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"Normal Speech."

"Normal Thoughts."

"Kyuubi Speech."

'Kyuubi Thought.'

Fan the Flames

Chapter One: The Awakenings

The Uchiha, the famed copy clan of Konoha, burning, destroyed in a single night. The image runs through the boy's head, fire everywhere. His body trembles before its heat and he falls to his knees. Naruto Uzumaki could only sit still as his fascination with the fire took over his mind, leaping back and forth, jumping to and fro as it cast its subtle yet destructive warm glow. In the back of his mind the Kyuubi giggled. It seemed her little kit had a fascination with fire. His eyes were filled with the reflection of the fire and he stood slowly, reluctant to leave the warm light of the fire, before turning once more to leave.

"Well, well...look what we have here." a man said from behind Naruto. Naruto turned slowly to see a couple of chuunin standing there, their backs to the burning Uchiha manor and its screaming occupants.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Naruto asked as he gave a significant look to the burning clan grounds behind them.

"Nope. It was too late when we got here to save them, but we managed to catch their killer and kill him." the chuunin said with a sadistic gleam in his eye as they walked toward the boy. Naruto looked scared, but suddenly his expression switched instantly to one of agony a he clutched his head, screaming in pain. The chuunin looked to each other, each as confused as the next, before turning once more. Whatever it was it was just causing more pain to the fox brat, so why worry? It was nothing bad...right?

Dead wrong.

"Hello...my name is Kyuubi. We're going to have lots of fun."Naruto said as he raised his blood red eyes, his face split into a wicked grin and his voice oddly higher. His hair was more wild looking, his whiskers were thicker now, his canines and nails longer.

"Oh shit..." was the last thing the man managed to say as the possessed blonde ran forwards, snarling his anger.

Moments later a huffing Naruto could be seen stumbling down the street, blood on him, but not his own. He finally gave in to his exhaustion and the blonde fell over his head smacking the paved ground with a thud.


Naruto slowly awakened to find himself deep in what seemed to be a sewer.

"Odd." he said to himself as he looked around the slightly flooded hallway, and after a moment he walked on having decided it was safe.As he walked he saw a strange red glow ahead in the tunnel, so he kept walking until he had entered huge room. It had some lit torches, the most likely source of the glow, but the most prominent feature of the room was the giant cage. It was huge and had a paper tag that said seal on it that held it closed. Oddly enough, whatever was meant to be sealed inside wasn't there. Two of the bars seemed to be bent, just enough so that something human size might fit through.

"Hello Naruto-kun." came a femine voice from behind.

The startled blonde boy turned to see a beautiful woman standing behind him. Her eyes were crimson, and slitted, her hair a fiery red and her skin was fair. Nestled in her red hair were two fox ears, and swaying behnd her beautiful form were nine fluffy red fox tails. She wore a silken white kimono, edged in a fiery red flame design.

"Kyuubi-chan." the little six year old replied with a cute smile. The demon frowned at him, her eyes widened slightly in surprise.

"How did you know that?" she asked him. As far as she knew from what she had been watching in his memories the boy had never been told of her, and no matter how close they had come not one villager had ever outright called him 'Kyuubi' to his face.

"When you think about it the whole thing makes sense really. After all they called me a 'demon' and 'fox boy', which led me to believe they thought I was a demon fox. Now I only knew of one demon fox, the Kyuubi, but it had attacked and had was supposedly defeated on the day I was born." the six year old explained with near unnatural intelligence for someone his age.

"Are you a genius or something?" she asked the small boy, but he only laughed cutely at her suggestion as he continued his little grin.

"Nope. You'd be surprised by how observant you become after years of running from people trying to kill you. Every day is a struggle." Naruto said, his voice ladden with sadness. The Kyuubi took on a pained look as she watched the brief flicker of pain and loneliness cross his face before returning to its normal look. He looked to her with an expression of curiosity. "So, how did you get out?" he asked casually as he pointed to the cage behind him, with its two bent bars.

"Been working at that a long time Naruto-kun. Just barely managed to finish in time to save you tonight." Kyuubi said with her gracious smile.

"Been meaning to thank you for that." the boy said as he sheepishly scratched the back of his head.

"No need to thank me. I was saving myself as well at the time, not to mention it was my fault." Kyuubi said, her smile dropping.

"No it wasn't. The villagers hurt me, not you." the boy said simply. Kyuubi smiled at the boy who was now trying his best to give her a comforting hug. Who would have thought such a young boy to be so smart? No one.

"So, watch gonna do now that you're out?" Naruto asked her, his normal grin replaced with a serious look. She couldn't help but giggle at the cuteness of it, no matter how serious he was.

"I don't know." she replied sadly. Before it had been simple, she had been sealed and she wanted out, simple as that. But the longer it had taken to get out the more she had seen his horrible treatment, and the larger her hatred of the villagers had grown. They were demons in her eyes, no matter how mortal they were and always would be. As her hatred grew she diverted her attention slightly from her escape only to discover the beatings were getting worse. She began to direct some of her chakra to the boy to heal him, and soon found herself doing this often, no matter how minor the wound. She couldn't help herself, and she still wasn't sure why. Each time they had struck the boy her anger grew and her amazement that the boy had managed to remain sane grew larger as well. No one should be able to withstand that amount of mental pressure.

She had noticed a few minor changes in his DNA, nothing too bad, actually they were quite helpful What worried her more was that her very presence had begun to make major changes within his DNA recently, the newest development was very major. It made it impossible for him to use jutsu. He could only use the elemental, or raw forms of chakra, but in exchange he had an affinity for every element, though his natural abilities were still the strongest by far. It was even possible that he could mix the elements given enough time, eventually allowing him to do Hyoton or Mokuton...sort of. As long as it wasn't a jutsu. Kyuubi had finally broken free of her cage, but now she felt bound by all the things she thought she owed the young boy. He had been hurt for her, changed by her, and ostracized because of her, and it seemed wrong to her to just leave.

"Well, what do you want to do?" he asked her after a while and as he asked this Kyuubi was drawn out of her thoughts. The fox demon had used to think the only thing she wanted was to be free, and she still wanted to be free, but she wanted to help Naruto more. He gave her an encouraging smile, prompting her to say what was on her mind, yet at the same time making it seem okay to not tell.

"I want to stay." she told him finally.

He just gave her a smile before fading slowly from her view as he returned to consciousness.


"Naruto-kun? Naruto-kun?" came a voice from nearby. Naruto groaned slightly, his head pounding, as he sat up.

"Jiji?" he asked rubbing his eyes. The Hokage chuckled before hugging the little blonde.

"I'm glad you're alright. Some Anbu found you unconscious on the ground with a slight head injury, probably from when you fell." the old man said, purposely leaving out the fact that they had noticed the blood all over him. It hadn't been his. Naruto gave a grunt of recognition as he continued to rub his eyes.

"Something wrong?" the worried Hokage asked as he gently took away Naruto's hands from his eyes. To say he was shocked would be an understatement. His perfect sapphire blue eyes were gone. In their place were white eyes, five small commas dancing in a circular pattern where his pupils would normally be. They slowly turned, nearly hypnotizing with their movements before he managed to pull himself away. "What happened to your eyes?" he asked the young boy. Naruto just frowned in confusion and checked his eyes before shrugging.

"What do you know, they are different." he said in an uncaring tone, shocking the old man for the second time today. It was widely known that Naruto was extremely loud and enthusiastic, and here he was being calm and collected in the face of such a surprising event.


Inside Naruto's Mind


"I hope you like your gift Naruto-kun." Kyuubi said quietly to herself as she looked through the boy's eyes when she managed to catch a fleeting thought.

'I guess Kyuubi-chan gave me a gift...I really like it, it looks good...I wonder what it does?' came the thought in Naruto's voice making Kyuubi smile in satisfaction. Naruto-kun was pleased with her gift.


The Hokage could only watch in astonishment as the little blonde tried to push chakra into his eyes like he had suggested, and as the boy finally succeeded he watched the boy's now changing eyes. The five commas spun quicker and quicker, getting smaller and smaller as they pulled closer together. When it finally slowed it revealed a multicolored swirl. 'A new bloodline?' the old man thought to himself as he watched the boy's eyes change back to normal as he withdrew his chakra once more.

"Watcha think Hokage-jiji?" Naruto asked him, to which the old ninja just shrugged. Until the young boy was trained in shinobi ways it was hard to tell whether anything came of the ability, or if it just looked cool.

"I don't know." the Hokage said truthfully.

They both sat still for a while as the older man pondered over what to do with Naruto, unsure of what other changes he may have undergone.

"Naruto-kun...how would you like it if I trained you?" the Hokage asked him hesitantly, already aware of what the council would say.

"No." came the unexpected answer.

"But, Naruto-" the old Hokage began before stopping as he saw Naruto's glare. It was an odd thing to see on such a naturally happy boy.

"What would the council do?" Naruto said sharply to his elder, perfectly aware of his situation. The Hokage was confused as to how the young boy knew of the council's hatred to him, but he eventually passed it off as Naruto's belief in everyone's hatred of him.

"Fine," the old man admitted grudgingly, "how about my student train you instead." he said in an attempt to pull the wool over the suprisingly smart six year old's eyes. He didn't take the bait however.

"No, and for the same reason." the little blonde said in a tone of finality. It was kind of funny coming from one so young, and weak for that matter, but the little child did not care. "If you must have seomone teach me, then have your faithful Anbu do it. No one else is trained by them and the council can't complain as I'll be under constant watch." Naruto explained. Sarutobi nodded, it was a good idea, but he was still shocked it had come from one so youn and inexperienced in the ways of the world.

"Hai." Sarutobi told his favorite little blonde and as he turned to leave he heard a voice.

"Wait." it told him. He turned slowly to find a feral looking Naruto, his commas burning red.

"My presence has affected the kit, and he is now unable to do jutsu." Naruto said in his deeper voice as the Hokage trembled. It had been six years...but even that didn't seem like long enough a time. The fact that Naruto couldn't do jutsu didn't even register as he watched the possessed boy warily.

"Kyuubi." he said calmly, fighting every instinct to fight or run from the possessed blonde.

"Don't worry. I just wanted to tell you he can't do jutsu. He does, however, have an affinity for every type of elemental chakra, and could even mix them together given enough time. As for his eyes it is for him to learn how to use. Until we speak again." Naruto said before his features went back to normal and the commas in his eyes smoldered down from their fiery red to their normal black as they danced around his eyes.

At this point the Hokage was near speechless. The boy had two bloodlines, a doujutsu and a genetic ability that messed with jutsu but allowed increased elemental specialization.

'And now rises the Uzumaki.' Sarutobi thought smugly as he realized just how to use these newest developments to his and Naruto's advantage.

The Hokage smiled a sadistic grin. Man he was going to love the looks on their faces when they heard this!

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