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More than Darkness

The teens arrived home from their shopping trip. "We're back!" Link called.

"Did you get my magazine?" Peach asked.

"Did you get more milk" Young Link asked.

"Yep" Roy handed 2 gallons to the boy who promptly took them to the refrigerator.

"And the tools?" Marth asked.

"Right here" Roy answered, handing a box of wrenches to the prince, who headed out to work on the Smashers' van (which they called the Mystery Machine for obvious reasons). It was Marth's goal to make the thing run again.

"And my magazine?" Peach asked again, more impatiently this time.

"Um…well…" Roy stuttered.

"Oh, you did not" she began.

"You're right, I didn't" he laughed as he handed her a copy of the magazine.

"Oh, whatever" she snatched the magazine and darted upstairs. Roy headed outside to help Marth.

After working for an hour outside, Roy and Marth were interrupted by Peach's arrival.

"Roy, this magazine…it says bad things about you."

The redhead grinned. "Don't believe everything you read."

"But, look." She pointed to an article in Today's Tiara. "It says we're to blame for the Fifth Avenue robberies…and you were the one who burned down the jewelry store." She motioned to an incriminating picture.

Roy sighed. "Peach, it's not like everyone believes what those magazines say. I mean, one time it said that a 22 foot rabbit was terrorizing small children."

"It's in all of the magazines."

"And on the news" Marth added.

"Then maybe we should tell Masterhand." Roy said as he continued work on the engine of the van.

"Here is a list of who we need to talk to." Masterhand set a list in front of six Smashers. Marth, Mario, Kirby, Captain Falcon, Ness, and Jigglypuff were sitting around the dining room table. They had been chosen to go and speak to the editors and reporters. "We will tomorrow afternoon. We'll return 3 days later. Any questions?" Masterhand finished. Mario glanced out the window where the day's flurries of snow had progressed to a steady snowfall.

"What if the weather gets worse?" the plumber asked.

"The snow should stop by morning." Masterhand answered quickly. Mario was still unconvinced.

End Notes: The chapters of my story are short. That's the way I write them – short and many. So, there will be quite a few. Check back often!