Pour Me a Drink

Chapter Ten: Isabella's P.O.V.

I know my mouth dropped to the floor. "What?" I asked Dave. "Steph's cheating on Randy?"

"Oh yeah," Dave laughed. "It's pretty bad because I was the one that introduced Stephanie to the guy."

"Who is it?"

"Just one of my buddies. We go way back so naturally he tells me everything," he replied, keeping his attention on the road in front of him. "Anyway, what's going on between you and Randy?"

"I…uh, slept with him," I answered cautiously, awaiting Dave's reaction. As odd as it seemed, his view of me really was important. But he said nothing. Instead, he looked at me and waited for me to continue. "At one point, I was kind of blackmailing him. He didn't want me to tell Steph so I said for the right price I'd keep my mouth shut. But today…I got tired of it. I felt like shit every time we fucked and I told him that Steph deserved to know. Then…" I trailed off as those piercing blue eyes appeared in my mind.

"Then what? What did he do, Bella?" Dave asked, concern coating his voice.

"He threatened to kill me if I told Steph…or anyone," I mumbled the last two words. Or anyone. "Oh my God, Dave! What happens if he finds out that I told you? I'm gonna fucking die! He's gonna kill me!" I said, tears springing to my eyes. "I don't wanna fucking die."

"Bella, listen to me," Dave said, stopping the car and putting his massive hands on my shoulders to turn me toward him. "You're not going to die, okay? I'm not gonna let anything happen to you."

"But you can't be around all the time! He's going to get me by myself and he'll fucking kill me! He's a damn psychopath!"

"I may not always be around, but I will always be watching," he said, sweeping away my tears with his thumbs.

"Do you think you're God or something?" I asked, looking puzzled.

"Come inside and I'll show you."

I looked out the windshield and saw that we were in a hotel parking lot. I had been so involved in telling my brief history with Randy that I hadn't even noticed.

I stepped out of the car and followed Dave inside and to his hotel room. He walked over to the dining table and turned on his laptop. After a few seconds, a picture popped up that was separated into four smaller pictures.

"Wait a minute," I answered, quickly recognizing two of the four places. "Isn't that…?"

"Yep," Dave answered before I could finish. "Randy's home office and his office at the club. This one here is Steph's office and the lower left one is the office at Randy's liquor shop."

"Why do you have this?" I asked, thoroughly confused.

"You see all of the money that is made from the clubs is deposited into one account. From there, eighty percent of the profits is split up between the four of us and the other twenty is put back in case something major should happen or if we need to build a new club…like Enigma."

"Okay," I said, letting him know that I was still up to speed with what he was saying.

"I usually don't look at the bank statements but for some reason, this past month I did. The last bank statement said that instead of just eighty percent of the profits being taken out, ninety percent was. And when there's anywhere from one to one and a half million dollars going in from each club every month, that extra ten percent is a lot of money. Sure enough, I check the statement to see who got the most money from the deposit. It happened to be none other than your boss. Apparently, he's been embezzling money for the past six months and I just now noticed it."

"Six months?" I asked in disbelief. "Why didn't you check those statements?"

"Because I thought I could trust my business partner. We are the only two that have access to the account. So, now, I'm trying to catch the bastard at it. I've had chips that monitor all activity put in every single one of these computers."

"Your flight didn't get cancelled, did it?" I asked him as I sat on the bed and watched the four video feeds.

"It did, but I was the one who cancelled it. I realized the next deposit goes in Friday and there's no way in hell he's gonna get away with this again."

"I have a question, though. Why are you watching Stephanie's office? She has no reason to take any money."

"I'm just making sure, Bella. Randy's told me himself that all of these computers are registered to that account. That means anyone who wants to can get on there and do anything with that money."

I sat and thought about what Dave had just said. Anyone who has access to that computer can do anything with that money. Hmm… "Why don't you just transfer the money back? I'm sure if Randy registered those computers to an account with that much money, then he's also registered them to his personal bank account."

"And how would you suggest we go about doing that?" Dave asked, his attention solely on me.

"Well, you need someone with access to one of these four computers, right? Who better than me? I fucking live with them for crying out loud."

"But are you sure you would want to take the chance of Randy catching you? Especially after what he has already threatened you with? There's no doubt that he would follow through on the threat if he caught you messing with his money."

"But, Dave, this isn't his money that we're talking about. This is the money that he has stolen from the whole chain. It's not like I'm going to completely wipe out his bank account." Although that would be a pretty nice paycheck for me if I do say so myself.

"I don't think it's a good idea, Bella. You're already in enough danger with him. I've known Randy for a very long time. He has a short fuse and if he even suspects you of doing something like this…there's not telling what he'll do to you," Dave said, moving from the dining table to the bed, beside me.

"I just want to do something right, for a change. This is my opportunity. Not to mention that bastard would finally get what is coming to him. He needs to be put in his fucking place and be shown that he doesn't always get what he wants."

"I'm not going to let you put yourself in that kind of danger. There isn't a chance in hell. And I can guarantee you that none of the other guys will let you either."

"The others know?"

"Of course they do. There's no way that I'm going to keep this from them. Their livelihoods are at stake just as much as mine is. These clubs are what they've built their lives on and for some jackass to take that all away from them just because he's a greedy son of a bitch…no, it's not gonna happen. And you are gonna keep your hands clean in all of this. Honestly, I probably shouldn't have even told you."

"Why do you even give a damn what happens to me? You don't even know me," I said, looking up into his gorgeous brown eyes.

"First impressions say a lot," he smirked back at me.

"The first time you saw me, I was bawling my eyes out in the dressing room. Surely that can only say that I'm fucking weak."

"No," he disagreed. "It means that you do have a soft side and that you're not a cold-hearted bitch like you want everyone to think you are."

"I have my reasons for being that way," I said as I stood up from the bed. I wasn't about to divulge those reasons to him. I had already spilled that part of my life to Randy in a moment of anger and I wasn't about to do the same to Dave in a moment of weakness.

"I know."

"What?" I asked, spinning around to face him once again. He knows?

"Randy told me. I know he shouldn't have, but he did. And I guess hearing that stuff gave me some sort of reason to make sure that nothing happens to you. I feel very protective of you."

"I don't need anyone to protect me, okay? I have survived thirty years on my own."

"And look what's happened to you. No one deserves to go through all of that shit, Bella," he said, standing up and moving in front of me. "I admire your strength, but sometimes you just have to let it all go and rely on someone else to take care of things for a while."

"You don't get it, Dave. I've let people be in control and all that's come of it is me ending up hurt. Just like this situation with Randy."

"It seems to me that you're just letting the wrong people have control." He spoke softly. His voice was like a deep purr in my ear; I couldn't help but be lured in by it.

Before I knew it, I was in his strong arms and smelling his intoxicating scent. My breathing became heavy and I suddenly was all too aware of his muscular body against mine.

The moment was broken, however, when he spoke. "I should probably get you back to Orton's before he suspects anything."

"You do realize that it's probably a little too late for that, don't you?" I asked, not wanting to leave the safety of Dave's arms to be under the cold, penetrating stare of Randy Orton.

"Bella," he said, pulling away. "Don't worry about anything, okay? Orton won't hurt you. And if he tries to, I'll hurt him. That's a promise."

So, you're probably all wondering who Stephanie is cheating on Randy with…well, we will get there soon enough. I know that there is like no Randy in this chapter but I decided to establish a better relationship between Bella and Dave. I hope you all like it.

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