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1. Bath

Hermione walked slowly into her room, shut and warded the door, then sighed. It had been such a long day. She liked her job at the ministry well enough, working in the Magical Creatures division. She had always had a soft spot for creatures that couldn't speak for themselves, as evidenced by her foray into Elvish welfare at Hogwarts. She had long since given up on S.P.E.W., realizing that the elves were more than happy serving their families, and moved onto what she hoped would be bigger and better things. However, being the low man on the totem pole, she got stuck with all the tedious filing and paperwork, along with the office budgeting. It was tedious on good days, and on days like today, it was downright monotonous.

A bath, that's what I need, she thought to herself, as she headed toward the loo, stripping down as she went and flinging clothes off her person as she walked toward the tub. As she lowered herself into the hot water, she could feel her muscles relax one by one as her head lolled back onto the edge of the tub. She couldn't help a small smile as a thought occurred to her,

I need a good shag.

2. Beach

Charlie strolled slowly along the shore of the Danube, oblivious to the others around him. There was no other way to put it, he was homesick. He loved his dragons, sure, but one could only have so many one-sided conversations. The blokes at the Reserve were nice enough, but he had never made any particularly close friends, even after several years of dragon training. What he desperately wanted was a hug, and blushed at the thought. The manly, rugged dragon wrangler needed affection? Bollocks! As he grinned to himself and plopped down into the soft sand to watch the water roll by him, he thought smugly to himself,

What I need is a good fuck.

3. Blush

Charlie walked out of the floo at the Burrow and proceeded to brush himself off and look around the sitting room. He took a deep breath and felt his face break into a broad smile. Home he thought to himself as he heard the tell-tale clattering in the kitchen. Another sound accosted his ears before he could step toward the kitchen to surprise his mum. A soft feminine moan came from the sofa, whoever it was hadn't noticed him step out of the fireplace. His grin turned to a scowl when he saw two heads, one with the familiar red locks, and another with jet-black hair sticking in twenty different directions. He leaned over the couch and said in as intimidating a voice as he could muster…

"Hi Ginny."

The two teenagers, who had been caught mid-snog, both looked up and blushed the deepest red. Ginny cleared her throat before replying in a squeak.

"Hi Charlie! What are you doing here?"

"I thought I'd come for a short visit. I had some vacation time that I had to take." He replied, crossing his arms over his broad chest and scowling at The-Boy-Who-Was-Snogging-His-Sister. "Harry."

"Uh..hi Charlie. What a surprise." Harry replied sheepishly, his face starting to look like a tomato. "Nice to see you again."

Charlie's face broke out into another wide grin that didn't quite reach his eyes, and replying, "Nice to see you too. Perhaps we can get to know each other a bit better, eh?" He held out his hand. Harry took it, and Charlie was pleased to notice the kid had a nice, firm grip. Perhaps he wouldn't be so bad for Ginny after all.

4. Candlelight

Charlie took another deep breath and smiled as he watched his mum light the big candelabra in the middle of the dinner table. A veritable feast had been lain before the family, in celebration of his visit. After his mum had smothered him in hugs and kisses, she had immediately set to flooing every Weasley child in the country and making a huge dinner, rubbing tears away from her cheeks as she laughed happily.

Charlie glanced around the table at his family. Fleur was feeding bits of food off her fork to baby Victoire while Bill grinned over her shoulder, making faces, causing the little blonde-headed girl to giggle. George and Angelina were grinning at Bills antics and occasionally stealing glances at each other, Angie resting one hand on her huge belly. Ron was steadily filling his plate with one hand, the other other arm slung possessively around his girlfriend Luna's shoulders, while she watched him with an amused expression. Harry sat at the end of the table, next to Mr. Weasley, and across from Ginny, every time he looked up he was offer her a small secretive smile, then catch Charlie's eye, and blush a deep red, remembering their previous meeting that afternoon.

"Mum, Where's Perce and Penelope?" Charlie asked, noticing the three empty chairs between them as she sat at the opposite end of the table from her husband, "and who's the other chair for?"

"Poor Penny isn't feeling too well, so Percy stayed home to take care of her, he said he's sorry he missed you, perhaps he would before the end of the week. The other chair is for Hermione, who should be here any time now," Mrs. Weasley replied with a twinkle in her eye that didn't bode well for Charlie's bachelorhood.

A few seconds later, the floo sounded and Hermione stepped into the kitchen, cleaning the soot off her Ministry robes with her wand.

"Sorry I'm late, everyone! They had me doing paperwork late again, ugh." Hermione grinned at her surrogate family. Her parents had been killed by rogue death eaters shortly after she had reinstated their memories. It had hurt deeply, and the Weasley's had taken her in as one of their own, for which she was deeply appreciative.

"So, what's the big dinner for…oh, hello, Charlie!! When did you get here?"

"This afternoon," he replied, trying to swallow the lump that had risen into his throat. He hadn't seen his baby brother's best female friend since the Quidditch World Cup, and boy had she grown since then. Her hair was no longer the bushy birds nest, but a cascade of brown ringlets he could almost feel running through his fingers. Her even white teeth no longer held a touch of overbite, and her wiry frame had filled out into womanly curves. He didn't miss the grin on his mum's face when he patted the seat next to him and added,

"Have a seat and tuck in."

5. Caress

As they ate their dinner among the raucous group, both Hermione and Charlie stayed relatively quiet, each lost in their thoughts. Hermione was surprised at the invitation to sit next to the handsome redhead. As she cast yet another covert glance at the man next to her, she noticed that he was a bit shorter than his brothers, but still head and shoulders taller than her. That was a good thing, she thought, she couldn't stand the thought of being with someone shorter than her. His skin was a bit darker than the others' also, from working in the sun so much. He had the trademark Weasley freckles, of course, but they were so numerous that they almost ran together, and when he looked at her, she noticed that he had bright green eyes, almost the color of the Mediterranean.

Charlie noticed her trying to secretly glance at him and grinned when he locked eyes with her chocolate brown stare. He grinned when she unabashedly ran her eyes across his face, pausing at his lips, and across the expanse of his chest, stopping her downward trek when she noticed a bit of color poking out his rolled up shirt sleeve. She raised her eyes to his and quirked an eyebrow as she asked in an almost breathless voice,

"Is that a tattoo?"

"Yes, it is. Would you like to see it?" He whispered, not wanting his mother to overhear. His mum would have kittens if she knew he had gotten inked on a trip to Bucharest earlier that year. He only had the one yet, but he foresaw more in the future, especially if they were going to receive reactions like this from beautiful girls.

"I…yes, I would. But not right now…after dinner," she replied, grinning and glancing briefly at Mrs. Weasley.

"That's a good idea, Hermione." He replied, turning back to his dinner plate.

After pudding, the family all gathered in the sitting room again to listen to the Wizarding Wireless for a while before heading off to their respective bedrooms or homes. Half an hour later, Mrs. Weasley, who was the last remaining family member still awake, stretched, gave a large, obviously fake yawn and a meaningful stare at her husband, announced she was hitting the sack. As the eldest Weasley's headed up the stairs toward their bedroom, Charlie cast a silencing charm on the stairwell, so that he and Hermione wouldn't be bothered.

"So, you wanted to see this…" he grinned, pulling his shirt off. Hermione almost gasped when she got an eyeful of the rippling muscles of his shoulders and chest, running her eyes hungrily over his well-toned six pack. Yes, she definitely wanted to see that.

Charlie scooted closer to Hermione on the couch and reached behind her head. Before she could ask what he was doing, she felt the clip that had held her hair out of her face come loose and the ringlets fall around her shoulders.

"If you get to touch, so do I." Charlie whispered huskily into her ear, the vibrations of his voice going straight to the crotch of her knickers. She almost groaned when she felt his hand run through her hair and heard him whisper "so soft."

Hermione turned more toward him as she ran her fingers across his chest and down his stomach, caressing the soft red hairs she felt there, leading in a treasure trail down his abdomen to disappear into his jeans. She smiled softly as he groaned quietly and his nipples hardened. She couldn't help but lean up to whisper in his ear "So hard."