Authors note: this chapter has been re-done. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 10

Michael's POV

Erg! I can't believe how stupid I was tonight! How could I' have gotten so carried away with Mia so fast after everything that's happened. We agreed that when I got back we'd take things slow at first. Now here I go and practically jump her. I probably scared her even more! Great can I screw up anymore? Oh wait yea, I can. I can be half naked while I jump her. If that's not bad enough Lily comes in and catches me with my pants down, literally. Now I'm lying here on my bed wondering how I can fix everything. Suddenly my door busts open.

"Well, what was that about tonight? Huh?" Lily comes in to my room.

"Drop it Lily, its none of your business." I say getting up and turning my computer on. I can't really face her right now, I'm a bit embarrassed.

"Bullshit! My best friend's well being is none of my business? It is my business when you're messing around with her."

"You're wrong. You came in at a bad time. But I wasn't…."

"Oh save it! I expected better from you Michael. Here I thought I had a brother who was sensitive to his girlfriend's feelings. Looks likes I was wrong. He's just another guy, all he wants is to get into his girlfriends pants!" she ranted and huffed and turns to leave. "You guys are all the same!"

I grabbed her arm and drag her to the bed. "Sit. Stay." I demand as I plop her down onto my bed and close the door.

"Let's get one thing straight here Lily. I wasn't trying to 'get into Mia's pants'. Do you think I'd do that to Mia, with you, mom and dad right down the hall in the living room? After everything we've worked through this last year? After what that asshole did to her? Geese, lily! Just because you were dumped because you wouldn't sleep with some idiot doesn't mean every guy is the same. I do have some self respect you know."

"You're right."

Thank you Yes you caught us at a bad time, but it wasn't like you thought it was. I'd never force Mia into anything; especially not after what happened. Okay."

"I'm sorry Michael. It's just, I'm upset over Mia and I guess I'm being a little over . And here I teased Mia about being like the panda who was obsessive compulsive over licking her baby." Lily apologized as she smiled through the tears in her eyes.

"Hey, it's okay. You're just being a good friend, that's all. Why don't you go get some sleep huh? It's late."

"Yea, thanks Michael."

"No problem." I say, throwing my arm around her and giving her a little squeeze.