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(1 year later)

Sakura sighed. Her hands were turning sweaty because the present she was holding hadn't left her hands since she stepped into the sun. The door in front of her belonged to a house, which on his turn belonged to a certain couple. Sakura knew that the visitors had already left, since she waited especially till they were all gone. She didn't wanted everyone to be there when she would apologize. Sakura wiped her hands off to her jeans and pushed onto the doorbell. This was going to be hell.

"I'm coming!"

Sakura immediately recognized the deep voice, how could see forget? The raven opened the door, first smiling, but he frowned a little when he saw the person with a present in her hands.

"Sakura…?" he asked surprised. Sakura nodded. "Can I come in?"

Sasuke hesitated for a second but then stepped aside. Sakura immediately entered, afraid that he would change his mind and close the door.

Sakura followed Sasuke through the hall into the living room. Almost everything was made of wood and everywhere where standing plants. "Have a seat; do you want something to drink?" Sakura took place in on of the chairs that looked comfortable. "Some tea, please."

Sasuke looked at the present in Sakura's arms. "Shall I get Naruto?" Sakura frowned, but nodded. "Yes, I need to speak to the both of you."

Sasuke nodded and left the room. Sakura sighed. She had practiced so many times in front of the mirror, yet the snakes in her stomach made her forget every word.


Sakura eeped, jumping up from the chair she was sitting on at the voice. Naruto walked over to her, snickering. "Sorry, about that. I thought you heard me coming." Sakura blinked a few times, it was still weird to see Naruto in front of her. Naruto had been 'dead' for 9 years and now he was 'alive' for almost a year.

Sasuke entered the room with a plate in his hands, three cups and a teapot. Naruto sat down at the couch. Sasuke took a seat next to him and started to pour the tea into the cups. Sakura kept looking down at her present, only mumbling a soft thank you when Sasuke placed the filled cup in front of her.

Naruto looked unsure to Sasuke, who shrugged. Naruto looked back at Sakura who took the cup and blew into the hot tea. "Sakura." Sakura looked up. "You wanted to talk?"

Sakura took a deep breath and placed the cup back on the table. "First of all, I want to give you a present." She handed over the box to Naruto, who started to unwrap it. When Naruto opened the box and pulled the present out of it, he raised his eyebrows.

Naruto looked at the big black book, he opened it and a note fell out of it. He took and read it out loud.

"Dear Naruto and Sasuke,

This is for you, so you will never forget everyone.


Naruto gave Sakura a smile. "Congratulations on your engagement."

Naruto turned the page. His eyes widened for a second, just like Sasuke's before they turned soft. It was a photo album, filled with photos of everyone form Konoha. Naruto and Sasuke looked at three more pages before they put the book away.

"Thanks, Sakura." Sasuke said.

"You're welcome, since you moved from Konoha and we don't to get each other so much anymore, I thought it would be a good present."

"It's wonderful, Sakura." Naruto smiled.

"But that's not all." Sakura said, her expression turning sad again. Sasuke and Naruto shot each other a worried look. "I...I wanted to apologize. For everything I put you through."

"Sakura, that was a year ago. And you don't have to apologize, we understand how you felt back then. So you don't have to do this." Naruto explained, but Sakura shook her head. "No, I wanted to apologize. It makes me feel guilty if I don't, so please listen to me."

Naruto nodded. Sakura took a deep breath. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry, for everything I did to you Naruto when you were Yasuo and that I said these horrible things to you or about you. I shouldn't have said them, even if I really wanted to. I was stupid."

Naruto gave her a smile. "Apology accepted."

Sakura gave him a smile and turned to Sasuke. "Sasuke I'm sorry. I'm sorry for not listening to you when you had important things to say, I didn't wanted to hear them because off my own dreams and wishes. I'm sorry for thinking that I could have you when you obviously wanted someone else."

Sasuke looked at Naruto who gave him a smile. Sakura smiled sadly at the picture in front of her. She didn't like it and probably never would, but she had to accept it. She didn't want to see Sasuke unhappy. She didn't want to do something she would apologize later for. She wouldn't make that mistake again.

She looked at the ring that was shining around Sasuke's finger and then to the ring that was shining around Naruto's finger. She then looked down at her own fingers that were decorated with pretty rings. Yet she felt like her hands were naked.

"I think I should be going, I promised Hokage to be on time for training tomorrow and I really want to catch enough sleep."

Sakura stood up, making Sasuke and Naruto stand up to. "Are you sure? You can stay a little while longer. It's only three hours from Konoha. We have some delicious sushi." Naruto offered. Sakura shook her head. "Thanks Naruto, but no thanks."

Naruto nodded and together with his Sasuke they let Sakura out of their house, waving until they couldn't see her anymore. Sasuke smile immediately fell as soon as the door was closed.

"I think I can't smile anymore, for the rest of the week. My god." Sasuke sighed, massaging his jaw. Naruto snickered. "Then you should stay with me the rest of your life, so you don't have to go through this again."

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Or I should just leave and live in a cave for the rest of my life, that's even better."

Naruto pouted. "But I don't like that." Sasuke shrugged. "Then you can transform into me and marry Sakura, all problems solved."

Sasuke turned around when Naruto didn't say anything. When he saw the horrified grin on Naruto's face he took a step back. "What?"

"That would be a problem, if I would look into a mirror I would be turned on."

"Is that the only thing you're thinking off?"

"No, I also have some space for you."

"Sheesh, thanks."

Naruto wrapped his arms around Sasuke's waist, from behind and placed a kiss in the raven's neck. "You're welcome." He whispered.

Sasuke turned to Naruto and gave him a kiss on his temple. "Ne, Sasuke?"


"I didn't gave you a present for our engagement."

Sasuke raised his eyebrow at the thing his soon to be husband just said. "Naruto, do you give present to each other with an engagement?"

"Don't know. But I want to give you a present anyway."

Sasuke gave Naruto a look, but nodded. Even if he would decline, he knew that Naruto would find one way or another to make him agree anyway. So he could just get it over with.

"Where is it?"

"In the bedroom."



Naruto brushed Sasuke's bangs out of his face. Sasuke was sleeping, a small smile placed on his face. Naruto had one hand around Sasuke's shoulders. Sasuke had his own arms wrapped around Naruto's waist and their legs were tangled together.

Naruto knew Sasuke had liked his present. The way Sasuke was moaning his name…Yes, he could be sure Sasuke had liked his present.

"What are you looking like that for? You look like an idiot."

Naruto looked down at the black eyes. He kissed Sasuke's forehead. "I was just thinking."

"Don't, you look weird when you do that." Sasuke said that, but he snuggled himself more against Naruto. Naruto just smiled, knowing the true meaning behind those words.

"I love you to, Sasuke." He whispered. Naruto looked at the hand with the rind around it. "He, Sasuke, remember how I proposed to you?"

"Shut it. I'm trying to forget that."

Naruto snickered.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (fasten your seatbelt; were taking the time machine again.)

"Well, you also can take out the garbage once in a while!" Sasuke shouted against the blond in front of him.

"I can't, because you always do it and then you say that I should have done it!"

"You can do it by yourself and not if I ask it! Think and look around once in a while!"

It was a typical quarrel between a couple that had moved in a couple of weeks ago. A lovely house in the middle of a peaceful, small town near a forest. Three hours away from Konoha, if you're running. Yes, they had the perfect house.

"I do clean in the house!"

"Yes, but only if I ask, never by yourself!"

"Aargh, I'm not good with noticing that kind of things, I lived in a cave for fucks sake for almost eight fucking years! Can't you at least understand that?! I don't know how it is to live with someone since I've been living alone all my life!"

Sasuke's eyes widened. "Naru-" he started.

"No, don't care! Don't need your sympathy!" before Sasuke could do anything to stop him, Naruto turned around and walked away. A second later Sasuke could hear the front door closing. Hard.

Sasuke sighed. He let himself fall down on the couch. He covered his face with his hands. He knew about Naruto's past and he could understand how Naruto felt. But it just frustrated Sasuke. He let out an angry groan.

There was junk lying everywhere and Sasuke was doing everything n the house. Taking the garbage outside, doing the dishes, doing the laundry, cleaning up the junk that Naruto was putting somewhere where it didn't belong. It just frustrated Sasuke.

They both loved each other and they both thought that the house was perfect, but lately there was just this tense air hanging around, making them explode at every little thing.

It had become evening, before Sasuke knew it. The whole room was almost sparkling now and Sasuke was cleaning up the stuff he had used to clean. He didn't like cleaning, but it helped him getting his mind of certain things. Things with blond hair and blue eyes. Or at least one.

Sasuke looked at the clock and noticed that it was already very late. He yawned. Time to go to bed, he decided.

Once he was in bed, he stared at the ceiling. Then he looked at the empty space next to him. He and Naruto had some fights, were Naruto had left, but he had always come back after a couple of hours, at least before dark.

Sasuke sighed. Now that he was actually was in his bed, his sleep had disappeared. He moved his hand to the place where Naruto normally was laying. It was cold. Sasuke looked up to Naruto's pillow and placed his hand on top of it. He missed the warmth that would come of Naruto when he was laying right next to him.

Sasuke grabbed the pillow and hugged it, holding on to it tightly. He sniffed the smell of Naruto. No matter how many times Sasuke would smell it; for some reason, he never got enough of it. Slowly, he felt himself fall in sleep, holding Naruto's pillow.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (still flashback)

Sasuke sniffed. He frowned. What the hell was that disgusting smell?! Sasuke opened one eye and saw something in front of him, Naruto's pillow was gone. The sleeping face of Naruto was in front of him. Naruto had taken his pillow back and was now sleeping on it.

Sasuke sniffed another time. Yep, that awful smell was coming from Naruto. Sasuke crawled to Naruto and sniffed another time. His frown became even deeper. Woman's perfume? Suddenly Naruto opened his eyes. "Are you sniffing me?" he asked with one eyebrow raised in amusement.

"What is that smell around you?"

"Perfume." Naruto shrugged. Sasuke blinked and jolted up. "Excuse me?!"

Naruto blinked. "That woman had emptied the whole bottle in her neck, I think."

Sasuke's jaw dropped. "Did you go to the bar?" he asked. Naruto nodded. "Well, only for five minutes, then I went to -"

"Five minutes?! You were gone for hours! Do you know how worried I was?!" Sasuke stepped out of bed and grabbed his clothing. Naruto sat straight up. "Wait, Sasuke, listen to me!"

Sasuke walked to the living room. Slamming the door. Naruto flinched at the sound, but jumped out of bed. He grabbed something from the cabinet next to the bed. He opened the door and walked to Sasuke. "Listen, Sasuke. That's not what I meant!"

Naruto grabbed Sasuke by his shoulder, but Sasuke slapped Naruto's hand away. "Then what did you mean?! You have some woman's perfume on you and you admit that you went to the bar, did you drink, what did you do?!"

Naruto was taken back by the words Sasuke said. Sasuke stood with his back turned to Naruto and his arms crossed in front of his chest.

"Did you think that I cheated on you?" he hissed. Sasuke didn't move. "Do you think that low of me?!"

When Sasuke still didn't answer Naruto grabbed the box in his other hand. "Fine, then I don't need this ring to give it to you!" Naruto grabbed the ring from the box and threw at Sasuke's head.

But on that moment Sasuke just turned around. "Wha-?"

Sasuke felt something hit the back of his throat and he swallowed as a reflex. He coughed a couple of times and hit himself on the chest with his fist. He stood straight again after the burning sensation in his throat was gone.

Silence filled the room. Sasuke and Naruto looked at each other with widened eyes.

"Sasuke…?" Naruto softly whispered. Sasuke looked in total horror to Naruto.

"Did you just eat the engagement ring?"

Sasuke's hand shot up to his neck, as if he could feel that it was still there. "I…I think I did."

Naruto's face was something between horror and a huge grin. Sasuke just glared at the face, knowing that it would only took seconds before Naruto would burst out in laughter.

But Naruto hold it in and his face became serious. "I…I think we need to go to the...uhm…doctor, Sasuke."

Sasuke just nodded, still halve in shock.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO(still in flashback)

The waiting room had been hell. There weren't any people but both Sasuke and Naruto didn't know what to say.

"So, uhm…it was a ring?" Sasuke asked softly, afraid that loud speaking would kill him in some sort of way. Naruto looked up to Sasuke and gave a small smile. He nodded. "ye-yeah. I first went to the bar and I took a few drinks. And I started to talk to the barman, explain our situation. And he told me this; 'when you've reached appoint like this there's only one thing to do; get married.'"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, but he was smiling. Naruto snickered. "Yeah, that's what I thought first to, but he told me to go home and when I was walking I passed the jewelry store. I walked in and bought the rings. The lady who told me about the rings was the one with the bottle of perfume."

Sasuke started blushing; my god. Those things he had said to Naruto! He opened his eyes when he felt Naruto kiss his temple. Sasuke looked up to Naruto. "Do you know I love you so much?" he whispered. Sasuke kissed him back on the lips. "Love you too."

Sasuke wanted to give him another kiss, but Naruto stood up. Sasuke's eyes widened when Naruto kneeled in front of him. He grabbed the little black box with only one ring left. He opened the box in front of Sasuke.

"Uchiha Sasuke, will you marry me, Uzumaki Naruto?"

Sasuke let out a small gasp but nodded hastily. Naruto smiled when he placed the ring on Sasuke's finger. Naruto sat next to Sasuke again, who was admiring his ring. "What are you thinking of right now?" he asked, amused by the expression on Sasuke's face.

"I can't believe I swallowed a ring like this."

Naruto couldn't stop his laughter.

The doctor told them that the ring would leave eventually, from…ahum...behind. They should wait two days and then Sasuke needed to do his 'special delivery' in a sort of box which they needed to search through for the ring…

The doctor hadn't asked how the ring ended up in Sasuke's mouth, but explained that it also happened that small kids ate stuff that they weren't suppose to eat, so it wasn't that weird.

"Ne, Naruto?" Sasuke asked, when they were walking towards their home.


"Can we wait a bit till we tell everyone about our ...uhm…engagement? I'm really not in the mood for them right now."

Naruto nodded. "I understand. But I must love you very much, don't you think?"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. Naruto grabbed Sasuke's hand and squeezed in it. "I'm actually going to wear a ring that came from your ass…"

That earned him a whack on the head.

He deserved it any way.


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