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Naruto bit in his bottom lip till a little bit of blood dripped down his chin. The wounds were deeper than he had thought and putting bandages on the deep cut was harder then he tought it had looked.

He held back another hiss of pain as a wound on his leg started trobbing again. 'Fuck!' he yelled in his mind.

'Don't curse kit, bad for your karma.'

'Oh, shut up!'

Naruto heard the Kyuubi giggle.

'have you already started healing?'

'yeah, but these wounds will take at least another night.'

'fuck, and I have training with bitch and playboy tommorow.'

Naruto slowly let himself fall down on bed and stared at the ceiling. He wondered how long he could continue this. The beatings from the villagers. The feeling of being hated and ignored. Then he looked at his hands and his body. Covered with blood and bandages. Kyubi was working full time lately because teh 10th of October was coming. The villagers were always extra generous at that time of the year and of course Naruto got all the gifts…



'Let's get out of here.'

The kyuubi was silent for a second. Then he started laughing evilly.

'Now you're talking my language!'

Naruto looked to the moon trough his window and smirked. Tommorow evening, when his wounds would be healed and he would have enough time to pack his stuff. He would get out of this hell-hole.


Naruto saw the bridge and started waving as soon as he saw Sakura.

"Sakura-chaaaan!" 'Bitch.'

He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw that Sakura was making out with Sasuke. Again. He looked shocked at the couple, who didn't even seemed to notice that he had arrived.

"S-Sasuke?!" 'Playboy, is saw him with Ino yesterday.'

Sakura sighed in the kiss and turned around. "Jesus, Naruto. Go away! Training is canceled because Sensei is on a mission. Now leave me alone with Sasuke."

Naruto looked shocked at Sasuke who just nuzzled himself in Sakura's neck, still looking at him. Sakura giggled and gave Naruto another glare.

Naruto turned around and his shocked expression turned dark. He thought of a couple of words, that my fingers refuse to type. Let's just say that they were naughty...

'So, no training, he?'

'Let's get ready for tonight.'

'Sometimes, Kyuubi. You suprise me with your good ideas.' Naruto said sarcasm dripping of every word.

'Please, who finaly listens to me? I kept on saying that you just should leave this shit. But, nooo, you were saying: maybe the will change, I will wait a while longer..Of course the wouldn't! And it took you two fricking years to understand that! And you say I am slow...'

'Shut up Kyuubi! Now, I need something to cover my whisker marks, and find something else then this stupid orange.'

'Finally! I thought I was going blind!'

'You're orange yourself.'

'...'Naruto felt a headache coming on.

'fine, orange reddish...'

The headache became stronger.

'Okay, okay! You're red! Sheesh...'


Naruto looked satisfied into the mirror. His whole upperbody was covered in white bandages. He wore a black sleeveless wifebeater over that. His pants was black and his lower leggs where also in white bandages. He wore black sandals. His whiskermakrs where covered by a face mask, similar to the one of Kakashi. And his hair was covered by a black bandana.

'so, ready to leave this dump hole and go to paradise?'

Naruto snorted. 'How about hell?'

'all the same, kit.'

When Naruto reached the gates of Konoha, the two guards stopped him.

"why are you leaving the village on this hour?! It's midnight!" then the guard saw that it was Naruto. (he didn't wore his face mask yet)

"yeah, leave demon. And do us and the rest of the world a favor: don't come back!"

"or die! Also something we are looking forward to!"

Naruto just slapped the hadn of the guard away and walked on. After 100 meter or so, he turned around one more time, raised his face mask and turned around again.

'any regrets?' the kyuubi asked.

Naruto just smirked and jump on a branch. 'Yep.'


'That I didn't leave earlier.'

Kyuubi laughed. 'Let's get moving, kit.'

Then Naruto dissapeared in to the darkness. Swallowed by the shadows of the tree.


Iruka was worried. He hadn't seen Naruto at Ichiraku's and Tenten said, she had seen him shopping for clothes and stuff for long travels. She had thought it was for a mission.

"Naruto?! Are you in?" Iruka knocked on Naruto's door. But there wasn't any answer. Suddenly Kakashi stood next to him.

"He isn't assigned to any mission and Tsunade-sama also didn't see him whole day. You're right. Something is wrong."

Iruka and Kakashi broke into Naruto's house and looked around, calling for Naruto.

Iruka then noticed a note on the table and picked it up. He let it drop though when he had finished reading it.

"what is it?" Kakashi asked, picking up the note. His visible eye, widened at the words.

"we need to go to Tsunade-sama!"


Tsunade read the note over and over again, sometimes looking at Kakashi and Iruka.

Then she looked serious. "Don't tell anyone about this."

"But Hoka-"

Tsunade raised her hand, so Iruka stopped with talking.

"I will make it look like Naruto left on a long term mission, which could easily take a couple of years. Naruto clearly says he is going to come back, so I will not label him as a missing nin. You guys didn't see a thing. Naruto is on a long term mission and can't be disturbed."

Iruka and Kakashi nodded.

"Dear everyone,

I hate this village so I am going to leave. Don't worry, I will be back. Tell my friends I loved them and hated them at the same time. Tell my family that I wil miss them and I love them. Tell the villagers who hate me to fuck off and when you see Akatsuki: give them a hug from me. They gave me the best time of my life.

I'm sorry, for everyone who will miss me. (probably only the Ichiraku's guy: his best costumer is gone)

I will be back. When? I have no idea. But wait for me.

Uzumaki Naruto, vessel of the ninth demon, Kyuubi."


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