Stranger, Sister, Daughter
(A Tenchi Muyo/ Ranma ½ crossover)
By Ryouga's best friend

A young girl wandered down a street in an city unknown to her, she struggled a bit with the large backpack she carried but didn't seem to care much. She wore a downtrodden look on her normally cheery face and her normally happy pink eyes were full of sorrow and currently locked on the ground in front of her. Her long light blue hair was in two ponytails, dressed in jeans and a tee shirt she looked just like any other 12 year old girl and not a princess of an alien planet. She walked with no purpose in no particular direction and didn't seem to hear the of fighting up ahead...

Ranma was not having a good day by any stretch of the imagination. Akane was angry with him and this meant he didn't have any company walking home, or back up when he was jumped by Ryouga. He knew he could beat Ryouga, not that it would be easy. When he though he finally had control of the fight Mousse jumped him somehow seeing him when he was on a delivery. Now Ranma was starting to doubt this fight, with all the dodging he couldn't get up much of an offense and the longer the battle goes the bigger harder it will be to win. While being engaged with Mousse, Ryouga started to power up for a ki blast. He wasn't to worried, but something out of the corner of his eye did. A young girl was walking this way and didn't seem to be notice the fight. "Ryouga you idiot there's an Bystander comin' this way, don't fire" he shouted after knocking Mousse into a nearby wall.

"Your not fooling me Ranma, today you see hell. Prepare to die!" he was about to fire.

"Hey kid watch out!" he shouted running to her as fast as possible. Ryouga fired his mighty Perfect Shi Shi Hokudan, the ball sped toward it's target...


A voice penetrated the fog in her head and Sasami became alert, she looked around and to her horror she saw a gigantic ball of green energy heading right for her. She was frozen in fright, she screamed an closed her eyes anticipating the impact. She felt herself get lifted off her feet by someone, she quickly locked her arms around the person's neck in a death grip. She cringed when her heard the explosion. After a moment she opened up on of her eyes slowly, she was still in one piece and now where near the explosion. She looked up to see herself in the arms of an older boy in a red silk shirt and black pants. He had a worried look on her face, "Are you okay?" He asked. Sasami nodded mutely. The boy seemed relieved until a chain came flying toward them. Sasami screamed again, the boy holding her jumped out of the way and onto a nearby roof. "What the hell do you think your doin' Mousse, I've got a bystander here" he yelled to the robed boy with huge glasses who apparently had thrown the chain. *Mousse?* she thought confused.

"I won't stop until you release your hold on Shampoo" 'Mousse' shouted back to the boy saved her.

"How many times do I have ta tell you, I'M NOT AFTER SHAMPOO!" he shouted back.

"None of your lies Saotome, the mere notion that someone wouldn't want my Shampoo is laughable. Get ready to face my wrath" the boy pulled out a large sword from his volumeless robes. The third boy with the bandanna smacked Mousse into the air with his umbrella sending him flying out of sight.

"Thanks Ryouga" 'Ryouga' looked from Sasami to the boy holding her.

"We'll finish this later Ranma" he said gathering up his backpack, "I'm sorry" he said with a bow before wandering off. 'Ranma' touched down on the ground again, he slowly put Sasami down on he own two feet.

"T-thank you" she said shakily, "R-Ranma-san?".

"Just Ranma, and what's your name?"

"Sasami" she said steadying herself

"What were you doing wandering around Nermia by yourself? It's not safe around here" he said kindly, she looked to the ground.

"I...I kinda ran away from home" she said sadly her eyes getting misty

"Oh come on, why would you do somethin' like that?" he knelt down to look her in the eyes. "I bet your Parents a really worried about you"

"My parent live... really far away and never visit, the only family I have is my sister Ayeka. She only cares about herself" the girl showed a small bit of pent up anger, "I knew one person who I.. that cared for me, but he's not around anymore" she kept her gaze on the pavement her small fist balled up as she shook. Ranma put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"That's really rough" he thought for a second, he hated seeing girls cry, especially kids. "How long have you been traveling?" he kicked himself mentally for not thinking of something comforting. The girls looked really sad and depressed, (we're talking one hell of a Shi Shi Hokudan)

"A little over 2 monthes" she managed to choke out.

"Do you have a place stay?" He smiled at her kindly, Sasami looked at him almost frightened. *He so much like Tenchi...* she thought recalling the events up to this point, overwhelmed she than broke down and collapsed into Ranma's arms crying her eyes out. Surprised he froze for a second, then slowly brought her into an embrace. He patted her softly on the back talking softly.

"I-it's okay, let it out..." he said a bit nervous, he wasn't used to this kind of thing so he let his instincts took over. He rocked her gently and she slowly calmed and went limp, she was exhausted. "Poor girl, all tired out" he said quietly to himself, "I should probably take her to the dojo" Ranma lifted the girl and her backpack effortlessly off the ground and broke into a jog back home. A few minutes later he got to the porch, his arms full he knocked with his elbow. Well he waited he spied a quick look at the girl in his arms, he arms were still tightly around his neck *Cute kid* he thought to himself with a smile. Kasumi answered the door and gave a bit of a gasp.

"Oh my, What happened Ranma?" she asked worried.

"I'll tell ya in a sec, I just want to drop her off" he indicated the bundle in his arms.

"Just drop her in my room" Kasumi said as he headed up stairs, he came back down a moment later without the girl and he sat down at the table and explained the situation. "So she's a run away" the elder Tendo sister, "Is she a ronin?" she asked worried.

"I think so, she said she has a family but the way she described them the don't seem like a model group of people. She must be pretty far away from home traveling a month" Ranma said glancing upstairs for a second. "I wonder if Mr. Tendo will let her stay, I don't have the heart to kick her out. She seems like such a sweet kid" he said. When he looked back Kasumi had a funny smile on her face, "What?".

"You must have really taken a liking to her" she said watching Ranma hide the blush on his face.

"I know, there's just somethin' about her that makes me want to keep her happy. She looked so sad, and it just looked wrong for her to be like that...I don't know, maybe I'm just gettin' soft" he finished mumbling the rest.

"Caring for someone doesn't make you soft Ranma" Kasumi said cheerily, "Your not made of ice, remember that" she said sagely standing up and brushed off her apron, "Well I still have to finish dinner, when she wakes up bring her down so she meet everyone" with that she was in the kitchen and working hard.

*For a second I thought that wasn't Kasumi, But I guess she's right* he thought surprised. Ranma was silent for a long time staring at the table. His was having a mental conversation with himself and after a few minutes he smiled. He stood up and headed upstairs, running right into Akane. The still angry would-be fiancee notice the smile plastered on his face for a moment before they collided, within seconds she was waiting for a conclusion to jump to (No offense to Akane fans, but you have know that anger and rational thought aren't even in the same city for Akane).

"Where are you off to in such a hurry?" she said with a hint of anger.

"I put a girl in Kasumi's room and I wanted to see if she was awake yet" he knew he said it the wrong way when Akane got 'that look' in her eyes.

"Which girl, Ukyo, Shampoo or is it some other fiancee I don't know about" she said her anger building. Ranma backed away.

"It's not what you think Akane, it's just a little girl th-" he started.

"A little girl! Oh that's rich. Try another one why don't ya" she interrupted.

"Will listen to me for once you Stupid Tomboy!" he shouted only to receive a quick and painful introduction to Mr. Mallet. The door opened behind her and a 12 year old girl opened the door.

"What's going on out here?" she asked rubbing her eyes, Akane's eyes bugged out and he anger immediately drained out. she was hit with a hard shot of guilt looking down at Ranma who started to wake up. The last of her stubbornness took over and she quickly headed to her room, just because she was wrong didn't mean she had to admit it. Sasami went over to Ranma who just woke up mumbling something about uncute tomboys. "Are you okay?" she asked concerned.

"Ya I'm fine" he shrugged and stood up, "I should ask you that though, you collapsed and fainted" he finished seriously. Sasami looked at the floor embarrassed.

"Well I haven't eaten in a while, but I'm okay" she lied only to have her stomach betray her with a loud growl. She blushed as Ranma gave her an amused look.

"Oh yeah your not hungry at all" he said jokingly, he laughed a bit as she blushed deeper. "Come on kiddo, Kasumi will fix somthin' up for ya" he said taking her hand and leading her downstairs.


"Just Ranma, ther's no need to be so formal" he said stopping at the top of the stairs.

"Ranma?" she corrected "who was that girl, the one that hit you?" she asked concerned, Ranma sighed.

"That's my fiancee" he said begrudgingly, Sasami didn't say anything she just looked at him. Ranma knew the look, he got it enough. "It's an arranged marriage by our fathers, I didn't know about it until a few months ago. Neither of us wanted it and well this is the effect" he rubbed his head for emphasis.

"She doesn't seem like a very nice person" she looked to the girl's room in question. "She didn't even say she was sorry about hitting you"

"Yeah" he said a bit dejected, then he went back to his normal arrogant self. "Come on, Kasumi really wants to meet you" he headed down the stairs shortly followed by a reluctant Sasami. She descended the stairs to see an adult male playing shoji with what appeared to be a panda, most amusing was that they both constantly cheated. Whenever on looked away the other would switch the pieces around *A trained panda, that's pretty cool* she thought watching the match. Out from the kitchen came an older girl with long brown hair and cheerful smile on her face. Ranma brought her over, "Kasumi this is Sasami" he introduced. Kasumi gave a gentle smile down to the young princess.

"Why hello there Sasami" she said in her usual cheery mood to the younger girl who was not in her usual cheer mood.

"Hi" she said shyly looking at the floor.

"Please take a seat next to Ranma, I'm sure Mr. Saotome won't mind. Would you?" she asked to the Man and Panda behind her. Much two her surprise the panda held out a sign.

(Sure go ahead) Sasami eyes were wide.

"That was cool, does your Panda know any other tricks?" she asked Kasumi with girlish excitement. The Panda turned the sign around.

(Tricks? What Tricks?) it shrugged, Sasami giggled.

"yeah he know a few, but he basically just sleeps and eats. He's really lazy" Ranma butted in with a smirk. The Panda shot him a glance which he promptly ignored. When it turned back all but two of his pieces were left with the man looking innocently out side. Kasumi started placing food on the table. Which meant it was dinner time, Ranma sat down with Sasami to his right, Soun sat at the head of the table with Kasumi next to him. A the other two girls came down from upstairs, The violent girl from earlier sat silently on Ranma's other side. The other girl had short brown hair with a black shirt and tight jeans sat next to Kasumi. The panda sat near Ranma but not at the table, so he was still within food stealing range. The middle Tendo sister cast a glance toward the girl at Ranma's side.

"Who's the kid?" she said eyeing her suspiciously, the girl in question looked away. Ranma spoke up.

"I better introduce you guys, everyone this is Sasami. Sasami this is Nabiki" he indicated the girl who spoke.

"Hi" she said meekly, the older girl smirked.

"Hey" she said casually.

"And you've already met Kasumi, this is Akane" he pointed to the girl who'd hit him earlier. Akane smiled and greeted her in a friendly manner taking Sasami a bit by surprise. Ranma then pointed to the middle aged man at the head of the table.

"That's Mr. Tendo"

"Please to meet you" she said politely slipping into her hostess training.

"It's a pleasure young lady" he responded equally polite.

"That's everyone, so I guess we can eat" and on that note they began. Sasami was surprised to see Ranma and the panda eating well faster than the human eye could see.

"So Sasami" Soun said as Ranma and The panda fought over seconds, "What brings you here?" Sasami's former cheerfulness went away at the question, this caused Ranma to stop eating.

"I.. I wandered here" she said unsteadily. Nabiki raised an eyebrow but said nothing.

"What of your family Sasami?" he pressed, she had already done this once today and winced at the question.

"What of them? T-they all but abandoned me and left me running the whole house well they just sat around. As f-far as I'm concerned... I have no family" she said reluctant. Soun gained a dark look which unsettled the other people at the table.

"So you disowned your family, your aware that your now a ronin" he said coolly. Sasami only nodded, so he continued "then I'll have to ask you to leave" the roof would have blown open at this point.

"WHAT?!" everyone but Sasami and Soun shouted.

"How could you even think that Father, she's just a girl!" Kasumi stated disappointed.

"She's old enough to defy her family" he said back.

"Mr. Tendo, you can't do this. She's only twelve and with the way her family treated her. At least here her side of the story" Ranma pleaded, motivated by the hopeless look on the girl's face. Mr. Tendo looked at all the angry faces around the table.

"I guess that's okay" he said begrudgingly, Ranma nodded to Sasami who gave a shy smile back to him. She took a deep breath, this would take a lot to tell the whole story with editing out the space stuff. She started explaining how the 'family' met and told many of the events, evil people trying to get Tenchi or one of the girls. She than began describing her snooty sister Ayeka, the very forward Ryoko, The ditzy Mihoshi and her reluctant partner Kyone, The genus of Washu, and Tenchi... the good times. Until the recent turn of events.

"A few months ago things started to go down hill, Washu stayed in her room and hardly ever come out. Mihoshi and Kyone were transferred to another, ah, district. At home it was the worst, I normally didn't mind doing all the work as long as I got some help now and then. But my sister and Ryoko's fights got longer and more fierce, always destroying something. They never lifted a finger or even apologized. To Make it worse Tenchi started to go to school in Tokyo, he promised he would see us two months ago...but on the way there his train crashed" she started to get choked up, she managed to continue with tears in her eyes. "He didn't die but he's in a coma and won't wake up. Ryoko and Ayeka became even more violent with him gone and in one fight all but destroyed the whole house. I couldn't stand it, without any help, support or even a thank you I couldn't keep up with my chores. So I ran, I'd be surprised if they even knew I was gone. I tried to say good bye to at least Washu but she still wasn't answering her door, the only person I said good bye to was Tenchi..." she sat saddened tears streaming down her face still looking at the floor. Soun's face was no longer dark and he looked on the edge of shredding tears. Kasumi dabbed her eyes lightly with a handkerchief. Nabiki still had her mask up but she was having trouble maintaining it. Ranma was struck into silence, on impulse he put a comforting hand on her shoulder. She looked up with a sad smile on her face, and mouthed 'thank you'. Akane watched the little girl pour her heart out and sat stupefied as Ranma comforted her, he was suppose to be an insensitive jerk... was she wrong about him? "If you want me to go I understand" she continued. To Sasami's surprise, and no one else's, Soun broke into full blown tears.

"oh you poor, poor girl. That's so sad!" he wailed. As soon as he started he stopped, "of course you can stay" he said with a smile. Sasami was a bit confused, but happy, she had a place to stay at least for a while. Nabiki sighed *Another free loader... While at least she's not a walking stomach like the other two* she thought making various calculations in her head.

"Thank you Tendo-san" Sasami said a little happier. Dinner went on without anymore events, afterwards they tried to figure out where Sasami could stay. It was solved very quickly when Kasumi volunteered, that was when everybody turned in. whose knows what tomorrow has in store?

AN- I've always liked Sasami most out of the Tenchi characters. So when the idea of an only Sasami crossover into Ranma came to me it was down on paper before the thought finished. This is the first part and I'm sure there will be more to come.