This is a story I first did on quizilla, but didn't like how I wrote it, so I decided to completely rewrite it. Now I've had someone tell me that he didn't have a twin sister. Let me clear up, that I am very aware of that, I have read all of the books and seen all of the movies more than once. This is just my own idea, just like ALOT of people have their own ideas for stories and things. Just needed to clear that up, so that someone won't say it again lol. So I hope you like this story, and please let me know what you think.

Harry Potter's Twin... Character Info Redone

My name is Hailey Potter, and yes I am related to the Harry Potter. I am his sister. In fact, I am his twin sister. I was raised by the Dursley's just like he was, and have gone through all of the dangers he has been through. I too have a scar identical to his, only on the other side of my forehead. We arn't identical twins, we're maternal. I have dark brown hair, our father's eyes, and other than that I am told that I look just like out mother. I am on the Gryffindoe Quidditch team as one of the chasers. I do well in all of my classes. However my favorite classes are Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfirguration, Herbology, and Care of Magical Creatures. Honestly I would really enjoy Potions too, if Snape was even a bit more pleasant.

The Dursley's always treated me different, as if I was the daughter they never had. They gave me my own room, and as often as we could I would sneak Harry into my room after they had gone to bed. I let him in my bed, that way he had the chance to sleep in a warmer and more comfortable bed for a few hours. I always hated that they treated us so different. There were several times that I would have a friend take me to return things the Dursley's had given me, to buy thigns for my brother. Luckily they were too stupid to notice.

There are times that I see the good in people even when other's don't. Which I recently found out I inherited from our mother. That is the reason I dated Draco Malfoy from first year till third year. I was very much in love with Draco (and not entirely sure I'm not still), but I was really getting sick of how he was treating Harry and my friends. What he and his father did to Hagird and Buckbeak was just the last straw, and I ended it. It really hurt to do it, but I knew he wouldn't change. From time to time he tries to get me to forgive him, but I keep telling him that I cannot be with him until he can treat those that I love with more respect. All he ever says is that he's a Malfoy. Like that's such a respectable name.

In my fourth year, Fred Weasley asked me to the Yule Ball. We have been dating ever since. He's such a sweet guy, and a great boyfriend. We arn't exactly in love (yet), but we do love and care deeply about eachother. We really love being with eachother too. He is so cute. Last year during the Triwizard Tournament, he was so protective and supportive. Of course he and George were taking bets on each task, but that's the Weasley twins for you.

Well I'm sure most of you know the rest of my story up until this point at least. If you know my brother's story, then you know mine for the most part. But it isn't over yet, and if you want to read the rest from my point of view as well, then please keep reading. I hope my story will be as interesting to you as my brother's has been.