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Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore had all summoned students from sixth year and up to the Great Hall at 10 p.m. They had sat them all down at their house tables before handing out this particular life changing mail. Everyone got one, all addressed individually, although the content was all the same.


Dear Ms. Granger,

The marriage law states that all witches and wizards from ages 16-30 are required to find a suitable marriage partner from amongst a selection of men or woman which the Ministry of Magic deemed appropriate for him or her to marry based on blood and magic tests.

The Marriage law also necessitates every witch and wizard to get married within 6 months since the passing of the law, and encourage every witch and wizard couple to be expecting within 2 years.

The Ministry of Magic hopes that this law will enable the wizarding population to grow. The wizarding community has experienced major losses due to the war and is alarmed to find that the wizarding population has grown exceedingly thin over the last few years.

Witches and wizards, although once plentiful, have now become rare. Stillborns and squibs have become far more regular in the wizarding community then before.

The Ministry of Magic knows that magic is often passed on through generations bound by blood, although acknowledges the muggle born exceptions, the Ministry is therefore confident that with magical blood testing every witch and wizard can find a partner with whom they'd have a healthy and magically adequate child.

Within a week you will receive a list of men who match your magical blood type. We however do require your blood for testing, if you could please prick your finger with the needle enclosed in this envelope and return it to the Ministry of Magic with the owl form which you received this letter, we would highly appreciate this.

People who refuse the law will be punished.

Sincerely yours

Cornelius Fudge


Professor Dumbledore watched the faces of his students as they read the letter; some let it drop to the floor, others read it another couple of times and others sat there wordless.

Slowly they registered what was happening, murmuring and chattering broke out. It was anxious murmuring; there was no underline laughter or hooting which was so common in this hall when so many teenagers were gathered.

Professor Dumbledore exchanged a worried glance with Professor McGonagall, before lifting his wand to his jaw. When he spoke his voice boomed out over the noise.

"Attention students. I know this is all very hard to process, but please will you all proceed to do as the letter instructs." He said, his voice steady but his insides stormy with emotions (no, not with gas).

Hermione got up from her bench and hastily walked towards them. "You can't be serious!" she said in a hushed voice to the two teachers.

Both Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall looked at her gravely, "We're afraid we are." McGonagall said softly, she reached forward to pat Hermione's shoulder but Hermione slapped the hand away.

Everyone gasped. Hermione looked up to Dumbledore's eyes, noting that they weren't twinkling anymore, "You can't make us do this. It's a violation of our human rights!" she said loudly this time, so everyone could hear.

"Yeah!" somebody agreed wither. Hermione looked round and saw it was Justin Finch Fletchly. Harry and Ron watched this, and then stood up as well, "We agree," they piped in. Ginny jumped up as well, "Yeah, me too!"

Soon the rest of the hall, on the exception of the slytherins stood up. Hermione turned back to face the teachers, a self satisfied on her face.

Dumbledore ignored her, "LISTEN TO ME." His voice boomed. Everybody instantly sat down again. "You have no choice." Dumbledore said simply, "I have no choice." He said softly.

Dumbledore then hesitated, "You have some kind of choice however. You will get a list of people that you're allowed to marry. You can choose who, if that person agrees."

"But that's not good enough." Hermione interjected rudely, "We should be told who we are allowed to marry!"

Dumbledore looked at her gently, "No," it was a whisper but everybody heard it. "You shouldn't. But it's that or death. So please,"

Dumbledore almost looked pleadingly at Hermione, something which shook her to her very core. She turned round and went back to her seat, and her letter.

Everybody's eyes followed her. Hermione picked up the envelope and shook it until a needle fell out. She picked it up tentatively as all eyes observed her every motion. With a sigh she pricked the tip of her ring finger. The second the needle came in contact with her blood it glowed white, when she drew it out it stopped. McGonagall had come to stand behind her, "Put it back into the envelope with your name." she said softly. Hermione did so and then coldly handed it to McGonagall.

Harry followed her, and soon everybody else was doing it. Hermione sat numbly in her chair until Dumbledore excused them. Harry tapped her shoulder lightly, "Hermione?" he asked cautiously.

Hermione nodded at him and got up, together with Ron they walked out.


Once up in the dormitories Hermione asked if they could stay down with her for a while, something they agreed to happily since they needed to let it all out themselves too.

"It's just………..I didn't imagine getting married like this," Hermione said sadly. "Me neither," Ron said soberly, "It isn't love."

Harry was most caught up in thought, "It's a trick you know. Don't you realize that Fudge is under the Imperio curse…..the Death Eaters must be planning something."

Hermione looked at him thoughtfully, "I suppose, but what?"

Harry harrumphed, "I don't know, but this isn't normal."

Hermione let out a short bitter laugh, "of course it isn't normal Harry! We are being forced to marry a person we don't love, that isn't normal at all."

"Not normal like that……just there is something smelly about it." Harry hesitated, then sighed, "Okay whatever. This sucks."

Hermione leaned forward and hugged him, "Maybe we ought to trust Dumbledore. He thinks it's best for now if we go along with it."

Harry shook his head, "No, Dumbledore doesn't know what he is doing. He's scared; you saw the way he looked at you. He's worried and doesn't know what to do…"

Hermione looked at him wistfully, "I wish I knew what was going on….or who I'm ALLOWED to marry." She said it with a scoff.

Ron shrugged, "I hope it's somebody you know and like." Hermione smiled at him kindly, "Me too, I wish we're all going to be okay but I'm not sure."

"What if one of us gets one of us three on his or her list?" Harry asked. Hermione hadn't thought of that, "I suppose that would be a good option, a safe one at least. I'm just, I just….I don't like you both in that way…no offence!" Harry and Ron both laughed, "No problem," Ron said, grinning, "We're past that Hermione, don't worry."

Hermione and Ron briefly acknowledged the attempt at a relationship they had together, but which failed. Being friends just suited them all better. Hermione however still said, "But if I have either of you on my list, I'd like to marry that person."

Ron and Harry both nodded, "No doubt about it. Unless of course Lavender is on my list, then I'd have to decline." Ron laughed. Hermione smacked him playfully.


Hermione had hoped she would get Ron or Harry on her list, even Neville would do fine, Justin, Oliver, Fred, George….any of them would have pleased her. The list which she got however was completely opposite of that


Dear Ms. Granger,

We have tested your blood and found you suitable partners for marriage. Contact the individual on this list who appeals to you most, if he or she declines then contact the second choice.

Vincent Crabbe – Slytherin seventh year at Hogwarts. He is an amiable young fellow, and takes and interest in reading and writing poetry. He enjoys long walks in the woods and horse riding. He lives together with his parents; he is an only child, a fact which has bothered him greatly. Vincent loves to make new friends and he would really like to become a magical solicitor.

Gregory Goyle – Slytherin seventh year at Hogwarts. Smart, shy and a true intellectual; Gregory likes to play quidditch in his spare time. He loves dogs and enjoys swimming in the lakes nearby his house. Gregory hopes to become a beater for the Falmouth Falcons.

Theodore Knott – Graduated from Hogwarts for a few years now, he is talented man with many admirable attributes. He's very sporty and competitive amongst other things, whilst also being very generous and taking care of his widowed mother everyday. He's looking forward to finding a wife to call his own.

Malcolm Baddock – Sixth year slytherin at Hogwarts. Malcolm likes to read and write a lot and is well known for being a master at charms. He's extremely intellectual and determined; he hopes to graduate from Hogwarts with a straight "O" list in his NEWT year.

Terence Higgs - Graduated from Hogwarts for 5 years now. Terence, former star seeker of the Hogwarts Slytherin Quidditch team, is now running a store in Knockturn Alley. He loves his business but is more then willing to make space for another love in his life.

Draco Malfoy – Seventh year slytherin at Hogwarts. Draco Malfoy, son of the rich Lucius Malfoy is a straight "O" student. Draco is unclear about what his future ambitions are, but says that he likes to think of himself as a down to earth man with simple wishes.


Hermione tossed the letter aside angrily, "Over my dead body." She spat. Harry stood behind her, "That bad?"

Hermione shrugged miserably, and nodded to the letter which now lay crumpled on the floor, "Read it."

Harry picked up the letter with trepidation, neither he nor Ron had read their own yet, they were taking turns. Hermione drew the short straw so she went first. Harry feared his list would be as bad as hers.

He scanned over it, and with a look of disgust passed it to Ron who tossed back onto the floor.

They were silent for a moment, "Shall I read mine then?" Harry offered. Hermione nodded, Ron shrugged.

Harry folded open his own letter and read through it, his frown deepening, "Same thing. Only slytherins which are due to become or already are Death Eaters."

Ron sighed when pulling out his own later, he smiled weakly, "My safest option is Luna. I think I'll write her a letter tonight. Why did I have to get the insane one?" Hermione and Harry looked at him enviously, "At least you've got someone who's actually nice and kind and generous and NOT Death Eater in training." Hermione spat.

Ron looked down, "Yeah I'm sorry."

Silence followed, eventually Hermione hugged him tightly, "I'm happy for you too though. You're going to be fine with Luna." She said soothingly.

Harry sat on the bed (they are in the boys dormitory) looking aggrieved, "Will I be fine with Pansy Parkinson? Millicent Bulstrode?"

Hermione jumped from Ron to Harry, now enveloping Harry in a warm a hug, which comforted herself as well, "We'll talk to Dumbledore about it, and sort everything out." She whispered into his hair.

Ron, feeling excluded from this joined them on the bed and Hermione slung her other arm around him, "We'll be fine." She said with a fake smile, her tone cheery but none of them believed it.