House couldn't believe he was in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Voluntarily. He was laying on a blue chaise lounge, with Cameron lying beside him on her own chaise, both of which were shaded by a cabana.

And yet, he was still convinced that this was the hottest fucking place on the entire planet. Why the hell had agreed to come on this stupid vacation in the first place?

He looked over to his left, at the glass of tequila sitting on the table between him and Cameron. Condensation was running down the side of the glass, and pooling around the base. His eyes refocused, and found Cameron's taut stomach. A drop of sweat was slowly making its way down her tan abdomen. She was wearing the tiniest red bikini he had ever seen, and it left nothing to the imagination.

House licked his lips and tasted salt.

"Tell me Cameron, when you were booking this vacation, did you purposefully try to find a place with 100 humidity, or was that just a bonus?"

Cameron looked over at him and smiled, unbothered by his bad attitude, "It's not that bad."

"It is that bad, actually. And profuse sweating is not a good look for me."

Cameron pulled down her sunglasses and looked over every inch of his body. He was shirtless, and his torso was beaded with sweat. His blue swim trunks (extra long to hide his scar) were bunched up around his crotch. She wagged her eyebrows at him, "You look good enough to eat to me."

"Bullshit. I look like I've been trapped in a sauna for three hours. OH WAIT I HAVE."

"How does your leg feel?" Cameron countered.

House sulked, "It's alright. The heat helps. But we could have gone to the desert, instead of Cabo San Sweat My Ass Off."

"If you're so miserable, go cool off in the water." Cameron said, and motioned towards the azure blue ocean.

"You can't cool off in bathwater, Cameron." Seeing that House was not going to shut up, or let this go, Cameron sighed and stood slowly. She stood next to his lounge, and stretched, arching her back with a groan of pleasure. House watched as another drop of sweat ran down the perfect bow of her back, and disappeared into her bathing suit bottom. Which was tied together. Like she was a present for him to open.

House surripticiously adjusted himself, because his penis didn't seem to care that it was a million degrees outside, it just wanted to peel of that red bathing suit.

He flinched back when Cameron held out her hand to him.

"Seriously, you don't want to touch me right now. I'm disgusting."

Cameron frowned down at him and continued to hold out her hand. House ignored it, and glared at the various men who were casually hanging in the area around their cabana. All of them were young, with perfectly toned bodies, everything in working order, six pack abs, the works.

And they were all staring at Cameron, in that damn red bathing suit, and practically salivating all over themselves.

"Baby! Come on. I'll help you to the water, and then you can float."

"Aren't there sharks here?" House stalled, and hoped she would just give up. He couldn't think of anything more humiliating than hopping down the beach on his left leg while leaning his sweat soaked body all over Cameron, in front of all the Don Juan's gathered.

"No, there are no sharks." She said impatiently, and grabbed his hands. They slipped apart immediately - both of them had sweaty hands.

House made a disgusted face. "That was gross."

"Stop being such a girl, and get in the water." Cameron ordered, and offered her hand again.

Well his manhood was in question now, he couldn't just lay there. Reluctantly, he stood, and Cameron wrapped her right arm around his torso. House waited for her to pull back and squeal with digust, but she held onto him tight, and he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. Leaning his weight on her, they hobbled down to the water.

It was embarrassing until he noticed that one of the men near their cabana was staring at House with jealous expression. Then he felt pretty damn good. It wasn't every day a young, athletic, overall handsome guy looked at him - a middle aged cripple - with envy.

Then they were in the water, and after they got past the waves (which Cameron kept them upright through), and they were in the area before the waves broke, House was buoyant. He could support himself with just his left leg.

Cameron dunked herself under the water, and came up with a grin. House smiled at her and floated on his back. And then suddenly he was under water - Cameron had dunked him. He came up sputtering, incredulous.

Cameron was laughing - the look on his face was priceless. He grabbed her arm and pulled her against him. It was easy in the water, she weighed nothing at all.

"You're in big trouble now," He growled, with a dark promise in his eyes.

Cameron shrieked as he pulled her against his body, "For what!?"House laughed, "For being a saucy wench!" And he pinched her ass.

Cameron decided it was in her best interest to try to distract him. He looked like he was about to tickle her, and he knew all her most ticklish places. With a sudden sly smile, she wrapped her long legs around his waist, and pressed their bodies together, "What's my punishment?"

He looked down at their groins pressed together under the water, and then let his eyes drift up. Her bikini top was killing him - soaking wet, it was like a second skin over her pert breasts, clinging to her erect nipples.

"I could spank you." He suggested, and squeezed her ass with both hands. Cameron gasped, and ground her groin against his. That made his breath come out in a harsh pant.

"It will be difficult to do that here." She said, and reached down in between their bodies. She gripped his hard length in her hand, squeezing him through his bathing suit. He watched his face contort in an expression of half pain, half pleasure.

"What are we talking about?" He asked, and his eyes were struggling to focus.

Cameron sighed, kept her hand where it was, but leaned into him so she could rub her nipples over the hardness of his chest, "I just can't decide."

"Decide what?" He moaned, as she ran her tongue down the side of his neck. "What I want more - to have you inside me..." She pulled her hand away and rubbed herself against him again, "or in my mouth." And then she bit his chin gently.

House felt light headed - all the blood from his brain had fled to more demanding parts of his anatomy, "I would say pick both, but I think an underwater blowjob is a ten on the difficulty scale."

Cameron bit her lip, and gave him a coquettish look, "Untie my suit." She leaned back, floating on the water, with his body anchoring her in the water. Her hair swirled in the water around her head, and she looked up at the sky while House's fingers pulled the strings on the side of her bikini bottoms.

"I think I'm actually starting to like Mexico..." House snarked, and Cameron gasped as he slid two long fingers inside her.

To be continued...