Peach, Bowser, Snake, Zelda, and Roy arrived in a group at Ganondorf's bedroom door long before dawn. He and Mewtwo got the basement bunk room all to themselves, which they needed because each villain had brought nearly all their earthly possessions. Upon coming to the door, Ganondorf showed little surprise to have been awakened at such an early hour.

"We have a problem." Snake said simply. "It's Isaac."

"Come in, come in." Ganondorf said calmly. The six smashers gathered around a circular table in the shared bunk room. Mewtwo was busy working on some sort of chemical project on the desk in his half of the room that was cluttered with glass flasks and tubes containing bubbling liquids of all colors. Ganondorf slammed a black leatherbound volume the size of a dictionary onto the round table. "Lycanthropy." he said, glancing from person to person and then back at the book.

"Werewolves?" Roy asked. Ganondorf looked surprised that the boy knew what the word meant.

"Yes, werewolves. Our little friend Isaac is, I believe, more than just a terrier." Ganondorf explained matter-of-factly.

"Technically, would that not be considered lycanzoe?" Roy said thoughtfully. "Seeing as how the creature transforming is not a human, but an animal itself?" The boy was a bit of a prankster and quite impetuous, but he was far smarter than anybody ever realized.

"True, but the two are one and the same in theory." Ganondorf answered with a wave of his hand.

"Well how do we stop them, though?" Snake interrupted. "I mean, with Isaac attracting that thing-"

"You mean stopping it" Zelda corrected.

"How do we know Isaac isn't the one who attacked you?" Peach asked. Everybody turned to face Bowser, whose eyes widened before he hurriedly placed the dog in his arms on the floor and backed away.

"No, Nana had the dog with her when I was attacked."

"Then she had him when your other monster was there too." Ganondorf concluded.

"There are three?!" Peach squeaked.

"Did anybody actually see the dog with Nana?" Snake queried. Roy thought back to that night when Nana burst through the back door sobbing.

"No, the dog wasn't with her..." the redhead thought aloud.

"Then we have our answer." Ganondorf finished. "Either way, there's only one way to kill a werewolf. Mewtwo?" The Pokemon handed Ganondorf a box of silver bullets, who in turn handed the box to Snake. "Pure silver" the Gerudo added.

"Silver bullets, huh?" Snake supressed a laugh. "Sounds like something from a movie."

"Vampire Hunter II" Roy grinned.

"No, vampires are killed with stakes." Peach teased.

"Steak?" Bowser, who had drifted off to some far reach of space, asked brightly.

"People, please!" Ganondorf interjected. Mewtwo glanced over his shoulder at the group and shook his head before turning back to his makeshift laboratory. "The silver bullets are useless. Mere silver does nothing. The solid itself is completely irrelevant. It's the fact that the bullets have been coated in DinitrogenTrioxide. It is deadly if it reaches the bloodstream. Kills nearly instantly."

"Cool." Snake said, fascinated with the bullet in his hand.

"But it only works if it's absorbed between the shoulder blades."

"So, we have to get it from the back?" Zelda asked.

"Yes." Ganondorf said standing from his chair.

"What we need is a plan. And I think I have just the perfect one." Snake said, smiling broadly.

End Notes: Somewhere where the path of procrastination meets the road of forgetfulness...yeah, that's where I've been for the last absolutely ever. I'm soooo sorry about that. :( Thanks as always to my amazing reviewers and other readers