Okay, the only reason I made this is because I'm bored and my other parody…um…died. –Shifty eyes Shifty eyes- Allegiances!

Bluestar – likes Barney

Redtail – gender-confused and vain…

Spottedleaf – thinks she can sing, but she can't…

Lionheart – claustrophobic

Tigerclaw – Frightened of everything and often mutters, "It's okay…it's okay…I'm fine…OH GREAT STARCLAN I'M GONNA DIE!"

Whitestorm – freaked out by squirrels

Darkstripe – finds Spottedleaf's singing comforting

Longtail – enjoys baking gross stuff, like marigold casserole…EW! But when they reject his food, he starts to cry…

Runningwind – has serious bladder problems

Willowpelt – lives in a tree

Mousefur – Finds Tigerclaw HAWT, weirdly…

Dustpelt – rapping dancer

Graystripe – loves soda and is frequently hyper

Ravenpaw – has frequent panic attacks

Sandstorm – likes screaming, "OMG PERVERT!" and slapping Fireheart

Fireheart – flirts with Sandstorm and is slapped

Frostfur – TV addict

Brindleface – likes orange juice

Goldenflower – crouches in a fetal position and squeaks like a hunted mouse

Speckletail – a frequent cackler

All the elders – love having burping contests