we liked it so much we actually stayed and watched it twice."

John again smiled, relieved Dean was there to show his brother a good time, glad Sammy and he had some good memories to hold on to. Rare, but precious.

The lights dimmed and the previews of coming attractions lit up the screen. Sam had a hold of the big bucket of popcorn and John reached over and grabbed a handful of kernels. They both settled down into their seats, their feet comfortably propped on the metal guard rail in front of them.

Just as the movie started the guard rail jostled and a tall, lean figure hopped over it and landed with a thud in the seat next to Sam, immediately throwing his feet back on the second bar of the railing to join the other two sets of feet propped there. Sam startled as a hand reached into the bucket and grabbed some popcorn.

"What the hell? Dean?" Sammy yelled.

"Shhhh. Movie's starting." Dean leaned back in his seat, his eyes fixed on the screen. "I don't wanna miss the opening." He then insistently whispered, "Later, dude."

"But Dean?"

"Shhhh. Later."

Sam and John both stared at the dim outline of Dean, his features obscured by the darkened theater. From his demeanor and body language he seemed to be relaxed and totally into watching the movie.

What the hell happened to the hot chick?

Sam pushed all his concerns for his brother and what may or may not have happened with the girl to the back of his mind as he settled in to enjoy their family time. After all, who knows when this will ever happen again?

The three of them had never before sat through an entire movie together. Dean and Sammy had on several occasions, usually on the small TV screens of the crappy motels they stayed in, and Dad sometimes joined them for short intervals, if some action or story grabbed his attention momentarily before he again shifted all focus back to the job and his research. It was shocking, but strangely comforting, to realize they all laughed at the same time and fell silent in awe at the same moment. The movie was a fascinating mix of sci-fi and drama with everyone in the audience thinking it was pure fiction, not for one minute believing that someone could actually take on another person's face and voice.

Yeah, right, hello… shapeshifter! Of course, Travolta, or I guess Cage at that point, didn't know about the silver bullets, but then again this wasn't actually a shapeshifter so any old bullet would do, but then again a jet engine is definitely way cooler!


Dean was smiling as the credits rolled, savoring the experience of a true action flick on the big screen, but more importantly enjoying the chance to spend quality downtime with his family. As the lights came up he felt the steady presence of two sets of eyes upon him and knew the inevitable questions were coming. He patiently waited. He was enjoying watching their minds trying to figure it out, delighting in seeing his little brother use his brain for something other than school for a change.

Sam was the one who couldn't wait any longer and just blurted out the first of many questions.

"Dean, what happened?"

"Huh?" Dean turned up his eyebrows in that comical, quizzical look he had perfected at the age of nine. His eyes so sincere and wide-open, like he had no idea what the question had actually been, much less the urgent meaning behind it.

"What happened to Barbie, the beauty queen?"

Dean waited, savoring the suspense. His comic timing was near perfection. Bada Bing! "Well…, nothing happened…, obviously."

"You let her get away?" Sam asked in shock.

"She ain't a fish, dude."

"But… why?"

"Just wanted to spend some quality time with my family. What's wrong with that?" Dean earnestly answered.

John had been patiently waiting and listening to the conversation, this last part pushing him toward action. "I know you'd pick a hot chick over me any day of the week and twice on Sunday," John interjected, studying his son's face for insight. "Now, for your brother you might give up a little action, if say… he was dying or something."

A shocked look of dismay crossed Dean's face as his lips took on a sneer and his eyes appeared hooded behind a thin veil of grief. "Dad, I'm offended."

"Oh, really?"

"Yeah, really… to think you think so little of me."

John grinned at Dean's game, letting it all play out just like his son intended. "Dean, you're eighteen and well, let's just say, all cylinders are firing and you want me to believe you gave up a ride in an eight cylinder muscle car for a date with your kid brother and old man? How gullible do you think I am?"

Dean tried to rely on his familiar smirk again before it faltered and he reluctantly fessed up the truth, the horrible, bitter reality of his sure thing. He hung his head in shame, his eyes downcast, unwilling to make contact. "You're not gonna believe me if I tell you," he solemnly moaned.

Simultaneously they both responded, "What?"

Dean kept his eyes lowered, seemingly unable to look them straight in the eye and reveal his humiliation and immense pain. "Oh, she was a sure thing, just not a quick thing." His eyes slowly rose to meet his family's gaze and he looked like a kid who'd lost his puppy.

"Huh?" they both echoed.

"She kinda wanted to see a movie first to, y' know, get in the mood."

Sam gasped, "Dean, she sure looked in the mood to me."

"Well, Sammy, about women… " Dean quirked his eyebrows and shot a glance at his dad, before offering a slight gasp of his mouth as he leaned in and wrapped his arm around his brother's shoulders in a tight grip, "you've got a lot to learn, bro."

John smiled a knowing smile. "Let me guess what movie she wanted to see."

Dean released his brother and his hand stretched out like a cop directing traffic as he motioned for his dad to halt, "Dad…, don't even think it… and I swear if you say it, I'm breaking out the shotgun."

Sam suddenly got the gist of it, his high-wattage brain finally registering the terrible truth of Dean's date.

John studied his son and finally spoke, "But Dean, I thought we had that little discussion that sometimes you have to watch something you don't want to watch in order to get what you want?"

"Believe me, Dad; what she was offering doesn't come close to being worth that price. I'm never watching that movie again… ever!"

Who'da thought? My son actually does have the capacity to use his upstairs brain and just say no. I'd better note this in the journal.

John tossed the keys to the Impala to his son. "Well, I guess you're driving then."

Dean snatched the keys in midair, but immediately tossed them back to his dad. "Whoa!" He offered up his most deviant smirk as he licked his lips. "Guess again."

"I thought you said…?"

"I said she wanted to watch the movie, never said we weren't gonna hook up after." Dean's eyes were shining with anticipation, his boisterous grin consuming his face. "She says the movie gets her all hot and bothered." He winked at his brother as his thoughts went back to Rosanna's diaries and the wild escapades depicted there. "Sammy, I guess I'm gonna find out how much of that runs in the family." He shook out his shoulders and arched his eyebrows over twinkling eyes. "It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to take care of her." Dean glanced at his watch, his smirk deadly, "Forty-five minutes 'til lift off."

As John and Sam walked out of the theater, John grumbled to himself, "I never got out of watching the chick-flick movie and I even married the girl!"

Damn, if my son isn't velvety smooth.

The End

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