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Gaara's expression immediately turned depressed. "I'm gonna miss you, Sak."

"I'll miss you too, Gaara."

Sakura hugged him as tears threatened to fall from her eyes.

Gaara stood there, slowly raising his arms to put around her.

They stood there for a moment, before they heard a knock on the door.

"Gaara, Sakura! Hurry up! We've got a flight to catch," Yuri shouted through the door.

Gaara grabbed the folded up air mattress and hurried out with Sakura. They skipped down the stairs and went through the kitchen. It looked so empty. Sakura realized how much she was going to miss this place. How she had lived here for as long as she could remember. It was where she grew up, where she made friends, and where she fell in love.


"Sakura, sweetie, wake up," Yuri shook her daughter gently. The plane was going to land soon.

Sakura slowly opened her eyes. She looked out the window of the plane to see the vast land.

"Attention all passengers, please buckle your seat belts. The flight will soon be coming to an end."

Sakura checked her seat belt, tightening so she could feel safer. Her dad, Kenshin, had already flown off earlier in the week. She was sitting next to her mom, who had her eyes closed. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out the pack of 5 gum she had bought before the trip. She started chewing on the flavor Cobalt so her ears wouldn't pop. She closed her eyes.

The plane slowly descended, landing smoothly on the warm pavement. Sakura opened her eyes and saw everyone unbuckling their seat belts and getting up. She heard the faint click next to her that signified that her mother had just stood up. The pink-haired girl unbuckled her seat belt and grabbed the small bag she had brought with her for the flight. She stood up and stretched, successfully making moving much more comfortable. One by one, everyone leisurely departed the plane.

Arriving at the terminal, Sakura casually waltzed over to the suitcase drop-off. She picked out her pink luggage, and met her mother by the exit.

"Sakura, are you ready to start this new life?" Her mother asked.

Sakura nodded, her lips in a slight smile. No more Karins, and no more Sasukes. This was going to be a good life.

The emerald eyed girl turned on her phone.

42 New Text Messages :

16 Panda x3 (Gaara)


- I miss you, Sak. When is your plane landing?

- Call me when you get this.

- When can I come visit?

- Answer meh D:

- I love you.



- Do you want a cookie?

- Hehehehe.

- Sakuraaaa~ My lovely lovely sakura!~

- Haha I'm in class right now I gotta say Sasuke looks fucking retarded with his black eye I gave him :)

- If I wrote a poem to you, would you read it?

- Roses are red, violets are purple, not blue. WELL...they kinda are blue... so uhm yeah.. off topic...

- Roses are red, violets are blue. Sugar is sweet, and so are you :D.


4 Hinata-chan

- Sakuraaa! Come back we all miss you so much!


- but i don't wanna tell you through here. I wanna skype with you :)

- girls' nights aren't the same without you

3 Tenten


- promise me you will?


5 Itachi

- Hey sis, what's up?

- Sasuke's being a fag right now. He's ranting about how much he 'misses' you.

- I kicked his balls. He's now writhing in pain on the ground telling me how much of a douche I am. Meh.

- I miss you already, Sak. You need to come back. You left cause of Sasuke right? I can get rid of the problem. Then will you come back?

- I'm gonna come and visit you. It'll be a surprise.

1 Temari

- come back sakura!

1 Kankuro


5 Naruto

- sry bout that blank msg


- we were eatin ramen and and and it was all silence and i thought it was comfortable so i began casually talkin bout how i thought she was really cute and stuff then she started turning red idk why tho maybe it was the heat? then i made more comments then at the end i asked her if she wanted to be my girlfriend and then she fainted! i was so scared i didnt kno if she was gonna say no or yes but she just fainted! i was scared to tell neji! i didnt kno what to do sakura-chan! i just carried her around and laid her down on the grass in the park and i waited until she woke up then she was quiet for a bit then she hugged me and said yes!

- come back sakura-chan? please! i miss u! -puppy dog face- u kno u cant resist!

3 Hanara

- Harro :D

- Can I come to visit you?


3 Rika


- haha. im so bored right now. in the middle of english. ick.


Sakura smiled at the messages from her friends. They really did miss her a lot. She scrolled down more on her phone to see another text message.

1 Uchiha

- hey sak, im really sorry about everything that ive done to you... ireally miss you and i want nothing but to hold you in my arms and tell you how much i love you. i really mean it, sak. i miss you. you were the highlight of my crappy life. i dont kno why i left you. you were my everything, everything i should live for. ill do anything to get you back. id die for you sak. i really would. im sorry about all the bullshit ive done. im sorry for breaking your heart. im sorry for leaving you. im sorry for treating you like nothing. you are something. ive treated you like that...because i didnt know how to express my feelings. that night when i saw you, standing on your balcony. you looked beautiful. and you still do. i gave you that box...it meant a lot to me. it meant a lot to my mom too. it was her necklace my dad gave to her. so, the fact that i saw you wearing a different necklace, one that was a heart. really broke mine. i know it may not seem like it, but it did. after you threw it, i spent hours trying to find it. after i did, thats when i really thought about all the BS ive done. i dont expect you to forgive me. but please know that youll always be in my heart, farther down than anyway has ever been. i love you, sakura. if i had to trade everything i had, all my wealth, fame, power, everything, just to be with you again, i would. are you willing to give me another chance?

After reading the message, Sakura frowned. When she first saw that the message was from him, her first instinct was to delete, so why hadn't she? She felt that Sasuke had really opened up to the world, and noticed everything. She wanted to give him another chance, but she knew she shouldn't. She was with Gaara right now, so she felt she shouldn't even thinking about being with someone else. Gaara gave her what Sasuke hadn't. Happiness, love, care, and many more things.

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After arriving at her new house and settling down just a bit, Sakura decided to call Gaara back.




"Hey, my panda lover," Sakura smiled.

"I am not a panda. Unless you want me to be. But I'll only be your panda."

Sakura grinned at his sweetness.

"You don't know how long I've been waiting for this phone call. How long was it since you left? 10 hours?"

"No, only 4 hours, Gaara," She laughed.

"Haha. It doesn't feel like it. I've been checking my phone every 5 freaken seconds! So, uh, yeah. What's your address? I need to come stalk my lover."

"Very funny Gaara. I don't know what it is yet. I'll tell you as soon as I know, mkay?"

"Yes, ma'am. Hmm... do you want a cookie? I made a giant one especially for you. It's like 1ft across! White macadamia, you're fav. It says, "I'll love you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever!" On it. I couldn't fit more."

"Gaara. You're going to make me fat!" Sakura stated.

"You'll never be fat. Even if I brought you McDonalds and Burger King and some other fast food stuff every single day of your life."

"Yes. Cause then I would be dead, not fat."

"You're not dying on my watch, love."

"Psshh. I would be more likely to die if you're watching. Anywho, he sent me a text. It's weird. Like 'wtf is this him?' weird."


"It's fine Gaara! As long as he's not like spamming my phone and stuff. Yeah. I'm gonna send you the message," Sakura put Gaara on speaker phone as she went to forward the message.

-Silence as Gaara reads the message-

"What's your answer?"

"To what?"

"The question, Sak. Your answer to the question."

Sakura could tell he was getting impatient. "You already know the answer, Gaara."

"I know, Sak. But... I don't know... Something feels iffy..."

Sakura understood what he meant. She knew she shouldn't give him a chance but she wanted to. Damn. What was wrong with her?

"I can't stop you from making your decision, Sakura. It's your life not mine. As your boyfriend, I would want you to say no. As your friend, I would want you to say no. As anyone, I would want you to say no. But as I said, it's your choice. Just please know that I love you, and I would never hurt you like he did. Please tell me you'll think about it deeply."

"I will Gaara. I promise. There's no way I can make a choice right now." Sakura sighed.

"...Why didn't you tell me about the fact he tried to give you a necklace?"

"It wasn't on my mind at all."


"I love you, Gaara."

"I love you too, Sakura. I'd really love to stay and talk with you all night. I miss you so much. You don't even know, it's killing me. But I'm being forced to go to sleep right now, if I can. Kankuro and Temari are getting pissed at me. G'night, love."

"Good night, Gaara. I hope you get some sleep tonight."

"Yeah, me too."

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