Strange Magic

A/N- I decided to write a fic where Fiona and the other princesses have Winx but Rapunzel has learned dark magic at Cloud Tower and wants to take the kingdom but Leah and I have to help Fiona and the others stop her.

Fiona was keeping something from Shrek. She was a faerie along with the princesses except for Rapunzel. They had Winx inside them that allowed them to become faeries at any time once they believed in themselves.

It had happened when hunters had ruined their tea party in Far, Far Away…

That fateful day…

Fiona and the other princesses were at Far, Far Away a few weeks after Artie became king. They were having a tea party. Artie was with Shrek doing guy stuff. "At least now the kingdom's safe from creeps like Charming." Snow said. "Yes you're right Snow. Charming has been crushed by the tower and Rapunzel has went into hiding. What could go wrong?" Fiona replied until the Black Knight burst in and lunged at Fiona. "What do you think you're doing!" she yelled as anger bubbled inside her but she changed as magic surrounded her.

When it vanished, Snow and the others were amazed. Fiona had become a faerie. "How did you do that?" Doris asked curiously. "I believed that I could kick his butt and it just happened." Fiona answered. She was wearing a sparkly short black top with a short sparkly black mini skirt, long black gloves on her arms and shoes as well as wings.

Snow and the others were surrounded by magic as they believed in helping their friend and transformed into faeries too. Snow had a long dark red dress, short red gloves, boots and wings, Doris had a ripped up purple top and a punk rock style mini skirt along with biker boots and wings. Sleeping Beauty was wearing a sparkly indigo top and mini sjirt along with sneakers and wings. Their bodies and hair had changed as well in these forms.

They then used their Winx to scare off the Black Knight… To this very day, they promised to keep the kingdom safe from harm no matter what.

Back to present day…

Right now Fiona, Snow, Doris and Aurora were in their Winx forms patrolling the kingdom to make sure Charming or any of his friends weren't causing trouble. When they got back to the castle, they saw two girls. One had short black and red hair, was slender bodied, wore punk rock clothes and jeans with black boots. She wore red and black glasses and carried a symbol cane.

The other one had long chestnut hair, dark brown eyes, had brown skin and was wearing a Naruto head band. "Carley! Leah! It's so good to see you!" Fiona said as they hugged. "It's awesome to see you guys too. We've been hanging out in Duloc for a while." Leah answered. Fiona noticed Carley staring at her and the other princesses in Winx form. "You guys… have Winx! Cool!" Carley told her softly.

Leah knew her friend had some self esteem issues and confidence issues she was working on and Fiona and the others understood that. "What's Winx? Please! You've got to tell us what it is!" Doris told her. "It's magical powers that lie within yourself and when you believe in yourself, it transforms you into kick butt faeries able to take care of bad guys like Baltor." Carley explained quietly. Fiona saw Leah smile at her creative friend.

But Rapunzel wasn't finished with Fiona, the other princesses or their human friends. She'd gotten powers from training in Cloud Tower and was ready to take them all on. Fiona and the other princesses then transformed back into their normal selves. "We're just really glad you two are back. We missed you." she said to Leah as Carley was exploring the kingdom. But then she saw somebody appear dressed in a long black dress. It was Rapunzel. "What do you want?" she asked afraid. Rapunzel cackled at that as she cast a spell that knocked out the twebty year old.

"This is perfect bait for Fiona and her loser friends!" she thought as she stood on the Farbuck's roof holding her trophy. Fiona then saw Leah look up at the sky. Dark clouds had covered the peaceful blue skies that had been there moments ago. "Something isn't right." Fiona said as she heard cackling. "The Bald Traitor has your friend!" Snow yelled as she saw Rapunzel hovering over the Farbuck's roof. "Guys don't worry about me! It's a trap!" Carley yelled as Rapunzel hit her in the chest with magic. Leah felt anger bubble in her heart. "She won't get away with this!" she shouted. "We know. We're going to get her back!" Doris said as the princesses transformed into their Winx forms and flew to where Rapunzel was...