"Normal speak"


"Kyuubi/ Greater Demon/ Summoning Speaking"

'Kyuubi/ Greater Demon/ Summoning thinking'

"Jutsu/ Emphasis"

"Kanpuu Speaking"

'Kanpuu Thinking'

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Main Pairing: Ita/Kinmu, one-sided Sasu/Kinmu

Her Story

Chapter 12

The Wait and the Product


Sarutobi glared darkly at the young girl but she took it in stride. "Hello Sarutobi-san. It is a pleasure to finally meet you. You've known me as Byakuya Rin for the past six months or so. I would prefer it to stay that way if you don't mind."

Sarutobi was shocked by the girl's formality. "You will not win me over so easily child."

"I plan not to. I simply want our relationship as superior and subordinate to remain as it was before you realized completely who I am. I am aware that you had suspicions. Let them remain that if you would please Hokage-sama." She turned took Tsunade's hand and the two exited the hospital leaving a stunned Kage in their wake. It would be nearly three weeks before anyone caught sight of the strange golden haired gennin again.

Three Weeks Later

"Kakashi. It is good to see you back. Where did young Sasuke go?"

"He went to go meet his teammates for lunch. He's finally learning to accept people for what they are. Sakura contacted him as soon as she found out she was back. How she managed to find Rin…I don't know about that one."

Sarutobi froze at the mention of the blonde haired girl, recalling the events that made it so Rock Lee could walk again. He would soon be back to training, and he couldn't be happier that he had managed to keep a hard working shinobi under him.

"Kakashi…I'm sure you've heard of how Tsunade returned and managed to take care of poor Lee, correct?"

Kakashi nodded his head. "I am also aware of what you're probably wanting to tell me next. Rin is sensei's daughter. I found out about it while I was off with Sasuke. She showed them the seal as a way to confirm her identity if they got separated during the exam. Sasuke questioned me about chakra sensitive tattoos."

Sarutobi eyed Kakashi carefully. "You seem fine with this. Why is that?"

The silver-haired jounin shook his head. "Simple, I ran into Jiraya immediately after I came back and I asked him if he knew sensei's daughter was still alive. He came right out and told me. Tsunade, Jiraya, and Danzo have all been living with her since she was a child. I questioned him about the boy living with them as well and he told me it was just a straggler they had picked up in their time living at the house."

Sarutobi shook his head. "All this time two of my sannin have been only hours away and they never bothered to drop in and say hello."

Eyeing his leader Kakashi said "It may because of the fact that you hate Rin-chan so much. From what I heard from Jiraya Minato-sensei made his peace with her years ago, his spirit did at least. Kushina-sama never hated her in the first place. What you've done is inexcusable Hokage-sama."

The Hokage looked shaken. "Now, if you don't mind me. I'll go join my team for lunch. It sounds quite appetizing." The jounin smiled and poofed out of the office.

Barbeque Restaurant

"…Kurenai taught me so much about genjutsu and she wanted me to teach her a few things with the whip that she hadn't seen herself. Kinmuku, you said you taught me only the basics!"

A light twinkling laughter came from a booth in the restaurant and Kakashi smiled. He had to admit that Kinmuku had quite the amazing laugh, so much like Kushina-sama's.

"You got the basics down in a day Sakura! That was one thing you've done that amazes me. I had to teach you something else so I taught you a few moves that I'd come up with."

Kakashi came up to the table to see Sakura blush, it was so rare she got any sort of praise from the tough blonde. "Welcome back Rin. I understand you've disappeared for a good three weeks."

Sasuke looked over, surprised to see his sensei done with speaking to the Hokage so quickly. "Kakashi, didn't you have to report what we'd done over the three weeks to Hokage-sama?"

Kakashi shook his head, "No, he had something entirely different he wanted to discuss." His one eye shifted to look at Kinmuku. "Rin, I'll need to talk to you after lunch."

The girl narrowed her eyes but nodded.

"Sensei, why don't you join us for lunch? Unless this delicious food is too low for you dining pleasure." Sakura giggled as Kakashi rolled his one eye and seated himself next to Sakura. It hit him then, Sasuke was seated next to Kinmuku and Sakura didn't seem the least bit angry that the girl managed to sit next to her 'beloved Sasuke-kun'.

"So, Rin, what did you do over your break?" Sakura asked. "You've heard from both me and Sasuke."

Kinmuku laughed that twinkling laugh again and Kakashi laughed inwardly as he saw Sasuke's eyes warm slightly. "I went to go visit Shijimi-sama in the capital. Shin-onee-san stayed up there and is coming back down for the exam. I learned an amazing new jutsu and otoji let me sign a summoning contract."

Kakashi smiled, "What's the summon?" Unwilling to satisfy his curiosity Kinmuku shook her head. "Can't tell you sensei. You'll have to see for yourself."

Kakashi nodded, "I suppose the same goes for this amazing jutsu."

She nodded and let a wide grin spread across her face. "Anyways, I have to go here soon, I'm meeting up with Ita-kun. Haven't seen him since before we left; he didn't earn the marvelous pleasure of coming with us. Kakashi-sensei you wanted to speak with me?"

The silver-haired man nodded and Kinmuku nudged Sasuke. "Mind letting me out Uchiha-kun?" She playfully batted her eyes at him and Kakashi nearly laughed out loud as he saw the look on the Uchiha's face.

Sasuke bolted out of the seat and Kinmuku smiled. "Thank you." Sliding out of the booth she stood up and smoothed out her plated skirt. "See you guys in a few days." She waved to her teammates and headed out the door with the much taller jounin at her side.

Stopping a few feet away from the door Kinmuku turned around and Kakashi began what he knew what would be a rough confrontation.

"Do you want to take this to somewhere more…private?"

Kinmuku shook her head. "Nothing you could say would really surprise me sensei."

"Alright then….Kinmuku, it's nice to finally meet you." He held his hand out and was honestly surprised when her hand met his within a few seconds.

"I knew you'd figure it out soon enough sensei." She had a wide grin on her face. "When you didn't figure it out after you came to the house I figured I'd have to give you a nudge. That's why I showed Sakura and Sasuke the seal."

Kakashi shook his head, amazed at the ingenuity of the golden-haired girl in front of him. "When are you planning on revealing yourself?"

Kinmuku smiled, "Once Sarutobi is dead. I don't need him announcing that I'm the Kyuubi container now of all times. Who knows what would happen then."

Kakashi nodded, understanding. "I'll let you go meet your friend then."

"Thank you Kakashi-sensei!" She let out a burst of laughter and turned around running away.

Kakashi headed back inside to check in and see how Sakura's training had progressed while he was gone.

After a few minutes of running Kinmuku came upon where she knew Itachi would be waiting. Seeing him leaning up against the wall of a building she slowed and trotted over to him. "Ita-kun!"

Itachi's head snapped away from what he had been looking at to the direction in which he had heard her voice. Not having the time to really register her he managed to catch the black and gold blob that was his favorite gennin.

"Welcome back Kin-chan." Itachi's voice was like silk as he spoke softly in her ear and Kinmuku shivered. She recalled the kiss they had shared months ago and looked up into his dark eyes.

"Can we go home now Ita-kun?" Her voice was soft and gentle and Itachi nearly melted at the sound. He hadn't seen her in three long weeks and they hadn't left on the best terms.

Three Weeks Before

"You tried to fight the psychotic sand-nin that did that to Lee!?" Tsunade's voice was high and shrill. "That child opened the gates and still wasn't fast enough to hurt him!"

Itachi stood off to the side, next to Tsunade, looking at Kinmuku disappointed. "Are you trying to get yourself killed before you can even get going in life?" He asked, hurt by her actions.

Jiraya stood next to Kinmuku. One hand on her shoulder. "Do you know anything about this sand-nin Itachi? If not you wouldn't understand. Tsunade you know what he is but you don't understand the bond between people like him and her!"

Kinmuku was looking down sadly at her feet. The only person in her family on her side was Shin and Jiraya. Shin because he knew how the girl got when she met what seemed to be a very good prospect and Jiraya because he knew about the Jinchuruki bonds.

"Oba-san…I won't say I'm sorry. I'm not. I wanted to fight Gaara, I still do. I can't help that!" She looked up from her feet and there were the traces of tears in her eyes. "You don't understand the reason for it, that's not my fault. But whether you like it or not I'm going to fight him."

Her eyes lit up with anger as she saw Itachi shake his head. "You don't understand Itachi. And I don't care anymore. Otoji, onee-san can we please leave now?" The two nodded and they turned heading off in the direction of the capital. Tsunade and Itachi said nothing as they left, but Itachi couldn't help feeling hurt. She had only called him Itachi twice in his life.

"She'll be understanding when she returns. I know she will," Tsunade said watching the blond girl walk away.

Present Day

"Of course we can Kin-chan. Come on." He pulled away from her enough for her to get back on her feet. She backed up a bit but Itachi grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer, wrapping an arm around her shoulders he walked her back towards the house.

Feeling his arm around her shoulders Kinmuku couldn't help letting a small smile spread across her lips. She loved Itachi, she really did. As they grew closer to the house Kinmuku slowed a bit. Making Itachi slow with her until Kinmuku finally came to a stop.

"Itachi…I'm sorry if what I said before I left hurt you. I'm still not sorry that I said it though. You can't understand the bond between us Jinchuruki. None of the Biju have ever been close. But the bond between Kyuubi and the Biju that Gaara-san contains…they would fight all the time. When I met Gaara, Kyuubi went crazy. When it was just me and him…alone in that room…" She trailed off.

Itachi's eyes hardened. "You were in a room alone with this boy? We researched him while you were gone. He's a monster, he is always attacking and killing people even in his own town."

Kinmuku glared darkly at Itachi. "His family was with him. And did you really call him a monster?" Her eyes were bleeding red and Itachi shivered.

"Kinmuku, stop you're letting Kyuubi out."

"I don't really care Itachi," she hissed "Never call another Jinchuruki a monster. Not in front of me. I am no different from the rest of them." She stepped away from him growling darkly. "Go home Itachi. Tell Oba-san that I'll be back in a few hours."

Stalking off into the forest Itachi made a motion to follow her into the forest when he saw a column of fire burst from the top of the trees and froze. 'Why is she so testy about this?' Itachi shook his head and headed off towards the house.

"Where is Kinmuku?" Were the first words out of Tsunade's mouth.

Itachi looked down. "I apparently said something to upset her and she ran off into the woods." He heard a low growl from Jiraya. "I did not mean to do it Jiraya!"

The toad sannin shook his head angrily. "When she gets back here…leave her alone until she comes to you. If I have to forcibly do it I will. She doesn't need to be hurt anymore."

Itachi opened his mouth to reply when the door slid open. Kinmuku stepped through the door quickly followed by Mashiro. "Oba-san, it's good to see you again." She walked over to Tsunade without even glancing at Itachi.

Tsunade stood and embraced the young girl. "I'm sorry Kinmuku." The blonde nodded and stepped out of the hug.

"I'm going to go up and sleep Oba-san, it has been a long day. Good night." She bent over and gave Jiraya a kiss on the cheek along with Tsunade and headed up the stairs.

Itachi made a move to follow her but was stopped by Jiraya. "I told you. Leave her alone."

In Kinmuku's Room

Sitting on her bed Kinmuku let out a long sigh. "Mashiro, keep guard at the door please." The silver fox nodded and Kinmuku let her eyes slip shut and entered a meditative state.

"Welcome back young one. It is wonderful to see you again. Are you ready to begin your training with Tsukiyo? You have finished my training and it is time your water training was begun.

Kinmuku nodded smiling. "Arigato Kanpuu-sama. Tsukiyo-san, what do you have for me to begin with?"

The Kyuubi grinned darkly. "Hell."

Kinmuku shivered before letting a huge grin spread across her face. "Alright then. Hell it is."

By the time morning rolled up Kinmuku had finally pulled out of her meditative state and let out a groan. "Mashiro, Tsukiyo is a bastard isn't he." The silver fox let out a low hiccupping sound that was her version of a laugh.

"Kinmuku, you must forgive the Uchiha boy. He doesn't understand your position. I know what he said last night hurt you, but you know that you love him despite it all."

'I can not do that. Not now. He knows what he said was horrible. Until he resends it I will not forgive him.'

Kinmuku shed the clothes she had been wearing the day before and pulled on a fresh new set. Putting on some fishnet stockings she pulled on a black platted skirt that was red inside of the plates. She slipped into a tight red halter top that revealed much of her back and stopped right above her stomach.

Sighing she stepped over to the small mirror she had in her room and placed a small amount of black eyeliner just below both eyes and put mascara on. Pulling her long blonde hair back into a bun she placed two red chopsticks in to hold it in place. Taking in her looks she picked up the small tube of cherry lip-gloss and spread a small amount over her lips.

Smiling she pulled on a pair of fishnet gloves and quickly began to place all 6 sets of her earrings in along with the barbell and belly-button ring. Finally satisfied with her looks she slipped into a pair of knee high black stiletto boots and nodded to Mashiro. Grabbing a small black purse she put the eyeliner and lip-gloss inside of it along with her wallet, Gama-chan. Stepping outside of her room she passed by Itachi's open door, but empty room before heading down the stairs. Seeing Jiraya sitting at the table she grinned.

"I'll be back for dinner Otoji. All of the Rookies are going out to celebrate. We're going to say hello to Lee and then head out."

Jiraya nodded. "Alright Gaki, are you taking Mashiro with you?" The blonde nodded smiling and even as they spoke the fox blurred into sight.

Sitting at the counter was Itachi and he drank in the sight of the blonde. She looked amazing with how she was dressed up. He stood and went over to speak with her when he caught sight of Jiraya glancing at him with a look that said 'don't even try it'.

Kinmuku let out a small laugh as Mashiro twirled around her feet yipping. "Well, I guess I'll see you in a few hours Otoji." She grinned broadly and stepped out the door. Striding out into the garden kind of floating around it in her heels and plucked a beautiful red rose and wove it into her hair.

Waving towards the house she shushined herself and Mashiro to town.


"Hey dog-breath." The voice startled Kiba and he whirled around. "Shut up fox….face?" Kiba seemed incredibly confused by the sight of the blonde girl.

"Well don't you look hot. When did this happen?" He grinned lecherously and didn't notice Sasuke's eyes flash darkly.

Shikamaru glanced over to the girl who was usually the outcast and let out a low whistle. "Man, you are one troublesome girl, do you have any idea what kind of problems you'll cause dressed like that?"

Kinmuku only grinned. "Ready to go see Lee-kun?" The group of kids nodded and they all headed up to the hospital. As they walked in they saw Team Gai walk out.

"How is he?"

Gai grinned. "Much better. Tsunade-sama herself came and healed him! They say he'll be able to walk to the stadium to watch the exams."

Kinmuku smiled, "That's amazing Gai-sensei. We were just going in now to say hello."

Gai smiled again. "It is amazing to know that Lee-kun has friends that blaze with the flames of youth!"

The group had a collective shiver. "I will let you go now. Lee-kun's health with help fan your flames of youth!"

Finally the group of teens managed to get into Lee's room. The youth had tried to get back into his green spandex but the nurses had put a stop to it before he could really get into it. Kinmuku smiled, "So Lee, I heard Tsunade-sama fixed you up. How's it feel to know that someone cares enough to fetch her?"

Lee smiled widely. "It is an honor to know that Tsunade-sama would be willing to heal a random shinobi like myself."

The group of teens smiled and shared a few stories of their time training. After having spent an hour in the room with Lee they finally decided to act on their earlier plans.

"Who's up for a break on Hokage Mountain?" Everybody nodded their agreement and the nine gennin strolled along chatting happily about who they thought would win what matches or how they would go down. Reaching the top the kids stretched out. Mashiro and Akamaru ran about chasing one another yipping and barking.

Kiba couldn't help laughing nor could Kinmuku. Within moments the whole group outside of Sasuke and Shino were laughing. After settling down the group finally laid out in a large circle content to watch the clouds roll by. Finally the sun began to set and the group had all sat back up and were watching the colors in the sky.

Kinmuku had Mashiro resting in her lap and Kiba was sitting close to her trying to impress her with what training he had done while she had been gone and to convince her he was ready for a rematch. Away from the rest of the group Sasuke watched as Kiba tried flirting with Kinmuku and growled low in the back of his throat.

He didn't notice how distracted the girl was however as he tried to flirt with her and after the sun had finally set she was the first one standing. "I have to get back home guys. I promised my Otoji that I'd be home for dinner."

"Aw, Rin-chaan, can't you break your promise just this once?" Kiba whined.

"Sorry Dog-breath. No can do, I'll catch you guys in a few days." She waved and disappeared down the mountain. When everyone else got up and finally reached the bottom there was no sight of Kinmuku or her fox.

Back at the Uzumaki House

"Tadiama!" The voice was cheerful as she stepped through the door. But she lost her grin almost as soon as she walked in. Itachi was sitting at the table and she searched the house for other signatures. No one.

"Kinmuku. I need to talk to you." He stood up and walked over to her. She didn't make it easy on him however stepping back onto the porch. "Kin-chan, please."

The sun-kissed girl looked darkly at him. "Care to rescind your comment about Gaara being a monster? Cuz I'm afraid that I won't speak to you till you do."

Itachi sighed and leaned against the wall. The hammock swayed gently in the breeze. It hadn't been used since the girl had become a gennin, not by the both of them anyways. He remembered when they would lay there and count stars or watch clouds roll by.

"I didn't mean to offend you when I called him a monster Kinmuku. But do you know anything about this boy? He has killed innocent civilians, children even."

Kinmuku sighed. "I know. But no one can be a true monster. I actually got to talk to him, we both contained the blood lust. We're going to fight when it gets down to it. When the chuunin exams finally start again it'll be me and Gaara in the finals. You can't stop that Itachi. But you can stop yourself from calling him a god damned monster!"

She glared darkly at him and he stepped up close to her putting her back to the wall. She had no options, he blocked her escape route as did the wall. "Kinmuku, I'm sorry that my calling him a monster offended you. I won't do it again, I promise."

The golden haired girl looked deeply into his black eyes with her own storm blue. "Fine. Do you mind moving now?" She had a very faint blush on her cheeks and Itachi let a small grin enter his eyes.

"But I'm really enjoying this Kin-chan. Do I really have to move?" He let a small smile flight across his lips, leaning in closer he whispered, "Besides, I've really missed getting to be this close to you. We haven't used the hammock since you became a gennin."

Kinmuku shivered. Itachi's minty scent washed into her nose and his breath tickled her ear. "Ita-kun…Oba-san and Otoji…they could come back any second…I…I don't think so."

Itachi shook his head and kissed her exposed shoulder blade. "Tsunade and Jiraya went out to Manubi's about ten minutes ago and after that they're gonna go drinking. They won't be back till tomorrow morning." He kissed her shoulder blade again and moved up to her neck.

"I-Itachi…wh-what are you…" the Uchiha moved from kissing her neck and placed his lips over hers, silencing her. Almost instantly the gennin in his arms melted kissing him back. After a moment she pulled away shaking.

"I can't do this right now Itachi…"she looked down at her feet still clad in black stilettos. "I…I don't think you're thinking straight. It's the outfit. It's confusing you…" She tried to push him away and succeeded.

"Kinmuku…" his voice was slightly hurt. "That's not it…"

The blonde shook her head. "Think things through Itachi...at least wait until after the exams finish. Please." She had a look on her face that Itachi couldn't refuse, he wanted to but he just couldn't.


"Ita-kun...I just...I need time. I'm not going to just rush into things with you after you hurt me as badly as you did. I want this Ita-kun...I really do, and I have since you first came to live in the house with us. But after what you said the other day...it still hurts and I need time."

Itachi sighed but backed up. Kinmuku looked sadly at him but slipped into the house. She went immediately upstairs and slipped into the bathroom.

Turning the hot water on she slid out of her clothes and stepped into the shower. As she started to scrub her scalp she couldn't help crying. Washing hair and body she shuddered with held back sobs.

Finally finished in the shower she turned the water off and leaned her forehead against the wall. Tears slid down her face and she slammed a fist against the wall. Stepping out she wrapped a soft black towel around her body and stepped out of the bathroom and walking into her room.

Shivering, she decided to forgo clothes and let the towel drop onto the floor and slipped under her covers. Under the safety under the large black blanket she let her sobs escape her body. When a knock came from her door Kinmuku tried to quiet her sobs. Standing she slipped into a pair of soft fuzzy pants and pulled a jacket over her head before walking over to the door.

Cracking it open she saw Itachi standing outside. "Can I come in Kin-chan?" The girl closed her eyes and shivered. "Ok." Her voice was soft and she allowed the door to swing open to allow the young man in. He stepped into the room and shut the door behind him.

"Kinmuku...it's the anniversary of the day I came to live in the house which means it's the anniversary of my family's death..." He trailed away and looked deep into her eyes. "Do you mind if I stay with you tonight?"

The blonde shivered, cold despite the warmth of her clothes and nodded. Walking to her bed she pulled the comforter to the side and slid under it. When Itachi slipped in beside her Kinmuku let a small shudder of pleasure run up her spine. It felt…right for him to be there next to him. She couldn't turn to face him however, too scared of the emotions he would see in her eyes.

"Good night Kinmuku. Sweet dreams." His voice whispered in her ear and she shivered violently. Thinking she was cold Itachi pulled her in to him and let his chin rest on top of her head as he began to sleep.

The warmth emanating from Itachi engulfed Kinmuku and she felt herself drifting into sleep. The silver fox that was always nearby the blonde girl had curled up at her feet on the bed, and in the morning, when Itachi awoke. Kinmuku was not in the bed.

He stretched and rolled out of the bed before stepping out of the room. He was clad in only a pair of black shorts with red stripes down the sides. Stepping down the stairs Itachi found Kinmuku at the stove flipping pancakes. Strolling up behind her Itachi wrapped his arms around her hips and whispered in her ear "Ohayo Kin-chan."

He felt her tense and kissed her on the cheek. "Relax. I know Tsunade and Jiraya are not back yet, and Danzo is still in Konoha keeping up appearances."

"That is not why I am tense Itachi-kun. I told you last night that I will need time." The Uchiha sighed but tightened his grip for a moment before releasing her and stepping back. He seated himself in a chair at the table to watch the gennin cook. Once she had finished the pancakes she placed one plate in front of him and placed one for herself.

They ate in silence before Itachi finished and stood stretching out. Itachi smirked slightly as he noticed Kinmuku eyeing him. "You look so much different than Sasuke does. He's all pale and looks like he doesn't do any real hard core strength training."

Itachi raised an eyebrow at her, "And when have you seen my otouto without a shirt on?"

When she blushed Itachi couldn't help growling slightly. "On the mission to Nami. He was walking out of the bathroom as I was walking in."

Itachi rolled his eyes and nearly jumped out of his skin as he heard a voice behind him. "I hope the two of you didn't do anything while we were gone."

"Oba-san!" Kinmuku cried trotting over and giving Tsunade a hug. The two chatted for a few minutes before heading outside to begin the final bits of training.

Day of the Final Exam

The contestants had gathered together in the center of the arena and were surrounded by the roar of the crowds. Only one of the gennin had not shown up. Dozu.

"If Dozu of the Sound does not arrive in the next five minutes he will be disqualified." The proctor announced, a strange man with a senbon in his mouth.

The crowd quieted down and the next five minutes passed agonizingly slow. Finally the time came and the proctor announced Dozu's disqualification.

"The rules in this exam are the same as those in the preliminaries. There are none. But if a competitor forfeits or gives up during their match it will stop. If I deem the fight over you will stop. The only other way for the fight to end is for death or knock out. With that being said will everyone but Haruno Sakura and Sabuku no Gaara exit the arena and head to the competitor box."

As the seven gennin headed to the competitor's box Temari grumbled about the loss of her opponent.

Down in the arena Sakura shook with fright. She had seen what Gaara did to Lee. As the proctor raised his arm to begin the fight Sakura shook even more harshly.

"Proctor I give up!" She shouted not willing to risk her life against Gaara. The red headed gennin glared darkly at her but she was shaking so badly that she didn't really care.

The proctor nodded, understanding of the girl's reasoning. "Shousha, Sabuku no Gaara." The crowd groaned sadly at the loss of a good fight.

"Sakura–san, please exit the arena and join the civilians and other ninja in the stands. Gaara-san, please join the other competitors in the box."

The red-head glared darkly at the proctor but nodded and began a slow ascent up to the booth. "Seeing as the next match was supposed to be Temari against Dozu we will move to the following match. Would Sabuku Kankuro and Hyuuga Neji please enter the arena?"

Within a minute the two contestants were in the middle of the arena. Neji had a rude smirk on his face and Kankuro looked rather serious for once. "Let's get this over with quickly."

As soon as the proctor's hand dropped Neji was flying at Kankuro. Sliding left and right attacking the tenketsu in his hands to stop him from using his puppetry. As Kankuro tried to form the chakra to create strings to control his puppets he found himself totally unable. "Proctor, I forfeit, I can't mold chakra for my puppets."

The proctor nodded, "Shousha, Hyuuga Neji." The Hyuuga shook his head and spat in the direction of Kankuro. "Weak. I can't believe I had to waste my time fighting scum like you."

"Out of the arena Neji-san, Kankuro-san." The two glared at one another before Kankuro headed into the stands to join the ninja and civilians. Neji moved up into the competitor box while Sasuke and Shino headed down.

Once both Shino and Sasuke had reached the center of the arena Genma raised his arm began the match.

Instantly Sasuke leaped back and Shino released a swarm of bugs. As Sasuke saw the bugs begin to swarm towards him, so as to drain his chakra, he began to flip threw handseals.

"Fire Style: Grand Fireball Jutsu"

The swarm split trying to avoid the fireball. Only a few escaped however and Shino allowed a brief moment of panic. None of his bugs were proofed against fire. Flipping backwards trying to avoid another attack like that Shino thought threw his possibilities. Almost all of the Uchiha's jutsu would be fire based. If he continued to send out his swarm to fight he would lose them all.

Coming to a decision to save his bugs above rising in rank Shino raised his arm. "Proctor I can no longer continue!"

The proctor nodded and ended the match, "Shousha. Uchiha Sasuke." The crowd roared their approval as the Uchiha ended his match swiftly. Despite the fact that Sasuke had won by forfeit in the peoples eyes he had won a well earned battle.

"Would Byakuya Rin and Nara Shikamaru please come down to the arena." The proctor announced.

Shikamaru groaned. "Tenduksu. Why do I always have to fight the girls."

Kinmuku rolled her eyes, "Let's go Shika. Afraid you'll lose?"

Shaking his head Shikamaru would have forfeited had Kinmuku not grabbed the back of his shirt and leaped out of the competitors box. Some of the civilians in the stands screamed even as Kinmuku began to slide down the wall and released Shikamaru to fend for himself.

Pushing herself off the wall half way down Kinmuku did a few flips in the air and landed nearly dead center in the arena. Shikamaru contented himself to crash land in the bushes below him.

"Come oooon Shikamaru! I haven't got all day." The blonde gennin whined.

Sighing and wishing he could stay laid back to watch the clouds Shikamaru pulled himself out of the bushes and walked slowly to the center of the arena. After the acrobatic display put on by the young blonde many people in the crowd were looking forward to the match.

"Begin!" The proctor announced dropping his arm and nearly let out a sigh of boredom when the two ninja's just stood there.

"So, your move Shika-chan." Kinmuku said smiling amusedly.

"Tenduksu." He sighed and began flipping away making her grin even wider.

"You should know that won't do you any good Shika-kun," she sang in a sing-song voice. She seemed to blur away in front of his eyes and within a moment she had taken a place right in front of him.

Throwing a right hook towards his face Shikamaru leaned back and slid to the left. Fleeing into the trees Shikamaru looked up at the sun. 'Good, there is still plenty of time before no shadows I'll still have to work fast unfortunately. Tenduksu.'

Jumping back as the blonde threw yet another punch he began to go through hand seals for his family jutsu when the girl disappeared in a puff of smoke. Looking back he saw her standing motionless on the opposite end of the arena.

"Wind Style: Great Breakthrough" The girl suddenly called and flung out her arms. Shikamaru cursed and tried to shield himself with his arms but was still flung backwards to crash into the wall.

A series of gasps was heard from the crowd and Kinmuku smirked. Quickly flying through a long line of hand seals Kinmuku called out "Wind Style: Dragon Gust".

A ravenous wind tore through the arena and it sounded like the wind itself was roaring. Kinmuku hissed as she was hit by the wind as well, unfortunate but manageable, it was a few small scratches on her arms and was nothing compared to what Shikamaru earned.

The boy's shirt had been ripped to pieces and large cuts and a few small gashes littered his body. Unfortunately Kinmuku had never noticed Shikamaru forming hand seals as she cast her own jutsu and nearly froze in fear as she saw the shadow flying towards her across the ground.

Leaping to the side to try and avoid it the shadow twisted following her and she let out a yelp. Flipping backwards she managed to escape the shadow by mere inches. Hissing in the direction of Shikamaru she took a few more steps back.

Kinmuku took careful consideration of the wall's shadow and began to throw kunai and shuriken in the direction of Shikamaru so that he had backed up against the far wall were no shadows were seen.

Flowing through a few more hand seals Kinmuku smirked "This one is a special move of mine Shika-chan! Try not to worry too much though."

Those in the arena could physically feel the temperature in the area drop. Kakashi let out a small gasp of surprise escape him, the power of Ice. How had this young gennin managed to recreate something that was supposed to be only possible through bloodlines?

"Ice Style: Frozen Life." Shikamaru stopped. His feet had been frozen to the ground and his hands encased in ice, stuck to the wall.

"Care to give up now Shikamaru?" The sun-kissed girl asked smiling mischievously.

"I would, but that would mean I'd have to lift my arm up and forfeit. I can't do that now can I?"

The girl shrugged and looked to the examiner. "He can't really continue, I won't unfreeze him because that could cause trouble for me. Care to call it?"

The proctor shook his head at the girl's mouth. "Shousha, Byakuya Rin."

The crowd began to roar, finally they got a good show. Up in the Daiyamo's booth Shijimi smiled. "She's come far hasn't she Shin?"

The red head standing next to him nodded, smiling. "I can not wait for her next match. I'm hoping I'll get to see how far she's come with that jutsu she was working on while she was visiting. It looked like quite the killer."

Shijimi nodded in agreement. "Yes indeed it did. It'll be nice having a well trained shinobi on the staff instead of just samurai." He laughed as Shin glared teasingly at his superior.

"The next match up will be Sabuku no Gaara vs. Sabuku Temari. Will the two please join me in the arena?"

Temari shook her head, "No way Proctor! I forfeit!" Temari yelled not caring about the groaning of the crowd. Would they ever get to see this Gaara fight? Would the Uchiha himself give up to this Gaara person?

"Alright, would Uchiha Sasuke and Byakuya Rin join me in the arena then?"

The two teammates looked at one another. "Ready to lose Sasuke?"

"Only if you are Byakuya." He retorted smirking cockily. The two decided for the express root and leaped out of the contestant's box racing to the center of the arena.

"Ha! I won Uchiha!"

"Whatever dobe. You could only wish that's what happened."

The proctor intervened, "Since you too are just itching to fight, begin!"

Both gennin flew backwards and started flying through hand seals.

"Fire Style: Grand Fireball Jutsu!"

"Wind Style: Great Breakthrough!"

The two jutsu's met in a large explosion and the proctor leaped back before scaling the walls to escape damage.

"Earth Style: Head Hunter's Jutsu!" Kinmuku called out disappearing under the ground. Sasuke wisely flipped back from where he had been standing just in time to get away from the girl's hands trying to pull him under ground.

Seeing that she missed her target the girl pulled herself out of the earth. On the wall she saw Sasuke running through a series of hand seals before clutching his hand out and forming chakra.

In the Stands

"You taught him Chidori!?" A voice shouted. Kakashi winced. Jiraya and Tsunade both had come to the show as themselves. The disguised Itachi, whom Kakashi still didn't know about, had gone down to the edge of the stands to watch Kinmuku's battle.

"I did, but I didn't think he would use it on her!" He shouted. Kakashi glared down at the boy in the arena and flinched as the sound of birds chirping began to fill the arena.

Kinmuku had frozen her stormy blue eyes wide with fear. Even high up as he was, Kakashi could see that she wasn't there. She was thinking back to when Haku had died.

"Wake up girl! He'll kill you!" Someone shouted from the stands. And as Sasuke began to rush down the wall, digging a trench in it, the girl snapped out of her thoughts and let out a horrible snarling sound. Leaping far to the side and rushing up her own part of the wall Kinmuku began to run through hand seals.

Sasuke, having missed his target by some way was standing in the center of the arena. Obviously trying to figure out what the girl would do next. But she was still high up on the wall, running through seals.

Kage Box

"You have quite some talent in your city Hokage-sama. Although, once we see Gaara-kun fight you will agree I have it as well."

The Hokage glanced over at the Kazekage. "Kazekage-sama, you may have quite the talent, but until we see him fight he is nothing more than just another gennin."

The veiled ninja nodded, "Understandable Hokage-sama."


The final few seals had been finished. Her eyes which had slipped closed snapped open. Onyx eyes with brilliantly bright silver and blue specks filling them up glared angrily at Sasuke.

"Elemental Style: Dragon Arts Jutsu!"

The crowd gasped as what had been a clear blue sky began to fill with dark black clouds. Lightning crackled and thunder boomed. From the earth a dragon of mud rose, something began to run through the trees and soon an eddy of leaves took on the form of a dragon, the air became dry as the moisture was sucked away to create a dragon of water. She released a breath of air that ignited and became a dragon of fire. Finally as a bolt of lightning went to the ground it took the shape of one final dragon.

Together the five swirled before they crashed together and became a single dragon glittering with a rainbow of color. The dragon let out a malicious roar and flew towards Sasuke, crashing into the ground right before striking him.

The resulting explosion blew Sasuke back into the wall. The crowd gasped at the display and watched the girl as she descended the wall and strolled over to the Uchiha. "Don't you dare, ever use that attack on another Konoha Ninja." She snarled into his ear.

Nodding almost drunkenly the Uchiha passed out.

"Shousha, Byakuya Rin." The proctor announced. The crowd was silent before a few loud whoops came from the ninja section and then the crowd broke into huge rounds of applause.

"Thank you, thank you." The blonde said mockingly bowing and twirling her arm. A team of medics rushed out to take the Uchiha away and passed Neji on his way out.

"You can't win against me, fate announces it so. The Uchiha was weak you may have been strong enough to defeat him but you are not strong enough to do the same to me."

Falling into position so he would be ready to launch at her once the fight had begun Neji smirked at her only to receive a shake of the head.

"Relying on fate and destiny, it's the weakling's way to go. You can't rely on your own power so you have to claim something else's power."

Neji scowled and looked at the proctor who dropped his arms before flipping out of the way once more. Neji took the girl's momentary distraction and leaped forward, fluidly striking at her attempting to close her tenketsu.

Although the Hyuuga managed to strike her, the tenketsu remained open, making Neji pause. Smirking at the Byakugan user's obvious confusion Kinmuku leaped forward knocking him down after a strike to the abdomen.

The Hyuuga rolled gracefully and flipped her off of him before jumping back to his feet. Hissing angrily Kinmuku slung kunai at Neji only to be deflected by a spinning shield of chakra. Members of the Hyuuga main house gasped, Kaiten being used by a branch house member?

"Do you like it? My ultimate defense, it can't possibly be cracked by a weakling such as yourself."

Snarling the girl leaped forward making a hand seal as she went creating multiple clones that went flying at the Hyuuga. As predicted the shinobi used Kaiten once again and as it began to slow Kinmuku moved in. Leaping in with a kunai in her hand the girl managed to pin the Hyuuga to the ground once again and held the blade to his throat.

"Still think I'm weak Hyuuga Neji?" She hissed, digging the blade into his throat drawing a small line of blood. "Tell me why I shouldn't slit your throat here and now?"

"Because the match is over. Shousha Byakuya Rin." The voice of the proctor startled Kinmuku and she removed the blade and stood up.

"You're in luck Hyuuga. You live another day." She hissed before turning up to the competitors box. A wide grin spread onto her face and a few people in the crowd shivered. The look on the golden haired girl's face was not one that could comfort a single soul.

"Well Gaara, are you ready for that fight!?" She yelled. Her eyes were alight with dark excitement and people in the crowd could feel the rising tension. In a swirl of sand the red headed shinobi had entered the arena, a strangely frightening smile was on his face.

"Mother hungers for your blood Byakuya Rin. It is time her call was answered." He said his sea-foam green eyes glinting maliciously.

"It's time your mother met my 'father'," she hissed the grin growing even wider.

In the stands Itachi looked back to Tsunade. "We couldn't stop it, we never could have could we?" He asked frightened. Uchiha Itachi, killer of the Uchiha clan, was scared of the intense hatred emerging from the arena.

"Two of them in the same place…let alone these two. It won't end well will it Tsunade-sama?"

"I'm afraid not Ita-san." Tsunade whispered sadly. From beside her however Jiraya shook his head. "The two of you forget the ranking of power. They have different names, the higher they are the more powerful. She is more powerful, she won't lose. Every battle comes with injuries and the two of you know it. Accept it, besides, she wants to fight him and he her. It is not just the creatures inside of them wanting to fight. Naturally the two of them want to fight."

He took a deep breath and whispered to them both, "The children of Kage's, they are bound to want to fight one another. He may not know of her heritage, but instinctively he knows. You know how it is Tsunade. Your mother had it bad being the daughter of Shodiame-sama. Always fighting with the children of other Kages. It is nature's course."

A voice called out from the arena which had become eerily quite with the rising tension.


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