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"Normal Speech."

"Normal Thoughts."

"Kyuubi Speech."

'Kyuubi Thought.'

Fan the Flames

"Hello. My name is Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto said calmly.


Because he happened to be in front of his new classmates. His five years of Anbu training were done, and the torture of his training had now come to a halt...almost. In his years under the Anbu he had managed to learn quite a bit, from kenjutsu, how to escape genjutsu, the history of Konoha, and element manipulation. He was even developing his own style of taijutsu, completely based on the different elements. Sadly, even with his extraordinary affinity for elemental manipulation he was only able to manipulate the basic elements and one advanced element. Calmly he looked around the room, his gaze catching a familiar face.

"Hinata-chan!" he said happily running up the aisle to the girl. Little did he know, from the moment he had walked in the classroom he was instantly being compared to Sasuke Uchiha, the class 'hottie', and sadly for him, he won out. Almost instantly a Naruto fanclub had been formed, with only a few girls still crushing on Sasuke, like Sakura Haruno or Ino Yamanaka. And, upon finding their newest crush sitting and talking familiarly with the class shy girl, jealous glares and angry muttering occured.

"How have you been Hinata-chan? I haven't seen you in like three days!" Naruto said, his foxy grin in place. Now this grin happened to have several effects. One was the mass fainting, swooning and general loviness of fangirls. The second was an even bigger blush across Hinata's face. And finally, for the third, was a massive amount of boys wondering how to grin like that. If they could then maybe, just maybe, the girls would be like that to them too. Naruto quickly noticed that while his class contained average kids and a huge amount of fangirls, there were a few kids with potential, thanks toi their families. These kids were quite obvious.

There seemed to be a Haruno, a Yamanaka, an Akamichi, a Nara, an Uchiha, an Aburame, an Inuzuka and of course, a Hyuga. "Well, it looks like there are some kids here worth our while." Naruto said to Kyuubi.

"Looks like it Naruto-kun. Be careful if you should spar against them. As strong as you are most of those kids are sure to be High Genin to Mid Chuunin level. Remember, you haven't fully learned your own abilities and could still be beaten by them, Mid Chuunin level or not." Kyuubi told him with a worried voice.

"I'll be fine Kyuubi-chan. If they are too strong I can always use my tessen." Naruto said as he tried to stop her from worrying. Throughout the years she had grown more worried for him, and often told him to stay away from girls he had liked.

"Those tessen are to be used as a last resort. You shouldn't rely on them too much. If you do, you'll grow weak." Kyuubi told him, though hr voice now sounded less worried.

"Finally seeing you shouldn't worry so much Kyuubi-chan? Remember, I'll be fine. If any of them come close to killing me, or drastically injuring me during a spar or something you can help, alright? I now howmuch you love to help me." Naruto replied sarcastically, making the Kyuubi blush and think about how happy she was that Naruto couldn't see her. If he did he might notice something.

"Notice what?" Naruto asked, hearing the Kyuubi think out loud.

"NOTHING!" Kyuubi shouted too quickly, making Naruto raise a mental eyebrow. "I mean...uh...I'll tell you later?" she amended weakly.

"...Whatever. We'll talk about it later. Right now it looks like Iruka-sensei is teaching something important." Naruto said with an inwards groan. Now he had probably missed half of the explanation at least.

"No need to worry Naruto-kun. I've been listening to what he said, it's nothing you don't already know. Though he did mention that today would be sparring to determine how you stack up to the other students." Kyuubi told him.

"Sparring huh? Should I show them my true abilities or act the idiot?" he asked her. Thousands year old demoness or not, he still trusted her completely when it came to just about everything. She gave excellent advice and it never was wrong! Except for maybe what to do about girls he liked...there her advice sucked.

"Hmmm...I say your true abilities, or at least what is needed. If you act the idiot now, people will not believe that you could do anything, and that it was a fluke, a lucky mistake on your part. Even worse, the older generation may even believe that I helped you...well, at least the ones who don't know of your training with Anbu, which pretty much means everyone but the Anbu, the Hokage and the council." Kyuubi told him after a bit of thought.

'Besides that, I want to see my Naruto-kun kick ass!' Kyuubi thought to herself with a giggle. Naruto noticed the giggle but decided to ignore it and turn his attention to Iruka.

"...and now we will finally be going out to spar." Iruka finished, though what the rest of it was, Naruto did not know. He'd have to ask Kyuubi later. Following Hinata out of the classroom and to the training grounds he talked with her for a while, fighting his own strange urge to blush as he watched her blush repeatedly.

'She's so cute when she blushes...No, Hinata-chan is just a friend...a very cute friend...a very beautiful friend who is very nice...NO! JUST A FRIEND! She'll never like me like I like her anyways...' Naruto thought to himself, near the point of beating himself just to end those thoughts. Hinata noticed his many blushes and had many thoughts herself, though it ended with her fainting.

'Does Naruto-kun like me? He's blushing like me...is it possible? Maybe he loves me...maybe he wants to...' she thought to herself, suddenly going very red in the face and fainting due to bloodloss. It's a little known fact that Hinata is...perverted for Naruto. Naruto himself found it hard not to think perverted thoughts as he was forced to carry Hinata to the sparring grounds while, at the same time, endure Kyuubi's perverted thoughts on what to do with the fainted Hinata.

"Didn't think you were that perverted Kyuubi-chan. Or liked girls for that matter." Naruto shot at her, causing her giggling to subside for a bit as she explained herself.

"Giggle...well I am! And I don't like girls...I like girls and boys! I'm bi you idiot." Kyuubi shot back, stunning the poor boy. With this thought Naruto fainted as well, with blood coming from his nose too.

"Maybe I shouldn't have told him that?" she asked herself before laughing a bit. "Nah, Naruto-kun and Hinata-chan are too cute when they're unconscious." Kyuubi said before doing what most thought was impossible. She left Naruto's body, showing up in her human form and dragging the two near the sparring fields and leaving Naruto's unconscious form holding Hinata in a loving way before entering Naruto once more.

"This'll be so much fun!" she proclaimed with a laugh, quieting down as she saw that it was beginning.

Hinata was just waking up from some very nice dreams about Naruto and...well, other stuff. Very nice other stuff that tends to make her nose bleed. Anyways, as she was waking up she felt the oddest sensation fo comfort and warmth. Opening her eyes she found herself in the arms of none other than Naruto Uzumaki. Sighing contentedly she cuddled up to him, completely forgetting to be her normal shy self. For the longest time she pretended to be shy, just as Naruto pretended to be stupid. In actuallity she was very smart, didn't stutter, or even poke her fingers together. About the only real shy habit of hers was blushing, but she only did that around Naruto.

"Mmmm...I love you Naruto-kun." Hinata said in contentment as she hugged the boy who was now slowly waking up, now forgetting her stutter and to be shy. Naruto, still part way asleep was jarred awake by this simple statement, a statement he had never heard in his life. Shooting up he shouted.

"Didsomeonejustsaytheylovedme?!" he said extremely quickly, confusing everyone who heard him but Hinata. He looked around and soon noticed Hinata on his lap. Hugging him...lovingly? "Ummm...Hinata-chan?" he asked uncertainly as the girl hugged him.

"Yes?" she replied, still hugging him.

"Why are you hugging me? Do you know who said that they loved me?" he said, raising his eyebrow slightly at the suddenly ver forward girl.

"I'm hugging you because-I mean...A-Ano, N-Naruto-k-kun...I d-don't know?" she said, finally realizing her mistake.

"Was she just talking without a stutter? And hugging me lovingly?"Naruto asked Kyuubi who gave an exasperated sigh.

"Wow...a genius when it comes to everything but love. Sometimes you can be just as stupid as that mask of yours, did you know that? It ought to be obvious that stutter is artificial, and that yes, she was hugging you lovingly. She looooooooooooooooooves you. Baka." Kyuubi said, finally giving him some good news with love.

"REALLY?! I mean...Ano...that's...good? Hey, wait a minute! I know what you're doing! You're tricking me with bad advice again! I ain't falling for it this time!" Naruto said to her with a little mental 'Hmmph!'.

"No, you baka! Don't you listen at all? Wasn't it me who was telling you to do perverted things to her earlier? Wasn't it me who said that I like her? You really are an idiot sometimes..." Kyuubi said in a huff. "You're lucky you're so darn cute, otherwise I might not have forgiven you." she mumbled.

"What'd you say?" Naruto asked, unable to catch her words.

"NOTHING! SHEESH! Mind your own business!" she yelled with a grumble at the end, muttering about 'cute containers' and 'smexy blonde bakas'. Unsure of what to make of it Naruto did the only thing he could. He stopped talking to her. Turning his attention to the stil stuttering to explain Hinata he said the words that would forever change her life.

"Why do you keep stuttering? And why me?" Naruto asked her seriously, catching her completely off guard.

"W-What d-do you m-mean?" she asked with a hesitant smile.

"I mean all those fakes stutters. And why you were hugging me so lovingly."

"Y-you know? I guess the jig is up." Hinata said in a decidedly un-Hinata like fashion.

"Ah...I see. A mask as fake as my own so many years ago..." he said quietly to her, a small smile on his face.

"Yeah..." she said just as quietly, if not quietter. She still wasn't sure how to explain the whole hug thing, and now that she had acted that way he would probably put two and two together and realize she was the one who said that she loved him. After all when he realy thought about it,, there was no one else in the area that could have said it, or at least no one who was close enough to utter it so quietly and have him still be able to hear. Then, just as predicted, he said it. That fateful sentance.

"So...you were the one who said that they loved me...wow, that's such a relief!" Naruto told her, starting off serious but ending with his large foxy grin.

"Why's that Naruto-kun?" she asked him, her heart beating faster and seeming to skip several beats. Naruto leaned towards where she sat on his lap, his lips next to her ear.

"That's because...I think I love you too." Naruto said huskily in her ear. her mask of shyness broke then and there and she nearly suffocated the poor Naruto with her hugs and kisses. Naruto laughed a bit at her enthusiastic response before kissing the top of her head.

"Wow...if I'd known you would react like this, I'd have told you sooner." Naruto said with a chuckle, before his face grew serious. "Now Hinata-chan, I have some important things to tell you, but you aren't allowed to tell anyone else. These are S-Class secrets, only to be told by me and the Hokage. Well, actually one is an SS-Class secret, and happens to only be known by me and Hokage-jiji. I want to tell you them, but I'm scared of how you'll react...do you want to hear them? If you do, you might hate me..." he explained, his face shadowed as he looked away to hide his tears.

"Nothing could make me hate you. Nothing." Hinata said to him, trying her very best to rid hhim of doubt.

"Ok...then I guess I'll tell you then. Have you heard of the Kyuubi?" he asked her, about to continue on when suddenly she cut him off.

"Yeah, the nine tailed fox demon sealed in you. What about it?" she replied, completely shocking Naruto and the Kyuubi to the core.

"Wait! You knew? How long?" he asked her, wondering what he had done to make it so obvious.

"Yes...since like...forever? My clan talks about you being our savior, our hero and things like 'his legacy', or the 'heir', though I don't know what those last ones refer to. Well, I paired your being a 'hero' with what I heard the villagers call you and my own knowledge of your birthday and when the Kyuubi attack was, and then it was obvious." Hinata explained, still unsure as to how having the Kyuubi in him meant anything.

"Really? Your clan likes me? Huh...well, I don't know what the 'heir' and 'legacy' mean, but I was scared that you would hate me for having the Kyuubi in me." Naruto said, Kyuubi's murmurs of agreement coming from within. As much as she liked Hinata and could tell that Hinata liked him, she was unsure of whether or not the girl would take it the wrong way.

"Yeah, they like you. And of course I don't hate you! I love you!" Hinata said, shouting out her love before clamping a hand over her mouth. Naruto just laughed.

"You're funny sometimes Hinata-chan. I already know you love me, so why try and hide it now? Anyways as I was saying, there is something else you need to know."

"Yes? What is it?" Hinata asked him, wondering what could be more important than the Kyuubi.

"The Kyuubi is completely free. She has been free for about five years now, and has willingly stayed inside of me for unknown reasons. She helps me out, and teached me a little bit, but for the most part she just teases me. Anyways, she is able to leave at any time..." Naruto said, expectong a screaming Hyuga any moment now. Hinata smiled a bit.

"So...she teases you, has willingly stayed with you and helps you out a lot? Hmmm...sounds like...nevermind. Anyways, she sounds nice and I have no problem with it. As long as she doesn't hurt you." Hinata replied after a bit, a wide grin on her face from what she realized.

"Wow..." Naruto said in a amazement. He had never expected it to go so well. After a bit of thought he closed his eyes and pinched himself, wondering if it was just a dream. He heard a giggle and opened his eyes to see Hinata giggling.

"It's true silly..." she said with a smile before leaning forward to kiss him. Naruto got lost in the kiss, his head in the clouds.

"WOW..." he thought, feeling as if he had died and went to heaven with her kiss.

"Ano...Naruto-kun? As smexy as your kissing Hinata is, don't you two have to be at the sparirng grounds right now?" Kyuubi said in his head, interuppting the kiss.

"SHIT!" Naruto shouted, grabbing Hinata's hand and rushing to the sparring arena with Hinata. Upon arriving they saw that they were a little late, and that matches had already begun. They were lucky, seeing as their matches had yet to be called. As they watched the fight they soon realized that instead of normal restrictions they would be allowed to use anything in their arsenals...well as long as they didn't kill or permanently injure their opponent probably. They watched a few matches before Hinata was called up to fight. With a nod as confirmation from Naruto she finally rid herself of her mask, showing her class her true power. She beat her opponent into the dust, stunning Iruka and his assisstant, Mizuki. A few matches later and Naruto's turn was up.

"Naruto Uzumaki vs. Shino Aburame." Mizuki called. Naruto slowly walked into the field, followed by a silent Shino.

"You might need your tessen for this one Naruto-kun. The Aburame are bug users...and if he doesn't have bugs, what else can he do?"Kyuubi warned. Naruto, taking the hint, pulled out his tessen, one with kanji for wind on it and the other with the kanji for fire. Both were connected by a chain that could be shortened or lengthened with chakra.

"This...is going to be fun." Naruto declared as his opponent wordlessly watched him.

"HAJIME!" Iruka shouted, chopping down with his hand. Immediately bugs shot out from Shino's coat to try and overwhelm Naruto. Naruto, knowing of his bug techniques, jumped backwards quickly snapping his tessen open to show their fan form. Gathering his chakra he quickly waved both at the oncoming horde of insects, blowing them back to Shino.

"Wind manipulation?" Shino questioned shortly. Naruto nodded and the fight began once more. Shino, now having knowledge of Naruto's skill with wind, used several tactics and maneuvers, trying to force the blonde boy into a corner, but each times the bugs got to close, Naruto just blew them back. Shino pulled his bugs back, having them fly once more into his coat.

"You're interesting. Skilled in evasion and wind maipulation...which is an extremely rare chakra type in Konoha." Shino observed, making Naruto laugh.

"You'll see I cn do more than that." Naruto said with a laugh, when suddenly he heard beeltes behind him. He jumped forward, but to no avail as they closed in.

"Simple distraction. A fight is a fight and your attention on the battlefield must be flawless." Shino said calmly when something happened. His bugs were blasted back from Naruto in an explosion of water. His eyes widened a bit, as did Iruka's and Mizuki's.

"Two chakra types?" they thought simultaneously. Shino once more recalled his bugs so that he could get a better view only to see Naruto standing in the middle of a huge puddle, laughing his ass off.

"Told you I'm surprising." he said simply in explanation, flashing a quick smile to Hinata, who at the moment, was extremely impressed with her love/(boyfriend? she wasn't too sure, seeing as they didn't really say anything about dating). Shino charged forward, thinking to use a combination of taijutsu and unavoidable close bug attacks to take him down. Naruto, realizing Shino's plot...attacked headfirst anyways. This threw Shino off slightly, giving Naruto enough time to knock the bug boy backwards and away. As he did several kikkai bugs had made their way to his arm, intent on feeding off of his chakra. Shino watched, amazed, as they fell from Naruto, fires consuming them.

"Athird?"Shino thought as he watched the boy.

"Just how many elements can you control?" Shino asked, slightly unnerved by the boy's display of power. He was the heir of the Aburame clan, and as such was required to know about things like chakra elements and the normal amount of elemental controls one has. This boy had more than most Anbu already.

"Ah...six? Something like that, I can't remember entirely." Naruto said with a wave of his hand.

"I forfeit." Shino said immediately. He had a feeling the blonde wasn't joking, and he didn't want to be on the receiving ends of any elemental blasts.

"Are you serious?! I really wanted to use some fire too..." Naruto said with a faraway look in his eyes. "Well," he ammended,"I really wanted to use Hellfire, but I guess I can't." This confused Shino, as well as Sasuke. Sasuke, now interested in ho he thought was a dobe, was more than a little intruiged by the boy's mastery of the elements it seemed, and was especially surprised to hear of something called 'Hellfire'.

"Maybe I could make him teach me...or make the council force him to teach me if he won't..." the arrogant Uchiha thought, thinking that his development was obviusly more important than anyone elses.

"I'll admit, that does sound interesting. But also very painful. Fire is bad enough Uzumaki, I don't want to deal with something named 'Hellfire'." Shino said as he walked away from the arena. Iruka, still stunned by Naruto's abilities, failed to call 'Shousa', so Mizuki had to call it for him. After a few more matches it was Hinata's turn once again and she reluctantly left Naruto's side, once more proving her worth as she beat Sakura Haruno, one of the lead Sasuke fangirls.

"Looked easy." Naruto said as she walked up. Hinata gave an annouyed groan.

"Itwas! She's nothing but a fangirl, through and through, heiress or not." Hinata said making a few people look her way, surprised by her easy conversation with Naruto...and her lack of a stutter.

"Ah well, at least you weren't hurt." Naruto replied before hearing his name called.

"Naruto Uzumaki vs. Kiba Inuzuka!" Mizuki called out.

"Gotta, go, be back in a bit Hina-chan." Naruto said with a quick kiss to the girls cheek before entering the arena. Now this angered and startled quite a bit of people. It angered plenty of fangirls who had to watch as their newest target was already taken from their grasp and it startled the others who had thought Hinata to be shy about it and faint from such contact.

"I'll make this quick." Kiba bragged as he entered the arena, his dog riding atop his head.

"Whatever." Naruto responded cooly.

"HAJIME!" Iruka shouted.

Naruto dashed forward, surprising Kiba seeing as in his last match he tried to stay away.

"Be careful Naruto-kun. That dog on his head isn't just for decoration. The Inuzuka fight using animalistic abilities." Kyuubi warned as he made his charge. Naruto gave her a quick 'Ok' before doing a backflip as he neared the dog boy, throwing one of his tessen at Kiba while using his chakra to lengthen the chain. Kiba jumped back and grabbed the tessen before it could retract, pulling Naruto towards him. Naruto, being pulled forward now, had to think fast. Eventually he came to only one conclusion and that was...that he let go of the tessen. Letting go of his weapon he hit the ground just out of Kiba's reach, giving him time to jump away from him. The dog atop Kiba's head growled as their plan was ruined.

"Don't worry Akamaru, the coward can only run for so long. And without this he's useless!" Kiba said, waving the tessen in front of Naruto before throwing it to the edge of the arena.

"You're severely mistaken if you think that is the source of my power Inuzuka." Naruto said sliding into one of his personal taijutsu stances. This confused the spectators as not one of them had seen it before...except Hinata. But that was because he hung out with her often. Naruto stomped a foot, causing the earth to spit out a giant fan made of rock. "This will work just as well." Naruto said as he waved it using both of his hands, causing a great wind to fly at Kiba. While the wind was blowing Naruto let the fan turn to sand and blow into the wind, causing a mini sandstorm around Kiba. Arms before his face the boy tried to find his blonde opponent. Naruto on the other hand was fine, thanks to his goggles. As Kiba desperately tried to defend his face he was suddenly punched in the face by Naruto. Akamaru bit at Naruto, but the blonde just nimbly dodged the dog, quickly grabbed him and threw him out of the sandstorm.

"Just you and me, Kiba." Naruto said with a grin, stomping the ground once more as he expelled a huge amount of chakra. All around Kiba there rose countless poles topped with an incredibly thick cover. Soon after the wind died down, ending the mini-sandstorm and revealing a trapped Kiba and a knocked out Akamaru.

"Shousa, Naruto Uzumaki!" Iruka called. "Starting to think there's nothing he can't do." Iruka said with a mutter, getting a nod of agreement from Mizuki. If one looked closely you could see the angry look in the assisstants eye, but no one did.

"Tired?" Hinata said as she watched Naruto walk up.

"Hai..." he replied quietly, not wishing for any of his other classmates to hear this,"I keep getting opponents that require several manipulations. It's tiring, especially the bigger things, like the cage I just did for Kiba. The biiger or more intricate the manipulation, the more chakra required and therefore the more tiring it is." Naruto finished, getting a nod from Hinata. Sounded right to her.

"It's ok...maybe you should try taijutsu against the next one." she suggested while hugging Naruto. Naruto, near melting in her arms, quickly agreed.

"Yeah! Why didn't I think of that? Didn't even try my own taijutsu style, sheesh, what's wrong with me!?" Naruto said, berating himself for not thinking of it sooner.

"You didn't think of it because that's my job." Hinata teased. Soon after it was Hinata's match, now vs. Ino. It wasn't that hard for her, she was just like Sakura, sadly. THe next match was Naruto, though this match he was to fight Sasuke. Mizuki called their names and watched as they both entered the arena.

"There's no way he can beat Sasuke!" Many kids thought, all having fallen before the Uchiha before.

"He's an Uchiha, Naruto-kun. Normally I'd say worry, but his clan was destroyed a bit ago if I remember correctly and he hasn't unlocked the Sharingan yet." Kyuubi said with a mental shrug.

"How do you know?" Naruto asked her, sincerely interested in the answer.

"I gave his family the Sharingan. I can tell when it's unlocked or not, being its creator and all," Kyuubi explained before continuing on, "Anyways, without the Sharingan or tutelage it's likely all he knows are the basic Uchiha fire techniques and nothing more." Kyuubi told him.

"So I'll be fine with only my taijutsu?" Naruto asked, wishing for reassurance. After all, the Sharingan is an annoyin thing to deal with.

"Yeah, but if I were you I would use the fire part of your style...you know, you really need to name it. Oh well, anyways, as I was saying, you should use the fire style so you can deflect any incoming fire attacks."

"Alright." Naruto responded.

"HAJIME!" Both rushed forward this time, entering a fierce battle of taijutsu. Dodging, ducking, blocking blows, you name it. It seemed almost as if they were dancing. In truth, Naruto was. His own fire style was based off of the continual dancing of fire, quickly moving in short bursts of speed, rapidly switching direction at any moments notice. Fire was the element of destruction, chaos and unpredictability, just as water was creation, order and complete predictability. All across the field the two moved, blow for blow, each unable to get a hit in on the other.

"You're going to go down, dobe." Sasuke said, unwilling to acknowledge the boy even after such an amazing display.

"Shut it, Uchiha. You're nothing but pure arrogance. Hell, you haven't even unlocked your Sharingan, and you probably don't know too many clan moves either. Always using the deaths of your clan as a way to gain power, lording over everybody and using your name to get what you want. Even outside of the academy your exploits are well known and I can't help but think how completely and utterly retarded you must be each and every time I hear of them. Uchiha-sama my ass!" Naruto said, angered to no end by the ever arrogant Sasuke. He stomped the ground once more, making a spear of stone appear. Graspong it tightly he charged the Uchiha, bringing the spear to bear. The Uchiha dodge blow after blow before jumping back as he shouted, "Goukakyou no Jutsu!". Naruto saw this and pushed the spear back into the earth, then pulling out his tessen quickly. Sasuke pulled in a huge breath of air and quickly exhaled a large fireball. Naruto, waiting until the last moment, quickly waved his tessen, stopping the fireball in mid air.

"No way. He's using wind, which is weak to fire, to hold fire back? And it's working?"was a thought that went through the smarter of the gatherings heads as they watched the amazing feat. Sasuke watched for a second before leaping out of the way as he saw Naruto bring his tessen to bear once again, blowing the fireball back at him. Now, however, it was no ordinary fireball. No sooner than it had reversed than did its power nearly turn into ten times what it had been, scorching almost the entire half of Sasuke's side of the arena. The Uchiha in question barely managed to dodge, staring at the huge crater made by the fireball.

"How does he have such power? I deserve that power, not him! I'm an Uchiha!" Sasuke thought to himself, as he watched the burning fires. Suddenly images assualted his mind of his clan burning to the ground, his family and fellow Uchiha dying in the fire, or being murdered by his brother. Naruto, on the other hand, was unaffected by the fire other than his joy at seeing such a large fire. What? He's a pyro...at least he admits it. Quickly, before Sasuke could react, Naruto was behind him and with a tessen to his throat.

"I win." Naruto said as the class stared.

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