"Normal Speak"


"Kyuubi/ Other demon/ Greater Summoning speaking"

'Kyuubi/ Other demon/ Greater Summoning thinking'


Warnings: Female Naruto, Good Danzo, Evil Sarutobi, Semi-dark/Good Itachi, Crazy Naruto, Semi-evil Kyuubi, One-sided pairings, and...VULGAR LANGUAGE!

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto; I do however own this story, disclaimer, and any OC's within.

Main Pairing: Ita/Kinmu, one-sided Sasu/Kinmu

Her Story

Chapter 1


On the night of October 10th, the sky was a dark stormy color. Shouts of pain rang in the air.

A large monstrous demon crashed through trees, his tails flailing about through the sky, his mouth salivating. His blood red eyes shone with malice and hate towards the shinobi on the ground. As he leaped into the air letting out a fierce roar there was a cry.

"Hold it off till the Yondaime gets here!"

Their honorable Yondaime Hokage was sitting in his office looking at the demon. Near by was a crib with a small blond child contained inside. The child's brilliant blue eyes looked at him in anger. She knew that the demon was attacking, but that he was doing nothing. As he turned to look at the small girl he glared at her.

"What right do you have to look at me hatefully? You have killed your own mother! What reason do I have to let you live!?"

"Calm down Minato." The wise voice of the Sandiame Hokage was soft beside him. "If you're that angry with the child why not sacrifice her to the demon? You could seal it within her with that seal of yours and then meet up with your departed lover." He looked at the blond child as well and chilled his eyes. The child had taken away the woman that was sunshine to the city.

"I can tell the people you wanted her to be seen as a hero. But they probably won't see her as anything more than Kyuubi. Then she would be attacked and paid back for taking her mother's life. Would you like that Minato?"

Seeing the blond Hokage nod his head Sarutobi sighed. "Prepare your seal and summon Gamabunta. Then take her and seal Kyuubi into her."

Minato nodded before disappearing in a yellow flash to prepare himself. He turned his head as he heard the door squeak open. Danzo, Jiraya, and Tsunade stood there in front of him their eyes wide. Jiraya shook his head disappointed.

"I can't believe you Sarutobi-sensei. You would ruin the life of a child because her mother died in childbirth. If anyone should be able to see past this it is you. Maybe Orochimaru was right. You are a fool, nothing more, nothing less."

Tsunade nodded her head in agreement, "We should have left with him when we had a chance Jiraya. Now it's too late, and we can do nothing to stop their stupid plan, I feel that if we protect that child, your student will hunt us down Jiraya."

The Gama-sannin nodded his head and sighed before looking at his senior. "You should be ashamed of yourself Sarutobi. You should be truly ashamed." He looked at Danzo, "Even Danzo agrees. This is inhumane and cruel. I can't believe you or Minato would ever be capable of something like this." He glared at his sensei with full forced anger and just then a yellow flash appeared.

"Jiraya-sensei? Tsunade-sama? Danzo? What are you doing here?" The confused Hokage looked at his three elders in bafflement, and it only grew when Jiraya leveled a glare his way.

"I can't believe you Minato. Sacrificing your daughter because your wife died in childbirth. That's low; I don't even want to imagine how you came up with this. But mark my words right now. We will come back Tsunade and me, and when we do. We'll take her back with us. Even if that means betraying Konoha. We won't let you kill her spirit." With their final words the two sannin walked away their postures clearly disappointed.

Danzo eyed the young girl sitting in the crib. She looked at him and her eyes showed sadness. As if she understood what was being said about her. Danzo himself was amazed, the girl was not even a day old, and she was sitting up like she was born to do it. Sighing he looked at Sarutobi and Yondaime. "Understand now, Sarutobi, Minato. You do this to her, and let her be hated. You will lose your greatest asset. Have none of you noticed yet? Children do not sit up on their own till quite a while. Look at this child, is she lying down?" The two men looked over; the girl immediately fell backwards and seemed to glare at Danzo. His eyebrows rose in amazement.

So young and already understanding the duty of a ninja. He stepped backwards, "I will take my leave now. Enjoy ruining your future." With a last look at the blond girl he turned and left the room.

Minato looked at the child lying in the bed and glared before lifting her up. He nodded to Sarutobi and took off out the door. Landing atop Gamabunta's head he looked down into the young girl's eyes. Her eyes were wide and blue like his, but her skin coloring and hair texture was that of her mothers. She had soft straight hair and was quite pale. He could see streaks of red hair in the blond child's hair. As they came up on the demon before them he was shaken by the ferocity of it.

The red eyes were deep with malice and he could smell the fury. As the demon roared again he heard a call from the ground, "The Yondaime is here! Fall back! Fall back!"

He watched his shinobi fall back towards Konoha and began his hand seals. As he finished he called out, "Shiki Fujin!" As a bright white flashed Gamabunta disappeared from under him and he fell, his child in his arms. As he thudded to the ground he looked at her finally. His eyes shone with hate as he watched her. As she opened her eyes he was shocked. Her eyes weren't the same blue as his anymore. They were a blue-gray color. A mix of his and her mothers. He shut his eyes as he felt his life leave him and sighed.

"I hate you, Kinmuku." He had named her, with his last breath, his chest froze and he heard the cry of his ninja.


They never noticed the dark shadow slipping past and gathering the young girl from their dead Hokage's arms and fleeing to the forest.

As the shadow came to a stop it crouched and placed the child into the arms of a man. Bowing low he said softly,

"Her name is Kinmuku. Namikaze Uzumaki Kinmuku."

The man nodded his head. "Yes, fitting don't you think, Jiraya, Tsunade?" The two sannin stepped out of the shadows and Tsunade bent over the child. She lifted her up and held her in her arms.

"I suppose it is Danzo. I suppose it is."