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26. Rose

Hermione woke early the next morning in her own bed, not entirely sure how she got there. The last thing she remembered was laying her head in Charlie's lap. She grinned at the thought of him carrying her up the steps and putting her to bed. As she sat up and looked around, she noticed two long stemmed roses on her desk, one red and one white, a folded piece of parchment under them. She bounced out of bed, a large grin on her face as she picked up one of the roses and sniffed of it. She tranfigured her pencil jar into a vase and cast an aquamenti charm, filling it up with water before placing the two roses into it. She opened up the parchment and smiled at Charlie's familiar scrawl.

Good morning beautiful, I found these in mum's garden, and I thought of you. The red one is for my undying love for you and the white one is to celebrate our upcoming marriage. I can't wait until I can stay with you every night. Now, prepare yourself for the day by packing a bag, as I'm taking you on a trip to see your Christmas gift from me, since you already know the first half of it, I can give you the second half a bit early, and we can be back at the Burrow to spend the holiday with the family, as I'm sure you want to. I'll be waiting downstairs for you. I love you. -Charlie

Hermione grinned and refolded the parchment, placing it in her warded top drawer along with all of the other letters Charlie had written her over the past months and her personal journal. She took a few deep breaths and composed herself, slipping her engagement finger onto the third finger of her left hand before getting dressed for the day. She proceeded to get dressed, then placed an emty suitcase on her bed and flicked her wand at it, silently commanding her clothes to neatly pack themselves. Yes, some things were just done better by magic, she thought to herself as she headed to the kitchen for breakfast.

27. Satin

Hermione had barely stepped into the kitchen and greeted Molly before the matriarch of the Weasley clan noticed her engagement ring. Molly wisely stayed quiet, knowing that Hermione and Charlie would want to make the announcement themselves. Hermione sat down at the table between Charlie and Harry and began to heartily dig into her breakfast, wondering if anything could bring her down from her natural high, although she highly doubted it. She was half way through her eggs before she heard a loud "bloody hell!" from across the table.

"Is something the matter, Ronald?" Hermione asked, looking up at her friend of several years, who was gaping at her left hand.

"No wonder you wanted to talk alone yesterday." Ron replied, finally putting two and two together.

"Yes, thank you for that stunning show of your powers of deductions. We had planned on announcing it at dinner, Ron." Charlie replied, wiping his mouth on a napkin, "But I should have known better than to try to keep a secret in this family."

"Congratulations, Hermione, you deserve to be happy." Harry stated quietly from her other side, squeezing her hand in a show of brotherly affection. She smiled in response.

"I'm so happy for you, and Hermione, if you'd like, I have a pretty satin shawl you can wear with your gown, after you get one, of course." Molly stated, hugging both Charlie and Hermione from behind their chairs then going back to the kitchen to finish her own breakfast. She didn't mind cooking for all of her children and their significant others, as she knew that if she didn't, they would hardly eat, and certainly not healthily. Molly had already started making wedding plans in her head, and hoped that Hermione would allow her to help, as she had started thinking of the girl as another daughter in the past few years.

As if reading Molly's thoughts, Hermione walked into the kitchen to place her empty plate in the basin, and gave the older woman a tight hug before replying, "I'd love to wear your shawl, and I would love it if you would help me with the planning. I'm sure you've some wonderful ideas, as you've already gone through three other weddings and I've no experience whatsoever."

Molly nodded, not knowing if she could speak without her voice cracking, although she had a huge smile on her face. Hermione helped her clean up the kitchen as the others scattered off to work or to run last minute errands before Christmas.

28. Velvet

About an hour later, Charlie and Hermione walked toward the wards surrounding the Burrow, both carrying their overnight bags, to apparate to their destination. Charlie held out his elbow and grinned.

"Hold tight to me, since I don't want to tell you where we're going."

"Just don't splinch me, Weasley." Hermione replied in a mocking tone. She had teased Charlie mercilessly about failing his apparition test the first time.

"I wont, Granger." Charlie replied, grinning lasciviously at her, "Trust me, I want you in one piece when we get there." Hermione felt her knees weaken at Charlie's intense stare. A pop later, and they were standing on a wide avenue, with a view of the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Hermione looked around, her eyes growing wide.

"Paris?" She asked, not sure she wanted to believe her suspicions.

"Paris," Charlie confirmed, taking her hand and leading her down the street a ways to a low building with several townhouses in a row. He stopped at the third one and pulled out two keys, and turned to her before continuing, "If you like it, our new home. If not, we'll find something else."

Hermione's eyes grew wide at the key he held out to her, and she took it with shaking hands. She wasn't sure what she had expected, but it certainly wasn't a house. Her lower lip trembled a bit as she stuck the key in the lock and turned the bolt before stepping inside. She didn't want Charlie to see her cry, but she didn't think she could hold the floodgates much longer as she looked around the sweet little flat. There were three bedrooms, two decent sized bathrooms, a large kitchen and a large den, perfect for the two of them to start a family of their own, and if she needed to she could enlarge the rooms to fit her needs.

"What do you think?" Charlie asked, not sure what to make of her initial reaction, and she had yet to say anything.

"Oh, Charlie, it's wonderful! Thank you so much, but you didn't have to do all of this..."

"I wanted to." Charlie replied as he pulled her to him, just as the tears started to flow down her cheeks. She pulled away, wiping futilely at her eyes when she heard a small mew from somewhere behind her. She turned around and followed the noise, the mewing getting louder as she reached the back patio. She unlocked and flung the door open to reveal a small bedraggled calico kitten sitting on the doorstop, begging for food and shelter. As softhearted as Hermione was, she couldn't resist picking the little fellow up and rubbing a hand across his head, smoothing down the velvety fur. She cradled him in her arms as she turned to Charlie, who was also a sucker for helpless animals, and asked,

"Oh, Charlie, it looks like we have a new pet."

Charlie chuckled to himself as he watched Hermione conjure a bowl of cream for the new member of their family and setting it down for him to attack before turning back to Charlie and stepping into his embrace again. He kissed the top of her head, then hooked a finger under her chin and kissed her softly on the lips. Everything was changing for them, fort the better, and Charlie couldn't imagine being happier as he mumbled "Merry Christmas, Kitten" across her lips before kissing her again.

29. Whisper

The next June, as Charlie and Hermione slowly twirled around the dance floor, gazing lovingly into each other eyes, the rest of the world seemed to melt away. When the orchestra started to play a faster number, Charlie led Hermione gently off the dance floor and toward the main table, where they were expected to cut the cake within the next few minutes.

Among cheers, whistles and catcalls, they placed their hands together on the cake server and cut one slice of cake, each taking a handful to feed each other before drinking a toast. Hermione gently placed her handful in Charlie's mouth, he chewed with a thoughtful look on his face before grinning mischievously at her and shoving his entire handful across her mouth, managing to get smear it everywhere but into her mouth. He waved broadly at the assembled wedding guests before throwing his arms around her waist and apparating them both to their new flat. As he laid her on their marriage bed, he licked the icing off of his face before leaning down and suckling her earlobe gently. He felt himself harden when she let out a soft moan. As he began removing her dress, he whispered softly in her ear,

"I love you so much."

"I love you too, Charlie" She whispered back as he finally managed to pull the stockings off her legs and stood to work on his tux. He managed the bowtie and vest before Hermione sat up to unbutton his shirt. She placed butterfly kisses across his broad chest as she pushed the shirt off his shoulders. He reached around her with both hands and unclasped her brassiere, pulling it gently off her arms and letting it fall to the ground as he lay her back onto the bed, then removed his shoes, socks and pants as fast as humanly possible.

"Gee, Charlie, if I didn't know any better, I would think you were a bit randy." Hermione teased, grinning mischeviously.

"You know damn well I'm horny, Hermione, as mum saw fit to keep us seperated for the last month before the wedding. I can't wait any longer, I need you." Charlie pulled off his boxers as he claimed her mouth in a passionate kiss, making her whimper in response. Charlie ran his hands down her sides to the top of her knickers and hooked his fingers around the elastic, yanking them down her legs. He held the knickers up and looked at them, one eyebrow raised.

"White, Hermione? Not your normal style."

"They went with the dress. You're not the only one that's randy, you know." Hermione whimpered as she arched her back towards him. He took the hint and aimed his member at her womanhood and they both sighed in satisfaction as he buried himself up to the hilt. He set a steady rythym, hoping he would last a little while, as it had been several days since he had even had a date with rosy palm and her five sisters.

A few minutes later, Hermione felt the tell tale tightening in her lower belly and she whimpered in a certain way, letting Charlie know that she was close. He reached down and flicked her clit a few times, making her come unhinged with a low, keening cry as she bit into his shoulder. He followed not long after, with a mix between a whimper and a grunt, before rolling off to the side and pulling her to him. They both fell into a deep, satisfied sleep, smiles on their faces.

30. Two

About six weeks later, Charlie came home from work one afternoon to any empty house. Wondering what could have happened to Hermione, as she always came home earlier than him, he started dinner, thinking that she may have stayed over to work on her pet projects. She had taken a special interest lately in preserving kneazles, as several poachers were running the species extinct due to the price of their fur skyrocketing. Just as Charlie was putting the finishing touches on dinner, he heard the door open and close, and saw Hermione plop down onto the sofa in the den. Knowing something wasn't quite right with his wife, he placed warming charms over the food and sat down on the couch next to her, pulling her into his arms quietly, knowing she would tell him her problems in her own time.

After about thirty minutes of cuddling, Hermione turned her face up to him and explained, "I had a healer's appointment this afternoon. Remember, I've been waking up ill several mornings and I thought it might be a case of the flu?" Charlie nodded, remembering all to well holding his beloved wife's hair back as she dry heaved into the commode. He had encouraged her to go to the healer then, but she had insisted she felt better by lunch time. "Well, I told your mum about my symptoms and she suggested that I should go anyway, just to make sure everything was all right. So, I went to Healer Derwynt this afternoon, and she ran all the typical tests, and I found out what was going on." Hermione fell quiet again, not sure how she was going to break the news to Charlie, as she wasn't quite sure how soon he wanted to start a family. She looked into the kitchen and saw the dinner Charlie had made, spaghetti, one of her favorites. She was actually quite hungry and didn't want the warming charms to wear off. She looked at Charlie, a slight smile playing on her lips. Her huband was always so quiet and patient with her, she knew he would be a wonderful father.

"Let's go ahead an eat, before the warming charms wear off." Hermione suggested, standing up and helping Charlie up.

"All right, if you want." Charlie replied, wondering what the Healer had said, but he didn't want to push Hermione, as she had been a bit testy lately.

"I hope you made plenty, as I'm eating for two now." Hermione remarked as she sat down, wondering if Charlie would get the hint. Apparently, he did, as his eyes grew wide and he gaped like a fish out of water for a few minutes before smiling brightly and grabbing her and spinning her around. He put her back on her feet before grabbing her hands and asking,

"You mean you're..." Hermione grinned and nodded in answer.

"I'm gonna be a daddy. You're going to a mum. Oh, Kitten, this is great!" Charlie replied as they sat back down to eat.

"I'm glad you think so, Charlie, I was really nervous about telling you." Hermione said, blushing a bit. Charlie chuckled in response, leave it to Hermione to think he would be bothered by her getting pregnant. He had wanted a family of his own since his Hogwarts days, and his wonderful wife had provided it for him. He couldn't have been happier, and to think, all he thought he had wanted was a shag.

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