A/N: This is a semi-sequel to Ziva's Fear. If you haven't read Almost, or Ziva's Fear then you won't understand this story.

Mast Spectommer

Todd twirled excitedly in his dad's chair. Today was bring your child to work day and Tony had brought Todd to work. Todd spun again, laughing with glee, until the chair was stopped and Todd was facing his grandpa.

"Grandpa Gibbs," Todd said, swallowing hard.

"Hey Todd," Gibbs said, ruffling Todd's hair. "Where are mom and dad?"

"Upstairs with Aunt Jenny," Todd replied solemnly. "Uncle Tim is with them too. Aunt Jenny came down and said she needed to see them, and Daddy told me to wait here for you."

"Alright, Todd, why don't you go downstairs to Aunt Abby's lab? Do you remember the way?" Gibbs asked.

"Yup," Todd said proudly. Gibbs swung Todd off the chair and tossed him into the air. Todd squealed with glee. When Gibbs put Todd down, Todd ran to the elevator and pressed the down button.

"Aunt Abby!" Todd exclaimed, running into the lab and straight into Abby's arms.

"Hey buddy," Abby said, picking the young boy and placing him on her hip. "How we doing today?"

"Good, I got to come to work with Mommy and Daddy and Tali had to stay with the baby sitter," Todd said. "And Daddy is going to take me out to lunch later."

"Well that's cool, how come you're not upstairs with Mom and Dad?" Abby asked, setting Todd down on the table.

"Grandpa sent me down here," Todd said.

"Ahhh… well, do you want to help me do my work?" Abby asked.

"Yeah!" Todd exclaimed. Abby walked over to her closet and pulled out a mini lab coat that she kept just for Todd. Abby handed Todd the coat and he put it on excitedly.

"Aunt Abby, what's that?" Todd asked, pointing to the mass spectrometer against the wall.

"That is my baby, the mass spectrometer," Abby replied. Todd looked confused.

"What's a mast spectommer?"Todd asked. Abby laughed at the pronunciation that Todd gave.

"Mass Spectrometer, it tells me what's in things, like, it could give me your DNA," Abby said, giving an example, but that only deepened Todd's confusion.

"What's DNA?" Todd asked. Abby smiled.

"It's in your genes," Abby said. Todd looked down at his jeans with horror on his face.

"I need some new jeans then," Todd said seriously, which left Abby in a fit of laughter.

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